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Warehouse | Burning Flipside
RT : Flipside Load Out Sat 5/16/2015 10:00 AM rain or shine We load all the things
warehouse on Springdale:
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may 2015 by kitoconnell
Regionals | Welcome home!
You can look into the regional events, for example our is in a pecan grove by a river
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june 2014 by kitoconnell
"Until further notice, celebrate everything." Wise words at .  
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may 2014 by kitoconnell
Twitter / laynetanner: We were beautiful & fancy ...
RT : We were beautiful & fancy beasts. We chilled so hard, it bordered on aggression
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may 2013 by kitoconnell
Twitter / KitOConnell: Waiting for Godot @ Burning ...
Waiting for Godot @ Burning Flipside, Fri 3pm at the Vorpal Venue. (Pic: hobvious sudoneigm, CC)
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may 2013 by kitoconnell
Twitter / KitOConnell: Going to #BurningFlipside? ...
Going to ? 3-4 actors & some tech help wanted for Waiting For Godot reading (Pic: Katie8K CC SA ND)
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april 2013 by kitoconnell
Freaky Deeky Time Machine Music Video Burning Flipside 2012 - YouTube
This is a music video made for Burning Flipside's 2012 theme "Freaky Deeky Time Machine" written by Steve Harwood, performed by Innuendo & the Entendres, and filmed/edited by Jose Lozano of Magic Spoon Productions. Here are the lyrics if you want to follow along on this time traveling adventure: It's about time to travel through time in a freaky deeky thing that travels through time It's about time Go Forward Rewind In the freaky deeky time machine Take a ride through time and space while Cleopatra sits on your face Teabag Shakespeare with Buffalo Bill Give Barbara Bush the Morning After Pill Fight some robots with Ghengis Khan Send the Van Gogh to Vietnam You can travel back to your puberty And take your own virginity In the Freaky Deeky Time Machine (I'm talkin' bout the) Freaky Deeky Time Machine Watch Andy Warhol make his art. While you rub Napoleon's Boner-part. Battle Buddah, steal his Zen Eat the same sandwich over again Free the slaves with Robocop Teach Picasso Photoshop You can bareback ride with Paul Revere Have Jesus Christ turn wine to beer In the Freaky Deeky Time Machine (I'm talkin' bout the) Freaky Deeky Time Machine Princess Di on a dinosaur Invent the internet before Al Gore High five Moses as he parts the sea Make Mr. Spock fight Mr. T. Bring Abe Lincoln to your prom Introduce Eve to the Atom Bomb You can be the greatest hero in history If you just slip Hitler some Ecstasy (music pauses abruptly) (Spoken in euphoric Hitler Accent face) "You know who I love?... Das Jews!" Awwwwww (music resumes abruptly) Freaky Deeky Time Machine (I'm talkin' bout the) Freaky Deeky Time Machine It's about time to travel through time in a freaky deeky thing that travels through time It's about time Go Forward rewind In the freaky deeky time machine. Written by Steve Harwood and performed by Steve Harwood, Jessica Ryan, Dick Towers, and Sioux Loux. Filmed and edited by Jose Lozano of Magic Spoon Productions. Music composed by Ramsey Montigny, Visuals by Topher Sipes of ARTheism. Costume design Hair and make-up by Joan Blainey and Coley Jackson. Still photography by Steve Rogers. Special thanks to Steve Rogers Studio, Matt Coleman, Burning Flipside 2012, as well as the Past, Present and Future!
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may 2012 by kitoconnell
foursquare :: Kit @ Avocasa
Home again after a lovely lunch with my Ranger buddy. (@ Avocasa)
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october 2011 by kitoconnell
What Is an Effigy? | Burning Flipside
Attend Burning Flipside? Tell the Combustion Chamber what's impotant about effigies.
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september 2011 by kitoconnell
Meeting with Benji about .com. (@ Green Muse Cafe)
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september 2011 by kitoconnell
My First Flipside | Burning Flipside
What was your first like? Matt Black of the Web Content Team shares his:
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august 2011 by kitoconnell
Here for the fashion show. Better late than never. (@ The ND at 501 Studios)
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july 2011 by kitoconnell
Trey Turner & Joseph Noctum - The New Sound
The New Sound from Trey Turner and Joseph Noctem of @_nurevolution_ is epically wompalicious. #music #burningflipside
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june 2011 by kitoconnell
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