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Monday Watercooler | MyFDL
.'s Watercooler: & bowtie cat have words for . & Milgram redux. Let's chat!
Science  AlexJones  Cats  from twitter
3 days ago by kitoconnell
Thursday Watercooler | MyFDL
RT : In the Watercooler: by , & a cat cafe opens in . What's on your mind?
Montreal  Cats  Music  Canada  from twitter
11 weeks ago by kitoconnell
Twitter / KitOConnell: Thanks @Femm_Artist for my ...
Thanks  for my new cuddly sock monkey pal, seen here visiting with the frumious bandersnatch.
cats  from twitter
january 2014 by kitoconnell
Tuesday Watercooler | MyFDL
The Watercooler: by World Order, and new discoveries about the origin of . Come chat!
cats  Music  from twitter
december 2013 by kitoconnell
KitOConnell's post on Vine
playtime with the bandersnatch and 's crochet mouse
cats  from twitter
june 2013 by kitoconnell
KitOConnell's post on Vine
is there anything angrier or more pitiful than a cat after flea treatment?
cats  from twitter
june 2013 by kitoconnell
Tuesday Watercooler | MyFDL
Who's your favorite celebrity cat? Come tell us in the watercooler.
Cats  future  SXSW  from twitter
march 2013 by kitoconnell
Twitter / tweetthehorn: Grumpy Cat will be in Austin ...
RT : Grumpy Cat will be in Austin for photo ops during at the house. For reals.
SXSW  Cats  from twitter
march 2013 by kitoconnell
Schedule |
Fri: Is MN Cat Video Fest the 'end of ?' (I doubt it, but sounds like a cool panel)
cats  art  CatVidFest  SXSWi  from twitter
march 2013 by kitoconnell
Cartoon Friday Watercooler | MyFDL
Watch Simon's Cat on the Cartoon Friday watercooler. Come watch & chat.
Cartoons  Caturday  Cats  from twitter
february 2013 by kitoconnell
Watercooler: Henri's Halloween | MyFDL
Henri the cat ridden with existential-angst is back for . Come chat with us!
Halloween  Cats  from twitter
october 2012 by kitoconnell
yfrog Photo : Shared by KitOConnell
PIC: Domingo, my new best friend, won't leave my side while I am at my Dad's house.
cats  from twitter
september 2012 by kitoconnell
foursquare :: Kit @ Avocasa
Apparently my cat yarfed all over my bedsheets. Yay. (@ Avocasa)
tweetsaboutcats  cats  from twitter
january 2012 by kitoconnell
yfrog Photo : Shared by
PIC: Just 5 minutes outside turns Saskia into the filthiest bandersnatch evar. cats
tweetsabout  cats  from twitter
january 2012 by kitoconnell
yfrog Photo : Shared by KitOConnell
For everyone who has been asking for a photo of the bandersnatch's new lion cut.
cats  from twitter
july 2011 by kitoconnell
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