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lee | 76 Gas Station
Filling up my (@ 76 Gas Station in Seattle, WA)
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Lee Jolliffe on Twitter: "Another ringing endorsement for @HillaryClinton :"
What more do I want? A President that's feared, rather than loved, by & the military-industrial complex.
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10 hours ago by kitoconnell
Jon Cowden, Ex-#Anonymous Hacker, Released From Prison | The Cryptosphere
Jon Cowden, whom dubbed “The Forgotten ,” was released Monday from his recent incarceration
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RT : Of all the MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO pop crossover shirts I've seen, this one hurts most.
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Untitled (
RT : Fck yeah! FREEWAY elected protest song of the week on Shadowproof !!!! Great review by too.
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BREAKING: The TPP was just finalized. This is our last chance to stop it.
RT : RETWEET this to sound the alarm. The was just finalized in secret meetings |
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yesterday by kitoconnell
fall season lover on Twitter: "Doing men stuff"
It's like I live on another planet from the dudes who buy/market this stuff.
Men are from Mars, Kit is from ???
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2 days ago by kitoconnell
Charles Edward Frith on Twitter: "If we bomb the hospitals first who is the terrorist? …"
RT : US excuse for bombing Kunduz hospital sounds exactly like Israeli's for bombing Palestinian hospitals & UN schools.
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2 days ago by kitoconnell
Fuuse presents WORLD WOMAN: Mona Eltahawy - YouTube
RT : My talk on sex, owning our bodies & fighting Muslim and Christian Brotherhoods, Muslim women's conference 2015
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2 days ago by kitoconnell
Earth bombs the Moon [RAP NEWS 1] - YouTube
RT : This day 6 years ago we uploaded our 1st episode of Juice Rap News: We've come a long way thx to you all!
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2 days ago by kitoconnell
"Unspeakable": An MSF Nurse Recounts the Attack on MSF's Kunduz Hospital | MSF USA
"They had just been working in the hospital to help people and now they are dead" nurse recounts attack
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3 days ago by kitoconnell
Afghanistan: MSF Staff Killed, Hospital Partially Destroyed in Kunduz | MSF USA
RT : UPDATE: At least 16 people died- nine MSF staff, 7 patients from Intensive care unit, among them three children
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3 days ago by kitoconnell
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