Tell, Don’t Show — re:form — Medium
Data verbalization—or, "summary and analysis" as we used to say in the olden days.
data  visualization  verbalization 
december 2014
Friendly Twitter Bots and Write Access
Well this was extremely helpful and not available in some sensible place like the effing Twitter dev docs
api  twitter  bots  auth 
december 2014
Nice R Code
Some useful stuff here for dataviz class
blog  r  teaching  to:vissoc 
october 2014
Chesterton on cheese and terroir
chesterton  cheese  nature  terroir 
july 2014
Aaron Kavlie : Apache logs and logrotate.d

apache log rotation on linode when virtual name-based hosts are configured
linode  apache  logs 
may 2014
Gary Becker and Economic Imperialism - Digressions&Impressions
Eric Schliesser pushes the Becker/Foucault thing back a generation to Robbins and Parsons, and others—very nice.
sociology  economics  theory  becker  parsons  foucault 
may 2014
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