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Politicus USA
Accepts Endorsement of Man Who Advocates Killing Providers via
Trump  Abortion  WarOnWomen  antisex  from twitter
june 2016 by kitoconnell
RT : This court ruling brings another state down to one abortion clinic in Louisiana
WarOnWomen  from twitter_favs
february 2016 by kitoconnell
Was Just Sentenced To 20 Years Behind Bars For Her Stillbirth | Bustle -
PurviPatel  Indiana  WarOnWomen  from twitter
march 2015 by kitoconnell
Oklahoma Lawmakers Pre-File Anti-Choice Bills
#Oklahoma Lawmakers Pre-File Anti-Choice Bills via @rhrealitycheck #Abortion #WarOnWomen
abortion  2014  fdl  Oklahoma  WarOnWomen 
january 2014 by kitoconnell
House passes bill barring federal funding for abortion | Al Jazeera America
House passes bill barring federal funding for #abortion via @AJAM #WarOnWomen
abortion  2014  fdl  WarOnWomen 
january 2014 by kitoconnell
Tuesday Watercooler | MyFDL
The watercooler: a small victory in the , music by , and a cute otter. Come chat!
WarOnWomen  from twitter
july 2013 by kitoconnell
The Republican Rape Advisory Chart
: Laubenberg's rape kit comment added to the official chart (Vol. VII):
hb60  YAL  SB5  txlege  waronwomen  from twitter
june 2013 by kitoconnell
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