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Stick Around – Jilly James
In the aftermath of the battle of New York, Nick Fury recruits a sentinel to be the new handler for the Avengers. Dominic Rossi doesn’t want the gig, but Tony Stark thinks he’d like it if Dom stuck around.
Author:JillyJames  OneShot  20000Words+  TonyDiNozzo  TonyStark  DiNozzoGoesByAnotherName  Sentinal&GuideRelationship  Sentinal/Guide!Fic  Sentinal!TonyDiNozzo  NewRelationship  NickFuryisanASSHAT  StarkBots  J.A.R.V.I.S  NatashaRomanoffisaBitch  TonyPostNCIS  RoughTradeFic 
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Take the Plunge - SaydriaWolfe - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Divorced, broke, and homeless, Leonard H. McCoy doesn't have much left he can claim other than his professional reputation and his bones, so what damn fool thing does he do? Join Starfleet, of course.

Now, thanks to can't-leave-well-enough-alone Starfleet, god and everyone knows he's a guide. Never in a million years would he have guessed that he is a latent guide. A guide with a perfect genetic match. A match that happens to be a too young, too pretty and too cocky blond flyboy of a sentinel. Godammit.
StarTrek  JamesTKirk  LeonardMcCoy  CaptainPike  Sentinel!Kirk  Guide!McCoy  Kirk/McCoy  OneShot  AO3  Sentinal&GuideRelationship  Sentinal/Guide!Fic  Author:SaydriaWolfe  10000Words+ 
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Never that easy - darkmoore - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Danny has Bond-Deprivation-Syndrome (BDS), a possibly fatal sickness that is the result of finding, but not bonding with his intended. When a mission goes wrong things almost prove to be too much for his already bad health. The team has to find Danny's intended and convince them to agree to bonding, or watch Danny die.
Hawaii5-0  SteveMcgarrett  DannyDannoWilliams  Guide!Danno  Sentinal/Guide!Fic  Sentinal&GuideRelationship 
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Reverse Spirit Animals - ainamclane - Supernatural, The Sentinel [Archive of Our Own]
Dean comes online as a Sentinel in the fire to protect his baby brother, a latent Guide. Can they be together and prepare for Azazel? small x-over with Chicago Fire because Shadows was there ;)
Supernatural  Crossover:TheSentinal  SamWinchester  DeanWinchester  BlairSanburg  JimEllison  Jim/Blair  Wincest  Sentinal!Dean  Guide!Sam  SarahBlake  JoHarvelle  EllenHarvelle  Sarah/Jo  Ellen/Kathleen  Sentinal/Guide!Fic  Sentinal&GuideRelationship  SpiritAnimals  DeanNeedsaHEADSLAP  AO3  AU  Author:Ainamclane 
october 2015 by kliqzangel
All Your Reasons - Chapter 1 - Jilly James (Jilly) - The Avengers (Marvel Movies), NCIS, The Sentinel [Archive of Our Own]
Bruce Banner has a list of reasons by he’s not looking for a guide and isn’t interested in bonding. After a chance encounter on the streets of DC, the Hulk is clearly on board with having found their guide. Once Tony gets past being plucked up, sniffed, and taken away, he manages to accept a sentinel with a serious multiple personality disorder. Bruce is clearly outnumbered.
Avengers  Crossover:NCIS  TonyDiNozzo  TonyStark  BruceBanner  NickFury  Thor  SteveRogers  ClintBarton  Natasha-Avengers  TonyDiNozzo/BruceBanner  Guide!Tony  Sentinal/Guide!Fic  Sentinal&GuideRelationship  Sentinal!BruceBanner  Sentinal!Hulk  Author:Jilly  AO3  ChapteredLessThan5  15000Words+  LeroyJethroGibbs  TonyLeavesNCIS  Classic!NCIS  Classic!Avengers  BruceisSTUBBORN!  Cuddly!Hulk  TonyisMorethanMeetstheEye  J.A.R.V.I.S  angst  SitwellisaBASTARD  TonyDiNozzoWorksforStarkIndustries  10000Words+  RoughTrade 
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Scrubbed - Chapter 1 - Indehed - Hawaii Five-0 (2010), NCIS: Los Angeles [Archive of Our Own]
Steve, a five-sense Sentinel, leaves behind his high-level Guide to hunt down the elusive Shelburne. Meanwhile, Frank Delano, a low level Sentinel, has escaped from Halawa and wants revenge against those who put him in there. His spies tell him Steve McGarrett has disappeared off island, but they’ve been keeping good track of the Guide he left behind.
Hawaii5-0  DannyDannoWilliams  SteveMcgarrett  steve/danno  ChinHoKelly  KonoKalakaua  CatherineRollins  FrankDelano  DorisMcGarrett  DorisisaBITCH!!  DorisDoesntApproveofMcDanno  CatherineIsntAfterSteve  Sentinal/Guide!Fic  Sentinal&GuideRelationship  Sentinal!McGarrett  Guide!Danno  Sentinal!CatherineRollins  Guide!Kensi  crossover:ncis-la  SentinalSamHanna  HettyLange  MartyDeeks  SteveisaBUTTHEAD!  SteveIsASelfishASSHOLE!!!!!  Sentinal!FrankDelano  DannoLiveswSteve  SteveDefendsHisRelationshipw/Danno  GraceWilliams  Hurt!Danno  Tortured  DannoIsTortured  Kidnapped  CharacterDeath-Minor  AO3  Author:Inhead  chaptered15+  40000Words+ 
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Long Journey - DarkJediQueen - Criminal Minds [Archive of Our Own]
Divorced FBI agent Aaron Hotchner had known that he was a Sentinel since he was a child. He’d come online after the death of his father and had never looked back. Now he’s seeing all the problems his mother had as he is dealing with a seven year old son who just came online as a Sentinel as well. When a bad case that involves the death of seventeen Sentinels by a deranged guide, Hotchner is ready to start asking for help from the Sentinel & Guide Consortium when a Guide offers his help. Hotchner has heard of Spencer Reid in passing but never paid the young boy any mind. No one is ready for what happens.
CriminalMinds  SpencerReid  AaronHotchner  DerekMorgan  EmilyPrentiss  PenelopeGarcia  DavidRossi  JackHotchner  HenryLaMontagne  Hotch/Reid  Morgan/Garcia  JackHotchner/HenryLaMontagne-Future  Series  60000Words+  Sentinal/Guide!Fic  Sentinal&GuideRelationship  Sentinal!Hotch  Sentinal!Derek  Sentinal!Emily  Sentinal!JackHotchner  Guide!Spencer  Guide!Penelope  Guide!HenryLaMontagne  SeriesStories-10+  HotchneedsaHEADSLAP!!  AssocDirectorJohnEvans-ReidsSponsor  MammaReid  WilliamReid  Bad!DaddyReid  MorganisprotectiveofReid  Morgan&Reid-Friendship  DONTPissOffSpencerReid!!  DianeReid  HotchisprotectiveofReid  ReidGetsHurt...AGAIN!  ReidSavesHotch  Classic!Hotch&Reid  Protective!Reid  JackMeetsGrammyReid  PappaReidisaBASTARD!!  Hurt!Hotch  FeralSentinal  Feral!Hotch  Author:DarkJediQueen  AO3  ZeesFavs!!  ReidDefendsHimself  ReidisanEvilGenius&ILOVEIT!!  ReidisBAMF!  ReidisJacksDad  ReidLivesw/Hotch&Jack  ReidTakesCareofHotch  ReidTakesCharge 
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EAD – Crossover: Protecting Home – Chapters 1-4 | Jilly James
Tony and Jack return from Peru, ready to start their new life, but someone is still after Tony, and strange things keep happening. NOTE This is an Evil Author's Day posting. NOT part of the final version when the author is done.
NCIS  Crossover:StargateSG-1  Crossover:TheSentinal  TonyDiNozzo  Guide!Tony  Sentinal/Guide!Fic  Sentinal&GuideRelationship  DanielJackson  SamCarter  OMCBasedonJeremyRennier  hurt!tony  Shaman!Tony  AU  WIP  BAMF!Tony  Sentinal!JackONeill  Guide!SamCarter  Author:Jilly  JackONeill  Tealc 
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Perfect Storm - TrekCat (Rachel500) - NCIS, The Sentinel [Archive of Our Own]
Tony has been a broken Guide for years but a fight to the death unearths his buried gifts along with a bond that he never knew existed with Gibbs. But will he and his Sentinel adjust to the changes in their lives fast enough to deal with an emerging serial killer who is searching for the perfect Guide...
NCIS  Guide!Tony  Sentinal!Gibbs  Sentinal/Guide!Fic  LeonVance  EliDavid  RoughTrade  AO3  ZivaDavid  Ziva/MichaelRivken  MichaelRivken  Anti-Ziva  AbbySciuto  Author:TrekCat  AU  TonysDadSucks!  OneShot  TobiasFornell  AbigailBorin  MammaDiNozzoWasn'tMuchBetter  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  DuckyGivesGibbsaRealityCheck  DuckyisthePortintheStorm  TonyDiNozzo  TonyLiveswGibbs  TonyisMorethanMeetstheEye  SpiritAnimals  Tony&Tim-Friendship  BAMF!Tony  Sentinal&GuideRelationship  Sentinal!Ziva  GibbsNeedsaHeadslap!  VanceNeedsaHEADSLAP!! 
june 2014 by kliqzangel
On a New Track
Brian O'Connor, an undercover police officer with LAPD is sent in to investigate the mysterious and apparently crime-filled world of illegal street racing. His main target is a man named Dominic Toretto, the prime suspect in a series of truckjackings. But once in place in Dom's organization, Brian discovers Dom is more than he appears to be and Brian has to decide between turning Dom in or finding a way for both of them to get out alive.
FatF  BrianOConnor  AU  DominicToretto  Sentinel!Dom  Bad!Vince  Author:taibhrigh  Sentinal/Guide!Fic  SavedforERead  Vince-Fatf  30000Words+  Brian/Dom 
november 2011 by kliqzangel

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Sentinal&GuideRelationship  Sentinal/Guide!Fic  SentinalSamHanna  Sentinel!Dom  Sentinel!Kirk  Series  SeriesStories-10+  Shaman!Tony  SitwellisaBASTARD  SomeoneElseDefendsTony  SpencerReid  SpiritAnimals  Stargate!Tony  StarkBots  StarTrek  StellaBonasera  steve/danno  SteveDefendsHisRelationshipw/Danno  SteveisaBUTTHEAD!  SteveIsASelfishASSHOLE!!!!!  SteveMcgarrett  SteveRogers  Supernatural  Tealc  TeamisprotectiveofReid  TheLongJourneySeries-CriminalMinds  TheReidEffectHostage  Thor  TimMcGee  tobiasfornell  TobyLogan  Tony&Tim-Friendship  TonyDiNozzo  TonyDiNozzo&BlairFriendship-TheSentinal  TonyDiNozzo/BruceBanner  TonyDiNozzo/JackONeill  TonyDiNozzoisaTroubleMagnet  TonyDiNozzoWorksforStarkIndustries  TonyisMorethanMeetstheEye  TonyLeavesNCIS  TonyLiveswGibbs  TonyPlaysPiano  TonyPostNCIS  TonysDadSucks!  TonysFratBrothers!!  TonyStark  TonyWorksw/TheStargateProgram  Tortured  Vacation  VanceNeedsaHEADSLAP!!  Vince-Fatf  WhyisitalwaysREID!  WilliamReid  WillLaMontagne  Wincest  WIP  wwomb  ZeesFavs!!  Ziva/MichaelRivken  ZivaDavid  ZivagetsReprimanded  Zivaisabitch! 

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