(500) http://Jweekly.com
Then, I tried to visit . Zionists need better web developers.
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9 hours ago
An American Horror Story -- Open Letter from Ferguson Protestors and Allies (10.17.14)
“We will disrupt life until we can live.” Read the latest Protestor and Allies Open Letter. Now.
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13 hours ago
Port of Oakland reports busiest month in over a year - Inside Bay Area
RT : Dont worry about port of oak or ilwu Port of Oakland reports busiest month in over a year "
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Oakland Can Now Order Landlords to Evict Sex Workers - CityLab
RT : I am seriously stunned at how sweepingly unjust this is. "Oakland Can Now Order Landlords to Evict Sex Workers"
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Cops Need to Obey Facebook’s Rules | Electronic Frontier Foundation
RT : 58% of US police departments surveyed reported to use fake social media profiles to gather information.
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ILWU statement on blockage of Zim vessel by protestors at Port of Oakland | Longshore & Shipping News
The ILWU is not among the groups organizing the protests, and the leadership and membership of the ILWU have taken no position on the Israel/Gaza conflict.
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Gaza flotilla raid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
: 6 passengers were killed in a manner "consistent with summary execution" -- report
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Why we are blocking the boat – Mondoweiss
While you wait 4 Zim to muster courage to try to unload in Oakland, read op-ed about why we .
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2 days ago
Despite court rulings, three states continue to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples | Circa News
RT : Despite court rulings, three states continue to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples:
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2 days ago
Fired Police Officer Reinstated By Chicago Police Board « CBS Chicago
RT : Chicago cop caught planning to plant drugs and a gun in a woman’s car got his job back
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2 days ago
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