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The Mysterious Dr Reid Chapter 1, a criminal minds fanfic | FanFiction
Hotch is called in for a parent/teacher conference with Jack's second grade teacher, Dr. Reid. Two suspicious men can't let things go. When the wheels start turning, can they slow down the train enough to see if there's anything more? AU/Non-canon/OOC Reid. Slash-Don't like/don't read! Adult situations/sex/language. Rated M. Post Haley's death.
CriminalMinds  SpencerReid  AaronHotchner  JessicaBrooks  DavidRossi  EmilyPrentiss  ErinStrauss  MateoCruz  PenelopeGarcia  NotFBI!Spencer  NotFBI!EmilyPrentis  NotFBI!ErinStrauss  CIA!Spencer  Teacher!Spencer  chaptered10+  20000Words+  ff.net  AU  JackHotchner  Hotch/Haley-Past  IanDoyle  Bomb 
february 2016 by kliqzangel
BOOM Chapter 1, a ncis fanfic | FanFiction
Tony is seriously injured in a bomb explosion, how will Tony and the team cope with his new disability? Hurt!Tony, team friendship, NOW
NCIS  TonyDiNozzo  father!gibbs/son!tony  Disabled!Tony  Deaf!Tony  TimMcGee  JimmyPalmer  chaptered15+  ff.net  Author:Emzilyyy  Bomb  AbbySciuto  LeroyJethroGibbs  ZivaDavid  DrDonaldDuckyMallard 
january 2014 by kliqzangel
The Days After The Day Chapter 1, a ncis fanfic | FanFiction
Tony is now a member of the NCIS family but not all is fun and games when he and Gibbs disagree over a case. And then there is that man in the shadows, watching them and planning his revenge... AU, third story in "The Day" universe - NOW COMPLETE -
series  gen  ff.net  NCIS  Series:DaySeries-NCIS  Bomb  Author:InsaneMelon  father!gibbs/son!tony  Pre-Series:NCIS  TonyDiNozzo  AbbySciuto  LeroyJethroGibbs  DrDonaldDuckyMallard 
august 2013 by kliqzangel
The Matchmakers: SLASH Gibbs & Tony Chapter 1, a ncis fanfic | FanFiction
Abby and Ducky are both playing matchmaker for Tony and Gibbs. With their help will Tony and Gibbs admit how they feel for each other? And if they do can they make their relationship last forever or will doubts tear them apart?
gibbs/dinozzo  leonvance  JacksonGibbs  tonysr  ncis  chaptered5+  Bomb  Author:NeedtoKnow400  wedding  gibbsneedsaheadslap!  TonyLiveswGibbs  newrelationship  TonyDiNozzo  AbbySciuto  LeroyJethroGibbs  TimMcGee  ZivaDavid  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  60000Words+ 
may 2013 by kliqzangel
The Fall - 1
When the world ends in a hail of bombs, Dom comes back to LA for Brian and Mia. R . Brian/Dom Fatf Classic
Author:TheTenthMuse1  Vince-Fatf  Brian/Dom  Leon-FatF  brianoconnor  dominictoretto  miatoretto  fatf  Classic!FatF  Bomb  LettyOrtiz 
february 2011 by kliqzangel
The Fall - Part 3
Tanner shows up at the house, giving Dom some unexpected information. NC17
Author:TheTenthMuse1  Vince-Fatf  Brian/Dom  Leon-FatF  dominictoretto  brianoconnor  miatoretto  Tanner  fatf  Classic!FatF  Bomb  LettyOrtiz 
february 2011 by kliqzangel
The Fall - Part 2
With the insanity that is their new life, Dom and Brian deal with their new relationship as best they can. NC17
Nice!Vince  Author:TheTenthMuse1  Vince-Fatf  Brian/Dom  Leon-FatF  brianoconnor  dominictoretto  miatoretto  fatf  Classic!FatF  Bomb  LettyOrtiz 
february 2011 by kliqzangel

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00Q(CraigVerse)  007/006  20000Words+  60000Words+  AaronHotchner  AbbySciuto  Alec/Q  AlecisProtectiveofJamesand/orQ  AlecTrevelyan  Angst  Anthea(SherlockCumberlandVerse)  Anti-McGee  Anti-Ziva  AO3  AU  Author:Emzilyyy  Author:InsaneMelon  Author:jrrm64  Author:ksl  Author:Mulderette  Author:Nagapdragon  Author:NeedtoKnow400  Author:TheTenthMuse1  BAD!CIARay  Bad!Jenny  BAMF!Q  Bomb  Brian/Dom  brianoconnor  Cancer  chaptered5+  chaptered10+  chaptered15+  chaptered30+  Chaptered40+  CIA!Spencer  Classic!FatF  Classic!JAQ  Concussion  CriminalMinds  DavidRossi  DeadButNotDead  Deaf!Tony  Disabled!Tony  dominictoretto  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  DrugAddiction  DrugUse  EliDavid  EmilyPrentiss  EpCoda-NCIS-6x25-Aliyah  ErinStrauss  fatf  father!gibbs/son!tony  ff.net  Fire  GCallen  gen  gibbs/dinozzo  GibbsAbandonstheTeam  gibbsneedsaheadslap!  Hacker!Q  HettyLange  Hotch/Haley-Past  Hurt!Gibbs  hurt!tony  IanDoyle  IntheHospital  JackHotchner  JacksonGibbs  JamesBond(CraigVese)  JamesisProtectiveofQ  JamesMoriarty  JAQ(CraigVerse)  JennyShepard  JessicaBrooks  JimmyPalmer  JohnLock  JohnWatson  KensiBlye  Kidnapped  Leon-FatF  leonvance  LeroyJethroGibbs  LettyOrtiz  M(JamesBondCraigVerse)  MajorBoothroyd  MartyDeeks  MateoCruz  MentalIllness  miatoretto  MycroftHolmes  ncis  NCIS:LA  newrelationship  Nice!Vince  NotFBI!EmilyPrentis  NotFBI!ErinStrauss  NotFBI!Spencer  PenelopeGarcia  Pre-Series:NCIS  Q(JamesBondCraigVerse)  QisaHolmes!!  Robbery  SACDiNozzo  SamHanna  series  Series:DaySeries-NCIS  SherlockHolmes  Shot  SpencerReid  Tanner  Teacher!Spencer  TerroristAttack  TimMcGee  Tony&JimmyFriendship  TonyAcceptsRota  TonyDiNozzo  TonyDiNozzo&GCallenareBROTHERS!!  TonyDiNozzo/KensiBlye  TonyhasasurpriseBROTHER!  TonyLiveswGibbs  tonysr  Tortured  Traitor  Vince-Fatf  wedding  wwomb  ZeesFavs!!  ZivaDavid  ZivaisaBrat 

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