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Harry Reid Occupy - What Occupy Did to 2012, What It Will Do to 2013 - Esquire
Occupy completely routed, at all levels of the national campaign, the economic balderdash spouted by the Tea Party and its billionaire sugar daddies. For a movement that allegedly had "no concrete goals," those are some pretty concrete results right there.
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november 2012 by kitoconnell
Post-Election Watercooler | MyFDL
Ongoing discussion in the watercooler: Kill lists, elections, trolls and online moderation
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november 2012 by kitoconnell
Comedy Central Official Site - TV Show Full Episodes & Funny Video Clips
Why take it seriously? Live Stewart/Colbert coverage beginning now on Comedy Central
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november 2012 by kitoconnell
Displaced New Jersey Voters Told to Email Ballot Requests to Hotmail Account
Unsecured Hotmail account used to track New Jersey email ballot requests. #election2012 #ows #oatx #occupyaustin
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november 2012 by kitoconnell
Twitter / KitOConnell: If all you do is vote, do you ...
If all you do is vote, do you really think you have a voice in what happens in this country?
OATX  OWS  election2012  from twitter
november 2012 by kitoconnell
Mitt Romney Accepts Nomination: "I Bought It" : The New Yorker
RT : Mitt Romney on the Republican Nomination: 'I Bought It.' Obama too. $$$ wins either way. ...
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august 2012 by kitoconnell
Occupy Together | Home
Want to know more abt why we & how 2 join a local organizing group? Go to:
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june 2012 by kitoconnell

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