NFL fans - join in as former Washington Redskins... - CSN Mid-Atlantic
370K Reach, 22K Video Views

NFL fans - join in as former Washington Redskins & Houston Texans GM Charley Casserly goes thru his Round 1 Mock Draft with Julie Donaldson!
Best-of  Washington-Redskins  NFL  NFL-Draft  Facebook  Facebook-Live 
april 2016
The Detroit Pistons Are Sending Emails That Change Every Time Fans Check Them | Adweek
The company that owns the Detroit Pistons wants to keep fans better informed and more engaged at games
digital-marketing  email-marketing  marketing 
april 2016
Content creators, it's time to abandon yourself to Facebook
For years, brands and publishers in particular have been warned of the dangers of wallowing too far into Facebook. The rationale was that if brands didn't prioritise their own publishing platforms
social-media  Facebook  content-distribution  social-video  content-strategy 
april 2016
BREAKING: Former Redskins quarterback Robert... - CSN Mid-Atlantic
315K Reach, 24.5K Link Clicks

BREAKING: Former Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has found himself a new home.

He signed with his future team Thursday after being released by Washington earlier this month.
Washington-Redskins  Robert-Griffin-III  Facebook  Best-of  CSN 
march 2016
Caps clinch Metro title - CSN Mid-Atlantic
247K Reach, 58K Video Views

Say hello to the Metropolitan Division champions, your Washington Capitals!

The Caps clinched the division title and the #1 overall seed in the Eastern Conference with a 4-2 win over the Senators tonight.
Washington-Capitals  video  Facebook  Best-of  CSN 
march 2016
BREAKING: Alfred Morris, the Redskins' all-time... - CSN Mid-Atlantic
280K Reach, 3.7K Link Clicks

BREAKING: Alfred Morris, the Redskins' all-time single-season rushing leader, has signed a 2-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys.
Washington-Redskins  Alfred-Morris  Best-of  Facebook  CSN  Dallas-Cowboys 
march 2016
A look back at the rise and fall of RG3 - CSN Mid-Atlantic
333K Reach, 71K Video Views

2012 - Rookie of the Year. 2016 - cut.

What a long strange trip it's been for the Washington Redskins and RG3.
Facebook  Best-of  CSN  video  Washington-Redskins  Robert-Griffin-III 
march 2016
USA Today is developing a news show presented in VR - SlashGear
There's little doubt that virtual reality, whether it be with our smartphones or headsets connected to powerful PCs, is going to be the next big platform of consumer technology.
digital-video  virtual-reality  new-media  digital-media  social-media 
march 2016
Between the Lines: Gary Williams takes on... - CSN Mid-Atlantic
226k Reach, 56k Video Views

Terps legend Gary Williams wants your college hoops questions now!
Best-of  Facebook  Facebook-Live  streaming  social-video  CSN  Gary-Williams 
march 2016
JUST IN: Per a report, the Washington Redskins... - CSN Mid-Atlantic
335k Reach, 22.5k Link Clicks

JUST IN: Per a report, the Washington Redskins and Kirk Cousins have broken off contract talks
Washington-Redskins  Kirk-Cousins  CSN  Best-of  Facebook 
march 2016
Self-Driving Cars Could Save Millions Of Lives -- But There’s A Catch
Will the rise of intelligent machines transform our lives for the better -- or push us into the abyss? It depends on whom you ask. Some people say self-driving vehicles, personal robots and the like
cars  self-driving-cars  robots  artificial-intelligence 
february 2016
RG3, a Bronco? There have reportedly been... - CSN Mid-Atlantic
279k Reach, 7.1k Link Clicks

RG3, a Bronco?

There have reportedly been discussions. Full details here.
Washington-Redskins  Robert-Griffin-III  Facebook  CSN  Best-of 
february 2016
NEW- The names are legendary: Gibbs. Williams.... - CSN Mid-Atlantic
214k Reach, 2.1k Link Clicks

NEW- The names are legendary:
Gibbs. Williams. Green. Manley.

Check out Rich Tandler's all-time Redskins Super Bowl squad here.
Facebook  Washington-Redskins  Best-of  CSN 
february 2016
Those Jamokes In Oregon Aren't Terrorists, They're Jamokes
"Here is the thing. These men are not frightening. They are jamokes. They are exactly jamokes. Their guns, on the other hand, are very frightening—for precisely and entirely the same reason and to absolutely the same degree that those same guns would be frightening in the hands of toddlers. Not because the people holding those guns are serious, but because the people holding those guns are not serious."
Albert-Burneko  Oregon 
february 2016
A TV reporter went out into the field to do a... - CSN Mid-Atlantic
201k Reach, 9.2k Link Clicks

A TV reporter went out into the field to do a story on random citizens braving the snow storm in Washington, D.C.

She just happened to run into Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin while he was getting gas for his SUV. What are the odds?
Best-of  Facebook  Washington-Capitals  Alex-Ovechkin  CSN 
january 2016
Redskins third-string quarterback Robert Griffin... - CSN Mid-Atlantic
504k Reach, 21k Link Clicks,

Redskins third-string quarterback Robert Griffin III cleaned out his locker at Redskins Park for likely the last time.

It's a surreal scene for those who remember his spectacular 2012 season.
Washington-Redskins  Robert-Griffin-III  Facebook  Best-of  video  CSN 
january 2016
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