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Ultimate Grand Supreme - Chapter 1 - kuriadalmatia - Criminal Minds [Archive of Our Own]
When Aaron's Master expresses his desire to show Aaron off to other Doms, Aaron realizes that it's something he wants as well, although he's fiercely private and protective of their relationship. Yet Morgan's harsh comments about Aaron's trust issues make him want to prove his ability to trust not only to his Master, but himself.
CriminalMinds  AaronHotchner  SpencerReid  NickStokes  GregSanders  Crossover:CSI  chaptered5+  AO3  Top!Reid  Sub!Hotch  Dom/Sub  Dom!Reid  BDSM  DerekMorgan  AU  SavedforERead 
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Ultimate Grand Surpreme Chapter 1: Wistful Wish, a criminal minds fanfic | FanFiction
When Aaron's Master expresses his desire to show Aaron off to other Doms, Aaron realizes that it's something he wants as well. WARNINGS: Dom!Reid/sub!Hotch. Slash. Please read warnings!
CriminalMinds  AaronHotchner  SpencerReid  Hotch/Reid  DerekMorgan  NickStokes  GregSanders  Nick/Greg  Crossover:CSI  chaptered5+  Dom!Reid  Sub!Hotch  Bottom!Hotch  Dom!Nick  Dom!Greg  BDSM  establishedrelationship  ff.net  TheTenthTimeVerse  Author:Kuriadalmatia  ReidisFriendsw/Nick&Greg 
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15000Words+  40000Words+  AaronHotchner  AbbySciuto  AJChetwig  AlbertRobbins  angst  AO3  AU  Author:Belladonna  author:criminalxxxmindsxxxfreak  Author:Kuriadalmatia  Author:TiffanyF  Bad!Jenny  BDSM  Bottom!Hotch  Brass/Warrick  BrassLeavesCSIVegas  CaseFic  CatherineWillows  chaptered5+  chaptered10+  chaptered15+  Chaptered25+  ConradEcklie  CriminalMinds  Crossover:CriminalMinds  Crossover:CSI  Crossover:CSI-Miami  crossover:JAG  Crossover:WithoutATrace  CSI  CSI-Miami  DavidHodges  DerekMorgan  DirectorMorrow  Dom!Greg  Dom!Nick  Dom!Reid  Dom/Sub  Dragon!Brass  Dragon!Grissom  Dragon!Horatio  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  EcklieisanASSHOLE  EmilyPrentiss  establishedrelationship  ff.net  Gen  gibbs/dinozzo  Gil/Nick  GilGrissom  GilLeavesCSIVegas  GregLeavesCSIVegas  GregSanders  GregSanders/HoratioCane  Grissom  HarmonRabb  HoratioCane  Hotch/Reid  JennyisaBITCH!!!  JennyShepard  JennyWantsGibbs...YUCK  JimBrass  JJLaMontagne  Kidnapped  LeroyJethroGibbs  MartinFitzgerald  Nasty!Sara  ncis  newrelationship  Nick/Greg  NickLeavesCSIVegas  NickStokes  ReidisFriendsw/Nick&Greg  SaraSidle  SavedforERead  SecNav  shot  SpencerReid  Stalker  Stalker!SaraSidle  Sub!Hotch  TheDragonChronicles  TheTenthTimeVerse  TimMcGee  TimSpeedle  tobiasfornell  Tony&Ducky-Friendship  TonyDiNozzo  TonyhasaSecretKid  TonyLiveswGibbs  Tonyw/Kids  Top!Reid  WarrickBrown  WarrickLeavesCSIVegas  wwomb  ZivaDavid 

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