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Slave - Chapter 1 - Rivermoon1970 - Criminal Minds [Archive of Our Own]
It's 150 years after WWIII. A robust slave trade sprang up in the intervening years as America was slowly recovering. New city-states sprang up and pocket governments were being formed. Dr. Spencer Reid is a wealthy farm owner and business man. He has been looking for someone to help him with his business. When none of the free candidates met his criteria he did the thing that he vowed not to ever do, he bought a slave. He didn't expect to start to have feelings for the man but he wasn't sure if anything could ever come of it, Aaron's life has been hell and Spencer isn't sure if even he can fix it.
AO3  Author:Rivermoon1970  chaptered15+  70000Words+  Slave!Fic  Slave!Hotch  Slave!Remy  AaronHotchner  SpencerReid  DerekMorgan  JJLaMontagne  WillLaMontagne  HenryLaMontagne  JackHotchner  PenelopeGarcia  RemyLeBeau  Wolverine  Logan/Remy  EmilyPrentiss  JasonGideon  Bad!Gideon  OroroMonroe  CriminalMinds  Crossover:X-Men  Crossover:NCIS  TonyDiNozzo  AbbySciuto  TimMcGee  ScottSummers  JeanGray  ScottSummers/JeanGrey  JimmyPalmer  Angst  PTSD  AU  TattooArtist!Remy  TattooArtist!Tony  TattooArtist!Abby  TattooArtist!McGee 
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Seven Days To The Wolves Chapter 1: Black Eyes, Blue Tears, a X-Men Criminal Minds Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
For Thebookworm90 :) Waking up in a strange lab, Spencer's life is completely turned upside down and in part Logan AKA Wolverine is responsible for what was done to him. Spencer has a run in with the mutant and when he figures out who Logan is, he's angry and wants to take it out on Logan's hide. -REST OF SUMMARY INSIDE-
CriminalMinds  X-Men  Crossover:X-Men  Crossover:CriminalMinds  SpencerReid  Wolverine  newrelationship  ReidisaMUTANT!!  RemyLeBeau  Author:IntoTheWild  ff.net  Chaptered10+  ScottSummers  WilliamStryker  CharlesXavier  JeanGray  ScottSummers/JeanGrey  Jubilee  Rogue  WarrenWorthingtonIII  SavedforERead  OroroMonroe  Reid/Wolverine 
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Secrets and Lies, a X-Men Criminal Minds Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Another prompt "Spencer Summers and secrets" This is a Spencer Summers story totally unrelated to MTT or any other one I have up. And yes, slash, of course.
CriminalMinds  Crossover:X-Men  X-Men  Crossover:CriminalMinds  SpencerReid  Author:SpencerRemyLvr  RemyLeBeau  ScottSummers  Wolverine  Terminal-WIP  JeanGray  Angst  ff.net  OneShot  SavedforERead  OroroMonroe  Reid/Remy  Reidw/Kids 
august 2014 by kliqzangel
Between the Darkness and Light
Logan finds out Scott's been surviving in the woods near the lake where everyone thought he died. After bringing him back to the mansion, Scott finds out his brother has shown up, and Storm challenges him for leadership of the school.
X-Men  Logan/Scott  angst  Wolverine  ScottSummers  livejournal  Author:Taybeck  Classic!MiscFanfic  Bad!Storm  AlexanderSummers  OroroMonroe 
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70000Words+  90000Words+  AaronHotchner  AbbySciuto  AlexanderSummers  AlexanderSummers&RemyLeBeau-Friendship  angst  AO3  AU  Author:IntoTheWild  Author:Rivermoon1970  Author:SpencerRemyLvr  Author:Taybeck  Bad!Gideon  Bad!PappaReid  Bad!Rogue  Bad!Storm  Chaptered10+  chaptered15+  Chaptered20+  CharlesXavier  Classic!LeReid  Classic!MiscFanfic  ColonelSummers  CriminalMinds  Crossover:CriminalMinds  Crossover:NCIS  Crossover:X-Men  Derek&ReidareONLYFRIENDS  DerekMorgan  DerekMorgan&RemyLeBeau-Friendship  DianeReid  Disabled  DONTPissOffSpencerReid!!  EmilyPrentiss  establishedrelationship  ff.net  HankMcCoy  HenryLaMontagne  hurt!Reid  JackHotchner  JasonGideon  JeanGray  JimmyPalmer  JJLaMontagne  Jubilee  livejournal  Logan/Remy  Logan/Scott  MakesMeCryEverytime!!  Marriage  Morgan&Reid-Friendship  MorganisprotectiveofReid  MPREG  newrelationship  OneShot  OroroMonroe  PappaReidisaBASTARD!!  PenelopeGarcia  PTSD  Reid&ScottSummersareBROTHERS!!  Reid/Remy  Reid/Wolverine  ReidattheMansion  ReidDefendsHimself  ReidDefendsRemy  ReidGetsHurt...AGAIN!  ReidisaMUTANT!!  ReidLeavestheBAU  ReidSpewsStatistics  ReidStaysw/FBIafterMeetingRemy  Reidw/Kids  Reidw/Pets  RemyLeBeau  RemyLeBeau&Logan-Friendship  RemyMovestoDC  Remyw/Kids  Rogue  RogueisaBITCH!!  SavedforERead  Schmoop  ScottorAlexDefendReid  ScottSummers  ScottSummers/JeanGrey  Sequel  Series  Slave!Fic  Slave!Hotch  Slave!Remy  SomeoneElseDefendsReid  SpencerReid  TattooArtist!Abby  TattooArtist!McGee  TattooArtist!Remy  TattooArtist!Tony  TeamisprotectiveofReid  Terminal-WIP  TimMcGee  TonyDiNozzo  WarrenWorthingtonIII  WhyisitalwaysREID!  WilliamReidIsntSpencersFather  WilliamStryker  WillLaMontagne  Wolverine  X-Men  ZeesFavs!! 

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