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David Carr Prize for Emerging Writers at SXSW
RT : Win a FREE trip to Austin! Jan 29 deadline for the David Carr Prize for Emerging Writers at SXSW.
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16 days ago by kitoconnell
RT : 'Pee-wee's Big Holiday' — the first new Pee-wee film in 28 years — will premiere at
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5 weeks ago by kitoconnell
Literally Boo on Twitter: "The original panel description is up here:"
RT : "Overcoming Harassment in Games" cancelled by yet G@ still permitted their panel. get it together!
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october 2015 by kitoconnell
Austin Landlords Demolish Family-Owned Piñata Store For SXSW Party
RT : F&F Real Estate in demolished piñata store for , called Mexican tenants 'roaches'
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march 2015 by kitoconnell
Run The Jewels Attacked During SXSW Show: See the Video |
Instagram video shows rap duo Run the Jewels attacked while performing on stage at .
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march 2015 by kitoconnell
RT : If you are in town for please support , Sugar Circus is right on east fifth…
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march 2015 by kitoconnell
"We don't do no suffocating round here. We keep breathing." @ Jumpolin
Justice4Jumpolin  Austin  SXSW  from twitter
march 2015 by kitoconnell
founder gets in flame war with High School students that call him out on his privilege
BeSomebody  Austin  SXSW  from twitter
march 2015 by kitoconnell
Congratulations to the SXSW Music Hackathon Championship 2014 Winners! | SXSW 2014
RT : Winners of the Music Hackathon Championship produced some pretty cool apps. Check em out!
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march 2014 by kitoconnell
Third victim dies from injuries stemming from SXSW car incident | The Daily Texan
RT : A third person has died as a result of injuries from the crash. A few others are still in serious condition:
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march 2014 by kitoconnell
Hanging with at the Grammy Museum tribute. Don't be strangers. @…
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march 2014 by kitoconnell
Twitter / KitOConnell: Just got fridge poetry magnets ...
Just got fridge poetry magnets with the word Bandersnatch. My cat will be thrilled. Thanks .  
SXSW  BadWords  from twitter
march 2014 by kitoconnell
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