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28 days ago by kitoconnell
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9 weeks ago by kitoconnell
Jill Abramson out at New York Times, Dean Baquet will lead newsroom | Poynter.
Huge. @JillAbramson unexpectedly out as @nytimes exec editor, @deanbaquet taking over
journalism  NYtimes  2014 
may 2014 by kitoconnell
Gawker bans ‘Internet slang’ | Poynter.
"We want to sound like regular adult human beings, not #Buzzfeed writers or Reddit commenters,”
language  internet  journalism  Buzzfeed 
april 2014 by kitoconnell
Dark Social: We Have the Whole History of the Web Wrong - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic
Over 69% of #SocialMedia referrals are "Dark" i.e. difficult to track by analytics, referrers, etc #SMJMOOC
journalism  facebook  socialmedia  smjmooc  web  communication 
march 2014 by kitoconnell
Advice and examples on how and what journalists should tweet | The Buttry Diary
RT @PauDosan: You can tweet faster than you can post to the website,so Twitter is where you can break the news the fastest. #smjmooc
smjmooc  journalism  twitter 
march 2014 by kitoconnell
#FreeAJStaff: Journalism is not a crime
and all imprisoned journalists. is not a crime. Government corruption is.
Journalism  FreeAJStaff  from twitter
february 2014 by kitoconnell
Justice Department To Publish Final Rule Aimed At Limiting Investigations Of Journalists
Justice Department To Publish Final Rule Thursday Aimed At Limiting Investigations Of Journalists:
journalism  law 
february 2014 by kitoconnell
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