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In memoriam: the beloved products we lost in 2012 | Ars Technica
RIP BuckyBalls RT @RickKlaw: In memoriam: the beloved products we lost in 2012 | Ars Technica -
2012  technology 
december 2012 by kitoconnell
ACLU to Obama: You Can't Just Vaporize Americans Without Judicial Process | Mother Jones
ACLU to Obama: You can't kill American terror suspects without judicial review. Obama admin: Yes we can!
aclu  obama  war  terrorism  usa  2012 
july 2012 by kitoconnell
APD: Jovita's Owner at Center of Heroin Ring; Sold Drugs in Restaurant | KUT News
yowza. RT @kutnews: APD: Jovita's Owner at Center of Prison-Gang Connected Heroin Ring; Sold Drugs in Restaurant
austin  food  drugwar  2012 
june 2012 by kitoconnell
Day care's closing blamed on state funding delays | care, funding, state - The Telegraph
RT @OccupyTogether: Instead of closing corporate loopholes we close another #daycare this is why we #occupy #ows #p ...
children  capitalism  2012  daycare  occupy  ows 
june 2012 by kitoconnell
What happened to the Occupy movement? - Opinion - Al Jazeera English
~@chapeaudefee See this one a couple weeks ago from @AJEnglish? seems like #Occupy is in the same place all over. #OWS
ows  occupy  2012 
may 2012 by kitoconnell
Post-NATO Summit Roundup: Police Brutality, Repression & More | The Dissenter
RT @kgosztola: Post-NATO summit roundup: police brutality, repression & more: #noNATO #ochi
nato  police  OCHI  chicago  2012  noNATO 
may 2012 by kitoconnell
Pictures of Second “NATO 5″ Informant, “Gloves,” Published For First Time on « Blog
RT @kgosztola: Photos of suspected infiltrators involved in FBI operation against NATO 5 via @Steve_Horn1022 #NoNATO
may 2012 by kitoconnell
CPD, FBI & Secret Service Claim NATO 3 Came to Chicago to Commit ‘Terrorist Acts of Violence’ | The Dissenter
RT @kgosztola: CPD, FBI & Secret Service claim #NATO3 came to Chicago to commit 'terrorist acts of violence'
#n ...
NATO  OCHi  2012  NATO3 
may 2012 by kitoconnell
BREAKING: Senate committee agrees to hold hearing on ENDA | Washington Blade - America's Leading Gay News Source
A Senate committee has agreed to hold a hearing on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act following calls from advocates and senators for lawmakers to hear testimony on LGBT workplace discrimination.

In a statement Thursday, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), chair of the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee, announced he intends to hold a hearing on ENDA on June 12.
GETENDA  ENDA  Occuqueers  GetEqual  WeCantWait  2012 
may 2012 by kitoconnell
The hunger strike of al-Khawaja | Graphic Journalism
The hunger strike of al-Khawaja at . (Because comics journalism doesn't need to be comic.)
OccupyBahrain  OWS  OATX  alKhawaja  Comics  Bahrain  2012  from twitter_favs
may 2012 by kitoconnell
California medical pot crackdown hits upscale Santa Barbara | Reuters
Federal government crackdown on #Cannabis in #California continues: #MMOT #Drugwar #2012
cannabis  mmot  california  2012  Drugwar 
may 2012 by kitoconnell
Are Those Missiles on My Roof? - Yahoo! News
RT @myryiah61: Are Those Missiles on My Roof? - Yahoo! News via @YahooNews
war  2012  uk  sports 
may 2012 by kitoconnell
First of May marks May Day, or International Workers Day | The Daily Texan
Look, that's the back of my head in an #Anonymous mask in this Austin #Mayday article! #OccupyAustin #OATX #OWS #M1GS
Mayday  2012  OATx  OWS  Anonymous  M1GS  OccupyAustin 
may 2012 by kitoconnell
May Day General Strike | Liveblog live blogging |
RT @Reuters: Live coverage of #MayDay protests show Occupy Wall Street resurgence far from being a dud
Mayday  2012 
may 2012 by kitoconnell
BREAKING: White House Says No Federal Contractor Nondiscrimination Executive Order "At This Time" - Poliglot
RT @GetEQUAL: If @BarackObama can't stand up for something that has 73% popular support, what will he stand up for? ...
Queer  LGBTQ  usa  obama  2012 
april 2012 by kitoconnell
Note found on Syntagma suicide victim | Athens News
Greek man commits suicide over austerity. #greece #ows
death  greece  ows  2012 
april 2012 by kitoconnell
Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness | The White House
RT @OpsKaboom: via @AnonCircle suggest taking a look. @OccupyAustin @b00mrev0lt @KitOConnell @darkpolitricks @Citiz ...
usa  2012 
march 2012 by kitoconnell
Stakeout: how the FBI tracked and busted a Chicago Anon
RT @AnonyNewsNet: How the FBI tracked and busted a Chicago Anon, #Anarchaos. Great read by Ars. via the lovely @Ash ...
security  lulzsec  Antisec  Anonymous  2012  Stratfor  fbi  Anarchaos 
march 2012 by kitoconnell
Here's The Woman Rush Limbaugh Is Attacking Today; 'Totally Bizarre,' She Says - Forbes
RT @ElMonte08: Here's The Woman Rush Limbaugh Is Attacking Today; 'Totally Bizarre,' She Says - Forbes
women  limbaugh  2012 
march 2012 by kitoconnell
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