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Out for Blood - Chapter 1 - SBG - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Someone or thing from Dean and Sam Winchester's past comes back to haunt them, and someone from NCIS gets drawn in as well.
AO3  Author:SBG  Gen  NCIS  Crossover:SPN  TonyDiNozzo  DeanWinchester  SamWinchester  Chaptered5+  40000Words+  Vampires  LeroyJethroGibbs  Kidnapped 
december 2018 by kliqzangel
Alley-Cat Quartermaster - Chapter 1 - Only_1_Truth - Skyfall (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
After the death of M, everything is in shambles. MI6 is trying to stay afloat and not let its enemies scent blood in the water; the new Quartermaster is orchestrating a flurry of activity to keep his branch at pique efficiency and therefore his agents alive; 007, the agent hit hardest by the death of the old M, is going through the motions and throwing himself into his work.

Everyone is a little bit broken, and a lot exhausted.

So when Bond and Q end up together in unexpected circumstances, perhaps the outcome should not be so unexpected...
AO3  JamesBond(CraigVese)  Q(JamesBondCraigVerse)  chaptered10+  40000Words+  QisaHolmes!!  SherlockHolmes  JohnWatson  MycroftHolmes  Hurt!Q  00Q(CraigVerse)  NewRelationship 
august 2016 by kliqzangel
The Secret Omega - Chapter 1 - Tifer14 - Criminal Minds [Archive of Our Own]
Spencer Reid has been able to live as a Beta since he was a teenager but, after being kidnapped by Tobias Hankel, he is unable to take his suppressants. How will being forced to reveal his true gender to his Alpha boss affect their relationship?
CriminalMinds  SpencerReid  AaronHotchner  DavidRossi  DerekMorgan  JJLaMontagne  PenelopeGarcia  Hotch/Reid  Hotch/Haley-Past  JackHotchner  Omega!Spencer  Alpha!Hotch  Alpha!Rossi  Beta!Derek  ReidisBAMF!  chaptered15+  40000Words+  Author:Tifer14  AO3  AU  Alpha/Omega/Beta(Non-Were) 
may 2016 by kliqzangel
Black and White - Chapter 1 - Marzipan77 - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
Slightly AU tag for the episode Frame-Up. Tony's dealing - dealing with the fact that his new Director turned him over to the not so tender mercies of the FBI. Dealing with the stink surrounding the whole mess with Chip Sterling. Dealing with Sacks' anger and antagonism. He's dealing - for now - but he knows it's not going to last. Tony's mind likes to reduce things to black and white. Wrong and right. Villain and hero. Figuring out who is on which side isn't always easy. But, then again, he's not as dumb as they all think he is. And he's done playing.
NCIS  AU  EpCoda-NCIS-3x09-FrameUp  Author:Marzipan77  AO3  chaptered15+  40000Words+  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  ZivaDavid  JennyShepard  TimMcGee  AbbySciuto  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  DrBradPitt  TonysFratBrothers!!  tobiasfornell  TomMorrow  LeonVance  TonyisMorethanMeetstheEye  tony-teamleader  RonSacks  GibbsDefendsTony  BAMF!Tony  TonyDefendsHimself!  Leader!Tony  Tony&Tim-Friendship  McGeePullsHisHeadOut!  McGeeNeedsaHEADSLAP  Anti-Ziva  CharacterDeath  JennyisaBITCH!!!  Jenny&Ziva-Friendship  JennySheppardisaTRAITOR  JennySheppardgetsARRESTED 
february 2016 by kliqzangel
Target - Chapter 1 - maryhell - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
After a series of unfortunate incidents, Tony joins the dots and realizes someone is out to kill him. The question is whether someone inside NCIS is assisting or contracting the killer. This is SLASH M/M AND M/M/M There will be some character pulling apart before innocence or guilt is established. Everyone is vulnerable. So if you are not prepared to face the personal faults/traits of the MCRT then don’t read. Particularly in the firing line is Ziva, McGee and Abby. So, if you can't read anything against these three - STAY AWAY - Consider yourself warned.
NCIS  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  DrBradPitt  TrentKort  DrBradPitt/TrentKort  TonyDiNozzo/TrentKort/DrBradPitt  Gibbs/DiNozzo  AbbySciuto  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  JacksonGibbs  TimMcGee  ZivaDavid  LeonVance  tobiasfornell  TonyDiNozzo&TrentKort-Friendship  TonyDiNozzo&DrBradPitt-Friendship  JimmyPalmer  Tony&JimmyFriendship  AbbyisaSpoiledBRAT!  AbbyActsLikeaChild  Anti-Ziva  Anti-McGee  Author:MaryHell  AO3  chaptered15+  40000Words+ 
february 2016 by kliqzangel
Old Dogs and New Tricks - Chapter 1 - MaadSkittlez29 - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Between co-owning a bar and performing street magic in his free time, Gabriel Shurley is a witch who's pretty much got his act together. When he comes across a down on his luck familiar, Gabe offers him a place to stay until he gets back on his feet. But Sam Winchester has had more than his share of bad experiences with witches, and he's not exactly eager to add to that list. Getting him to warm up to the witch won't be a walk in the park--especially when Sam's past isn't as far behind him as he'd like.
Supernatural  Gabriel  SamWinchester  Sambriel  newrelationship  Witch!Gabriel  Familiar!Sam  BennyLafitte  Castiel  DeanWinchester  Destiel  Ruby  Lucifer  Sam/Ruby-Past  Sam/Lucifer-Past  chaptered10+  40000Words+  AO3  Author:MaadSkittlez29  Hurt!Sammy  homeless  Bartender  Magician  GabrielSavesSam  SabrielBigBang 
january 2016 by kliqzangel
Baby Steps - Chapter 1 - morganaDW (morgana07) - Supernatural RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Jared's a cop in a small Texas town. He comes from a well known and wealthy family but wants to make it on his own when he can. He knows if he has a weakness it's his soft heart...a soft heart that takes a hit when he finally meets his new neighbors. Jensen came from money but when he refused his family's demands to give up his child he was kicked out and disowned. Now on his own with a six-month old baby he struggles to survive in a new town with very little money, no help and he just lost his job. When the two men meet one night the attraction is plain but Jared can see that Jensen's past has left him scared and also wary so it's with baby steps he begins to help this young father to heal & also to learn that he isn't like those who'd hurt him...until a piece of his past returns to possibly cost them everything.
J2  AU  JaredPadalecki  JensenAckles  TomWelling  JeffreyDeanMorgan  ChadMichaelMurray  Jensenw/Kid(s)  MPREG  Author:MorganaDW(morgana07)  AO3  chaptered5+  40000Words+  Cop!Jared  Rich!Jared 
november 2015 by kliqzangel
A Stillwater Haunting - Chapter 1 - cernicalo - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
Deputy Sherriff Tony DiNozzo had good reasons for hating the holidays, but maybe that’s changing. Takes place around Season 6, Heartland.
NCIS  TonyDiNozzo  AU  LeroyJethroGibbs  JacksonGibbs  Cop!Tony  TonyGoestoStillwater  ZivaDavid  TimMcGee  Paranormal  Chaptered20+  40000Words+  AO3  Author:Cernicalo  TonyDiNozzo&JacksonGibbs-Friendship 
november 2015 by kliqzangel
Deep Water - rose_malmaison - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
Tony sits on a beach, staring at the waves, not quite knowing how he got here or how things have gone so wrong with Gibbs - except it all started when Mike Franks came to town.
NCIS  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  AbbySciuto  MikeFranks  Bad!Franks  chaptered10+  40000Words+  BrainDamage  IntheHospital  Vacation  establishedrelationship  gibbs/dinozzo  GibbsNeedsaHeadslap!  Tony&Abby-Friendship 
november 2015 by kliqzangel
By Your Side - Chapter 1 - SpencerRemyLvr - Criminal Minds, X-Men - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
AU! 14 year old Spencer had no idea what was waiting for him when he went with his father on a trip to New Orleans. He’d never expected to find himself being sold off as payment for a debt. It may be the end of the life he’d known, but could it be the start of something so much better? Follow the boys as they grow up together and follow the path they were meant to be on--together
CriminalMinds  Crossover:X-Men  SpencerReid  RemyLeBeau  HenryLeBeau  JeanLucLeBeau  BellaBoudreaux  Remy/Bella  RemyLeBeau&SpencerReid-Friendship  WilliamReid  Bad!PapaReid  WilliamReidisaBASTARD!  AU  AO3  Author:SpencerRemyLvr  chaptered10+  40000Words+  Psychic!Reid  Visions  ReidisBAMF!  ReidisaMUTANT!! 
october 2015 by kliqzangel
Flowers in the Office Chapter 1 by Vanessa S Quest, a criminal minds fanfic | FanFiction
Since when do flowers at the office end in such a mess? Cowrite between HalfBrokenMoon & Vanessa S. Quest. Thank you Ali for beta'ing! Please R & R individual chapters! First part in the Paths of Light Series- keep your eyes out for more soon!
ff.net  chaptered10+  SpencerReid  Author:VanessaSQuest  Author:HalfBrokenMoon  40000Words+  AaronHotchner  DerekMorgan  JJLaMontagne  EmilyPrentiss  DavidRossi  PenelopeGarcia  ErinStrauss  Stalker  UnsubisaStalker  Hotch/Reid  establishedrelationship  JackHotchner  PathsofLightVerse  Angst  DontHeadshrinkDrSpencerReid!!  HotchneedsaHEADSLAP!!  ReidProtectsJack&/OrHenry 
june 2015 by kliqzangel
Scrubbed - Chapter 1 - Indehed - Hawaii Five-0 (2010), NCIS: Los Angeles [Archive of Our Own]
Steve, a five-sense Sentinel, leaves behind his high-level Guide to hunt down the elusive Shelburne. Meanwhile, Frank Delano, a low level Sentinel, has escaped from Halawa and wants revenge against those who put him in there. His spies tell him Steve McGarrett has disappeared off island, but they’ve been keeping good track of the Guide he left behind.
Hawaii5-0  DannyDannoWilliams  SteveMcgarrett  steve/danno  ChinHoKelly  KonoKalakaua  CatherineRollins  FrankDelano  DorisMcGarrett  DorisisaBITCH!!  DorisDoesntApproveofMcDanno  CatherineIsntAfterSteve  Sentinal/Guide!Fic  Sentinal&GuideRelationship  Sentinal!McGarrett  Guide!Danno  Sentinal!CatherineRollins  Guide!Kensi  crossover:ncis-la  SentinalSamHanna  HettyLange  MartyDeeks  SteveisaBUTTHEAD!  SteveIsASelfishASSHOLE!!!!!  Sentinal!FrankDelano  DannoLiveswSteve  SteveDefendsHisRelationshipw/Danno  GraceWilliams  Hurt!Danno  Tortured  DannoIsTortured  Kidnapped  CharacterDeath-Minor  AO3  Author:Inhead  chaptered15+  40000Words+ 
may 2015 by kliqzangel
Brothers in Arms Chapter 1: Day 1, a ncis: los angeles fanfic | FanFiction
"Interest is at the point that it is time to match the legends to the bodies. You two are those bodies. We shall begin tomorrow." "Hetty, isn't this a job for...partners?" "That's true, Mr. Callen, but it's going to be difficult to pass you and Mr. Hanna off as brothers." Arms trafficking will never be the same...
NCIS:LA  MartyDeeks  GCallen  Author:BeeEhVee  UndercoverBrothers!Callen&Deeks  KensiBlye  SamHanna  MartyDeeks&GCallen-Friendship  HettyLange  ff.net  BrothersInArmsVerse  chaptered15+  40000Words+ 
may 2015 by kliqzangel
"Andy" - Xanthe
When Tony receives some bad news, it forces him and Gibbs to face the consequences of a time long past.
Gibbs/DiNozzo  TonysFamilySux!  Pre-Series:NCIS  Author:Xanthe  Hooker  NewRelationship  TonyDiNozzo  NCIS  LeroyJethroGibbs  40000Words+  Classic!NCIS  AndyVerse 
february 2015 by kliqzangel
Only Interpretations - Chapter 1 - cjr2 - Criminal Minds [Archive of Our Own]
A new case lands on the BAU's desk in which the victims all have a connection to Spencer Reid. Reid works the case in a desperate hope that he can solve it without revealing his connection to the victims, a connection he fears might ruin his relationship with the members of his team. Will the team be able to stop the killer in time when Reid's past comes back to haunt him?
CriminalMinds  DerekMorgan  SpencerReid  JJLaMontagne  AaronHotchner  DavidRossi  PenelopeGarcia  Reid/Morgan  newrelationship  CaseFic  ComingOut  Kidnapped  TheReidEffectHostage  Experienced!Reid  ReidGetsHurt...AGAIN!  Reid/OMC  40000Words+  Author:CJR2  AO3  chaptered10+  DONTPissOffSpencerReid!! 
january 2015 by kliqzangel
History - LadyRa - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
A case brings up memories for Gibbs, Abby, and Tony. Abby was a foster Child in Tony's home as a child. NO Gibbs/Kid!Tony. All relationship stuff as adults.
ao3  Author:LadyRa  OneShot  40000Words+  gibbs/dinozzo  Kid!Tony  TonyDiNozzo  tonysr  TonysDadSucks!  newrelationship  ChildAbuse  TimMcGee  AbbySciuto  LeroyJethroGibbs  ZivaDavid  NCIS 
january 2014 by kliqzangel
Trust - Chapter 1 - mykkila09 - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
What if when Ziva and McGee had turned off the radio, Tony had ended up in a deadly situation and needed their help? Will his teammates realize something is wrong in time to save both their partner and the victim? And what happens when the real reason why Tony didn’t have any back-up is revealed? Will Team Gibbs survive the truth? Or will it be the end of them?
DirectorMorrow  JacksonGibbs  DrBradPitt  NCIS  SecNav  Tonyw/Kids  FalloutfromthePlague  leonvance  Angst  Author:Mykkila09  au  chaptered5+  pre-gibbs/dinozzo  newrelationship  hospital  TonyDiNozzo  Anti-McGee  Anti-Ziva  AbbySciuto  LeroyJethroGibbs  TimMcGee  ZivaDavid  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  EpCoda-NCIS-8x05-DeadAir  HettyLange  TonyLiveswGibbs  hurt!tony  Tony&JimmyFriendship  SomeoneElseDefendsTony  VanceisonTonysSide!!  TonyAdopts  AJChetwig  ZivagetsReprimanded  McGeeGetsReprimanded  ZivaGetsThrownOffTeamGibbs  TimGetsThrownOffTeamGibbs  40000Words+  AO3  Zivaisabitch!  ZivaLeavesNCIS 
september 2013 by kliqzangel
Tonight We Are Young - Chapter 1 - 12wallflower - Criminal Minds [Archive of Our Own]
During an unusual case the team is thrown for a loop when Emily and Reid are injected with something that leaves them appearing as little children. Can Emily and Reid finally have some semblance of a happy childhood, even temporarily?
JackHotchner  Author:celaenos  AaronHotchner  Father!Hotch/Son!Reid  CriminalMinds  EmilyPrentiss  chaptered10+  DeAged  SpencerReid  DerekMorgan  ao3  Gen  JJLaMontagne  SavedforERead  Kid!Reid  Kid!EmilyPrentiss  DavidRossi  40000Words+ 
july 2013 by kliqzangel
Drunken visit and a lot of love SLASH GibbsTony Chapter 1, a ncis fanfic | FanFiction
Tony shows up drunk at Gibbs house, talking about a bad break-up and being in love with someone he can't have. Will Gibbs put the pieces together? SLASH Gibbs/Tony
Author:Needtoknow400  chaptered5+  gibbs/dinozzo  ff.net  ncis  newrelationship  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  40000Words+  SavedforERead 
april 2013 by kliqzangel
No Bravery Chapter 1, a ncis fanfic | FanFiction
Inspired by a story on depression in law enforcement. My take on what could happen with our team. Slash warning.
NCIS  EstablishedRelationship  Depression  Gibbs/DiNozzo  GibbsNeedsaHeadslap!  Hospital  Shot  FF.Net  Author:tutncleo  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  40000Words+ 
january 2013 by kliqzangel
Nella Morte Si Vive (In Death You Live) - Chapter 1 - gibbsandtonysbabe - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
Tony has been in Italy for two weeks attending his great Uncles funeral and tending to his estate and for two weeks Gibbs' gut has been churning. Tony has stayed in touch with Abby with the exception of one day...is he alright? What happened? But he does say he will attend her Halloween party and is excited to hear she convinced Gibbs to attend. So what is going on?
AO3  NCIS  Pre-Gibbs/DiNozzo  Vampire  Vampire!Tony  AU  Author:GibbsandTonysBabe  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  chaptered15+  40000Words+ 
october 2012 by kliqzangel
A Tale of Two Cases - Laura_trekkie - NCIS, Magnificent Seven (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Written for NCIS Big Bang 2009. Crossover with the ATF AU version of Magnificent Seven. A hijacked weapons cache has Gibbs and his team flying to Denver to investigate. Meanwhile, guns are flooding the street from a new supplier and Chris Larabee’s team investigates. The cases collide when Tony and Ezra are taken by the gunrunner and their teams must work together to find and rescue them. Some case!fic, some pre-slash (Vin/Ezra), some actual slash (Tony/Gibbs), some whump and a Gibbs/Larabee staring contest.
BigBang2009  Author:Laura_Trekkie  AO3  NCIS  Gibbs/DiNozzo  angst  AU  Crossover:MagnificentSeven  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  40000Words+  ZivaDavid  AbbySciuto  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  TimMcGee  JimmyPalmer  EzraStandish  ChrisLarabee  BuckWilmington  VinTanner  JDDunne  JosiahSanchez  NathanJackson  EzraStandish/VinTanner  Kidnapped  establishedrelationship  newrelationship  CaseFic 
september 2012 by kliqzangel
Gibbs had been waiting for a dead body to turn up, and it seemed one just had - only not the way he'd expected. This was one of those bodies that had been hidden for seventeen years, and those kinds of corpses always stank to high heaven when they finally rose to the surface
CharacterDeath-Minor  Angst  Gibbs/Dinozzo  Author:Xanthe  NCIS  NewRelationship  AU  Hustler  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  40000Words+  NCISFanfiction.net 
september 2012 by kliqzangel
66 Pounds of Pressure - Chapter 1 - elyssblair - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
In a world where wolf-shifters are a known and accepted part of society, Gibbs and his pack are still an elite investigative team. A new case, an old suspect and a flirtatious sheriff, however, shake things up and upset the foundations of the pack. Tony and Tim, especially, are left questioning their place in the pack, their futures and the men that they are falling for.
Author:Elyssblair  Beta!McGee  Alpha!Ziva  Beta!Tony  Omega!Tony  Alpha!Gibbs  AO3  NCIS  Gibbs/DiNozzo  Werewolf  AU  angst  Chaptered5+  NewRelationship  TonyDiNozzo  TimMcGee  LeroyJethroGibbs  ZivaDavid  40000Words+  Alpha/Beta/OmegaRelationship-WereRelated 
september 2012 by kliqzangel

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00Q(CraigVerse)  40000Words+  AaronHotchner  AbbyActsLikeaChild  AbbyDamagesHerFriendshipw/Tony&/orGibbs  AbbyisaSpoiledBRAT!  AbbySciuto  AbbysGibbsWorship  AIDS  AJChetwig  AlbertRobbins  AlexxWoods  Alpha!Gibbs  Alpha!Grissom  Alpha!Hotch  Alpha!Jared  Alpha!JDM  Alpha!Jensen  Alpha!Jim  Alpha!Rossi  Alpha!Ziva  Alpha/Beta/OmegaRelationship-WereRelated  Alpha/Omega/Beta(Non-Were)  AndromedaBlackTonks  AndyVerse  angst  Anti-Abby  Anti-McGee  Anti-Michael  Anti-Ziva  ao3  ArchitectDraco  au  Author:Bananacosmicgirl  Author:BeeEhVee  Author:Blinkeybella  Author:Britinified  Author:celaenos  Author:Cernicalo  Author:CJR2  Author:Cosmic  Author:Elyssblair  Author:Femme  Author:GibbsandTonysBabe  Author:HalfBrokenMoon  Author:Inhead  Author:Junkerin  Author:LadyRa  Author:Laura_Trekkie  Author:MaadSkittlez29  Author:MaryHell  Author:Marzipan77  Author:MorganaDW(morgana07)  Author:Mykkila09  Author:NeedtoKnow400  Author:Needtoknow400  Author:NimueOfTheNorth  Author:SBG  Author:SpencerRemyLvr  Author:Tifer14  Author:TiffanyF  Author:tutncleo  Author:VanessaSQuest  Author:Xanthe  Bad!ChristianKane  Bad!Franks  Bad!Gibbs  Bad!Hollis  Bad!Jennifer  Bad!Kate  bad!lindsey  Bad!PapaReid  Bad!Team-NCIS  BAMF!Tony  Bartender  BellaBoudreaux  Ben&Justin-Friendship  benbuckner  BennyLafitte  Beta!Derek  Beta!Horatio  Beta!Mac  Beta!McGee  Beta!Tony  BigBang2009  BlairSanburg  BrainDamage  Brass/Warrick  BrassLeavesCSIVegas  brian/justin  briankinney  BrothersInArmsVerse  BuckWilmington  CalleighDuquesne  CaseFic  Castiel  CatherineIsntAfterSteve  CatherineRollins  CatherineWillows  ChadMichaelMurray  chaptered5+  chaptered10+  chaptered15+  Chaptered20+  Chaptered25+  CharacterDeath  CharacterDeath-Minor  Cheating  ChildAbuse  ChinHoKelly  ChrisLarabee  christiankane  Classic!NCIS  Coma  ComingOut  ConradEcklie  Cop!Jared  Cop!Tony  CriminalMinds  Crossover:CSI  Crossover:CSI-Miami  Crossover:MagnificentSeven  crossover:ncis-la  Crossover:SPN  Crossover:StarGateAtlantis  Crossover:StargateSG-1  Crossover:TheSentinal  Crossover:X-Men  CSI  CSI-Miami  CSI-NY  DanielJackson  DanielJackson/JackONeill  DannoIsTortured  DannoLiveswSteve  DannyDannoWilliams  DannyMesser  DannyMesser/MacTaylor  Daphne  DavidHodges  DavidRossi  DeAged  DeanWinchester  DebbieisanAnnoyingBITCH!  DebbieNovotny  DefinitelyTriggery!!!!  Depression  DerekMorgan  Destiel  DirectorMorrow  Divorce  Doctor!Jared  Doctor!JDM  DonFlack  DontCaretoReRead  DontHeadshrinkDrSpencerReid!!  DONTPissOffSpencerReid!!  DorisDoesntApproveofMcDanno  DorisisaBITCH!!  DorisMcGarrett  DracoLeavesEngland  DracoMalfoy  DracoReformsHimself  DracosSon  Dragon!Brass  Dragon!Gibbs  Dragon!Grissom  Dragon!Horatio  Dragon!Mac  DragonHunters  DrBradPitt  DrBradPitt/TrentKort  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  DrewBoyd  EcklieisanASSHOLE  EmilyPrentiss  EmmetHoneycutt  Emmett/Drew  Emmetw/Kids  Engaged  EpCoda-NCIS-3x09-FrameUp  EpCoda-NCIS-8x05-DeadAir  EricDelko  EricDelko/TimSpeedle  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JaredPadalecki  JaredsavesJensen  JaredSavestheDay!!  JDDunne  JeanLucLeBeau  JeffreyDeanMorgan  JenniferTaylor  Jenny&Ziva-Friendship  JennyisaBITCH!!!  JennyShepard  JennySheppardgetsARRESTED  JennySheppardisaTRAITOR  JensenAckles  Jensenw/Kid(s)  Jim/Blair  JimBeaver  JimBrass  JimEllison  JimmyPalmer  JJLaMontagne  JohnWatson  JosiahSanchez  justintaylor  JustinWKids  KateisaBITCH!!  KateTodd  KensiBlye  Kid!EmilyPrentiss  Kid!Reid  Kid!Tony  Kidnapped  KonoKalakaua  LabRat!Greg  Leader!Tony  leonvance  LeroyJethroGibbs  LindseyPeterson  Lucifer  MacTaylor  Magician  Marriage  MartyDeeks  MartyDeeks&GCallen-Friendship  McGeeGetsReprimanded  McGeeisaBRAT!  McGeeisaButthead!  McGeeNeedsaHEADSLAP  McGeePullsHisHeadOut!  McGeeThinksHesBetterThanTony  Mel/OFC  MelanieMarcus  MentalIllness  Michael/Ben  MichaelHasAIDS  MichaelNovotny  midnightwhispers  MikeFranks  MPREG  MycroftHolmes  Nasty!Sara  NathanJackson  ncis  NCIS:LA  NCISFanfiction.net  newrelationship  NickLeavesCSIVegas  NickStokes  Omega!Spencer  Omega!Tony  OneShot  OutofBody!Tony  Paranormal  ParkRanger!Jensen  PathsofLightVerse  PenelopeGarcia  PostGibbsAmnesia  PostHogwards  PostHogwarts  pre-gibbs/dinozzo  Pre-Series:NCIS  Psychic!Reid  Q(JamesBondCraigVerse)  qaf  QisaHolmes!!  Racism  Rape  Reid/Morgan  Reid/OMC  ReidGetsHurt...AGAIN!  ReidisaMUTANT!!  ReidisBAMF!  ReidProtectsJack&/OrHenry  Remy/Bella  RemyLeBeau  RemyLeBeau&SpencerReid-Friendship  Rich!Jared  RickStetler  Rodney/John  RonandHermoineBreakUp  RonSacks  RonWeasley  Ruby  RyanWolfe  SabrielBigBang  Sam/Lucifer-Past  Sam/Ruby-Past  Sambriel  SamHanna  SamWinchester  SaraSidle  SavedforERead  SecNav  Sentinal!CatherineRollins  Sentinal!FrankDelano  Sentinal!McGarrett  Sentinal&GuideRelationship  Sentinal/Guide!Fic  SentinalSamHanna  Sequel  Sheriff!Jim  SherlockHolmes  Shot  SomeoneElseDefendsTony  SpencerReid  Stalker  Stalker!SaraSidle  StellaBonasera  steve/danno  SteveCarlson  SteveDefendsHisRelationshipw/Danno  SteveisaBUTTHEAD!  SteveIsASelfishASSHOLE!!!!!  SteveMcgarrett  StoneMasonHarry  SuicideAttempt  Supernatural  TeamneedsaHeadSlap!  TeddyLupin  TheDragonChronicles  TheReidEffectHostage  TimGetsThrownOffTeamGibbs  TimMcGee  TimothyOlyphant  TimSpeedle  tobiasfornell  TobiasLooksOutForTony  TomMorrow  TomWelling  Tony&Abby-Friendship  Tony&Ducky-Friendship  Tony&JimmyFriendship  Tony&Tim-Friendship  Tony&Tobias-Friendship  tony-teamleader  TonyAdopts  TonyConsidersLeavingNCIS  TonyDefendsHimself!  TonyDiNozzo  TonyDiNozzo&BlairFriendship-TheSentinal  TonyDiNozzo&DanielJackson-Friendship  TonyDiNozzo&DrBradPitt-Friendship  TonyDiNozzo&JacksonGibbs-Friendship  TonyDiNozzo&RodneyMcKay-Friendship  TonyDiNozzo&TrentKort-Friendship  TonyDiNozzo/TrentKort/DrBradPitt  TonyGoestoStillwater  TonyisMorethanMeetstheEye  TonyLeavesNCIS  TonyLiveswGibbs  TonysDadSucks!  TonysFamilySux!  TonysFratBrothers!!  tonysr  tonyundercover  Tonyw/Kids  TonyWorksWTobias  Tortured  TrentKort  UncomfortableRead  UndercoverBrothers!Callen&Deeks  UnsubisaStalker  Vacation  Vampire  Vampire!Tony  Vampires  VanceisonTonysSide!!  VariousWeasleyClan  VicGrassi  VinTanner  Visions  WarrickBrown  WarrickLeavesCSIVegas  Werewolf  WilliamReid  WilliamReidisaBASTARD!  Witch!Gabriel  ZeesFavs!!  ZivaDavid  ZivagetsReprimanded  ZivaGetsThrownOffTeamGibbs  Zivaisabitch!  ZivaisaBrat  ZivaisNice!  ZivaLeavesNCIS 

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