Twitter / stanisoccupying: Bovell, the officer who said ...
RT : Bovell, the officer who said he did not grab Cecily's breast is testifying (testa-lying) today
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4 hours ago
Google Declares War On Vertical Videos - Digg
. Declares War On Vertical Videos via This feature is SO obvious, but it's taken THIS long?
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5 hours ago
Wednesday Watercooler | MyFDL
Wednesday Watercooler
“Canadian Cowboy” from Arc Iris
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21 hours ago
Twitter / HistoricalPics: Marlene Dietrich welcomes a ...
Marlene Dietrich welcomes a soldier returning from World War 2 with a passionate kiss through a porthole, 1945.
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22 hours ago
Same As It Ever Was: War, Peace, Wall Street, and the Smothers Brothers | MyFDL
Same As It Ever Was: War, Peace, Wall Street, & the Smothers Brothers
ccc's version of the PEACE SONG is wonderful
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The Neocon Money Machine | FDL News Desk
. appropriately examines how neocons get funding for media to push for wars citizens don't want
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» Summer Camp is Over The Digital Antiquarian
judging by this post I read recently, you're not missing much!
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New Colorado Marijuana Vending Machines Will Accept Bitcoin
New #Colorado Marijuana Vending Machines Will Accept #Bitcoin via @coindesk #Cannabis
cannabis  Bitcoin  Colorado 
How San Francisco's Anti-Tech Movement Can Make Itself Heard | Motherboard
'How San Francisco's Anti-Tech Movement Can Make Itself Heard'
I weigh in on one of my favorite tactics home...
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Who Goes to Jail? Matt Taibbi on American Gap from to Main Street
Injustice  Poverty  WallStreet  from twitter
Who Goes to Jail? Matt Taibbi on American Injustice Gap from Wall Street to Main Street | Democracy Now!
that whole thing about the innocent white-collar employees perhaps losing their livelihoods keeping him up at night, I want to know what his response is to, you know, the idea that maybe a single mother on welfare is going to lose her kids because she’s going to lose custody in an $800 welfare fraud case. You know, I saw so many of these cases that it was—that is was just overwhelming to me. Those are the kinds of things that would keep me up at night if I were the attorney general, thinking about the consequences that ordinary people feel—suffer when they are caught up in the criminal justice system.
inequality  poverty  fdl 
The Smothers Brothers: A 'Dangerously Funny' Pair : NPR
GROSS: And that's one of the things that makes the story so interesting. You know, it's the second half of the '60s. The youth culture has become the counter-culture. Youth culture has also become, a lot of it, the anti-war movement. The country is, like, divided, people are going wild, and television is reflecting somewhere between very little and none of that.

Mr. BIANCULLI: Yeah, it's almost - there are so many parallels to today that it amazes me, in that now you think of red state, blue state, and we have this giant divide, and the parties are divided, and the whole country seems, you know, ideologically divided.

Back then, it was a generation gap. It was - you were either a hawk or a dove. You either supported the president, or you didn't. Later, with Nixon, you had a silent majority.

And the Smothers Brothers came on, and at a time when there was one television in the house, and everybody watched it; for the first couple of seasons, they pulled this amazing magic act and straddled the chasm of the generation gap.

They had Kate Smith and Simon and Garfunkel on the same show. They had Mickey Rooney and The Who on the same show and appealed to both, you know, generations.
tv  history  fdl 
As Healbe’s $1.1m Indiegogo scampaign closes, what now for fraudulent crowdfunding? | PandoDaily
As Healbe's Indiegogo scam collects its $1M, what's next for crowdfunding fraud? @jalrobinson
Kickstarter  crime 
Twitter / PandoDaily: As Healbe's Indiegogo scam ...
As Healbe's Indiegogo scam collects its $1M, what's next for crowdfunding fraud?
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Trans* Women Are Not Drag Queens — Everyday Feminism
"A drag queen is a character. A trans* person is a real-life person."
LGBTQ  trans 
Medicaid Works Well at Expanding Coverage | FDL Action
RT : There’s been a noticeable drop in the # of uninsured people in states that took part in the Medicaid expansion
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'God Hates Native Culture': Westboro Baptist to Picket Alaska Natives -
Seriously?!! 'God Hates Native Culture': Westboro Baptist to Picket Alaska Natives
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The Silencing Of Cecily McMillan
RT : Great piece about the Cecily McMillan trial and sexual violence by police against activist women.
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SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
: yes - also there, a sonny&cher song and a mash up of temptations&green day .. Thanks, Kit 4 uR support
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2 days ago
Smothers Brother's "Peace Song" - YouTube
-humbled, Mr O'Connell "we've got our own gulag in guantanamo bay" 1st sung by the smothers brothers
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2 days ago
Kitestring: The App We’ve Seriously Always Needed
New app sends out emergency location info to your friends if your plans don't turn out well:
ihollaback  from twitter_favs
2 days ago
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