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Customer Service: It Gets Worse - YouTube
Customer Service: Ever have a job where you'd pay your hourly wage back 2 leave early? !
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august 2013 by kitoconnell
Political Fail Blog | PFB Live
RT : Occupy the Farm returns! Follow and watch for the noon (PST) livestream of "Liberate the Land!" |
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may 2013 by kitoconnell
The Battle of Oakland on Vimeo
RT : The oakland commune will live forever in our hearts. Even those who never got to see it. # ...
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april 2013 by kitoconnell
Untitled (
RT : Outrageous: $325K bail for protesting SF homelessness. We will not be intimidated. Expect Us. ...
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october 2012 by kitoconnell
City Official Got TIME To Yank Photo Of Councilmember's OWS Arrest, Lawsuit Alleges: Gothamist
LAWSUIT vs NYPD/Bloomberg For Brutal Oppression. City Official Got TIME To Yank Photo Of Councilmember's OWS Arrest
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september 2012 by kitoconnell
How I Was Kidnapped by the NYPD
The moment we allow them to silence our dissent through intimidation, our freedoms have ended.
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september 2012 by kitoconnell
I'm Getting Arrested - Android Apps on Google Play
I'm Getting Arrested, the app I used to tweet the other day when I was detained.
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september 2012 by kitoconnell
How Kyriarchy Infects Good Movements
RT @OccupyAustin: How 'isms' (Kyriarchy) destroy activist movements #onola #oatx #ows #ola #osf #opdx #ochi #oo #lg ...
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september 2012 by kitoconnell
Police admit to infiltrating Occupy Austin, may have acted as provocateurs | The Raw Story
RT @_nasdaf_: Raw Story reporting Austin PD infiltrated as agent provocateurs at #OccupyAustin #ows #oo #osf #ola # ...
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september 2012 by kitoconnell
Daily Kos: Bet You Didn't Know: Street Protests Brought Down a Government in North America a Month Ago.
RT : Bet You Didn't Know: Street Protests Brought Down a Government in North America a Month Ago. ...
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august 2012 by kitoconnell
Twitter / hngandhi: Why are the protesters mad? ...
Marshall & Nora : The middle class is as vulnerable as this ice sculpture in the FL sun
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august 2012 by kitoconnell
Anarchist threat modeling and private data-mining for intelligence | Privacy SOS
RT @kgosztola: RT @kade_ellis: Wow @CitizenRadio is giant anarchist threat, as is PBS & also @OccupyOakland #an ...
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august 2012 by kitoconnell
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