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I Thought I Lost You - Anim3Fan4Ever - NCIS: Los Angeles [Archive of Our Own]
“Mr Beale?” Hetty said softly as she turned to the blond technician to see tears running down the man's face, his whole body shaking. The tablet he was holding slipped his grasp as he shakily took a few steps away from the screen, shaking his head, muttering incoherently under his breath. His hands rose to his face to cover his mouth, his face scrunching up as he tried to hold back sobs. “No...” is what he kept repeating to himself. His shaky legs gave up on holding his body's weight and he sank down to the floor. - Or just an alternate ending to the first episode of Season 6, where Eric breaks down after the team thinks they've lost Callen and Sam.
NCIS:LA  EricBeale  GCallen  Beale/Callen  SamHanna  MartyDeeks  NellJones  HettyLange  OneShot  AO3  Author:Anim3Fan4Ever  KensiBlye  2000Words+  Ficlet  establishedrelationship  BelievedCharacterDeathNotDead!! 
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Reasons Chapter 1, a ncis: los angeles fanfic | FanFiction
After Deeks finds out that two friends have been killed in a car accident he takes in their three year old daughter. What isn't he telling about this girl?
Marty/Eric  Author:SilverMidnight  MartyDeeks  wedding  ff.net  ncis  Martyw/Kids  EricBeale  GCallen  HettyLange  KensiBlye  9000Words+  SamHanna  SometimesKensiIsABitch!  CharacterDeath-Minor  CallenIsAnAwesomeTeamLeader  NCIS!Deeks  SavedforERead  establishedrelationship 
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