National Review on Twitter: "POLL: #BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter"
RT : “Pasta is delicious,” I said tonight over dinner—implying, of course, that I hate every other food.
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21 minutes ago
42 splices and counting: Here are 9 facts about the Planned Parenthood smear campaign you need to know
RT : 42 splices and counting: Here are 9 facts about the Planned Parenthood smear campaign you need to know
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33 minutes ago
The Stock Market Is Not the Economy — FAIR
RT : Dean Baker on the real economy: "The Stock Market Is Not the Economy"
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1 hour ago
Cassini Watches Enceladus Fizz into Space
RT : Cassini Watches Enceladus Fizz Into Space: Cassini has once again turned to Enceladus, the enigmatic moon of Saturn.
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2 hours ago
Why are Brazil's environmentalists being murdered? More than 1,500 have been killed in the last 25 yrs
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4 hours ago
Law Enforcement Line of Duty Deaths in 2015
If how come they let so many police dogs die of heat exhaustion this year?
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6 hours ago
Community Conversation on Race and Policing Survey
RT : We are studying the usefulness of "Community Conversation on Race & Policing" event. Survey if u went
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8 hours ago
Family of man who died in Dallas jail lobby demands answers from sheriff | | Dallas Morning News
RT : Details of claim from Joseph Hutcheson's family that his throat was missing when private doctor did a second autopsy:
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Dallas sheriff releases video of death of man in lobby
RT : Video: Dallas deputy pushes knee into neck of man being restrained. He dies. Family says throat is missing from body.
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