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For the love of Kai by snow
Season 4. Brian discovers he has cancer and decides to end his relationship with Justin before his partner finds out the truth. Angry and hurt, Justin is quickly distracted by the discovery of having a very young brother (Craig's other son) with autism. This is the story of Justin growing up, taking charge, taking legal guardianship of his brother, Kai... and what happens when he finds out the truth about Brian.
justintaylor  brian/justin  bad!lindsey  autism  midnightwhispers  bad!craig  briankinney  author:snow  Anti-MelanieMarcus  MichaelNovotny  LindseyPeterson  MelanieMarcus  DebbieNovotny  GusKinney  CraigTaylor  JenniferTaylor  JustinRaisesSibling  EmmetHoneycutt  Bad!Family-QaF  Chaptered70+  80000Words+  JustinWKids  BrianpushesJustinofftheCliff  Adoption  MichaelNovotnyIsntTheBadGuy! 
january 2013 by kliqzangel
BROKEN ANGEL by Moonshadow Woman
What if Justin's brain damage from the bashing was more severe --- In this story Brian's love is shown for the young man he needs in his life
Brian/Justin  QAF  AU  angst  Chaptered5+  BrianKinney  JustinTaylor  BrainDamage  midnightwhispers  Classic!QaF  SavedforERead  Bad!Family-QaF 
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