Americans Respect But Don't Trust Scientists
Scientists might have a PR problem in the United States.
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2 hours ago
RT : 11 ignorant things bisexual women are tired of hearing
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3 hours ago
AT&T is waging a war against rural communities across America. | SumOfUs
RT : Pls sign! & are lobbying state legislatures to make it illegal for local communities to offer broadband.
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11 hours ago
RT : This is disgusting. So happy u can have ur secure bedroom selfies (ugh!) while Syrian civilians are bombed to death.
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13 hours ago
The US Is Now Involved In 134 Wars
RT : How Many Wars Is The Fighting? None, 5 or ... 134, Depending On How You Count
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18 hours ago
RT : Someone tried to lasso the bull and the police confiscated his lasso.
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20 hours ago
RT : Here's the Bubble bouncing over its 3rd bus in 2 blocks!
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23 hours ago
Closing Arguments in Texas Voter ID Case: What’s Next? SCOTUS? | Election Law Blog
Texas's voter id law could be struck down in a matter of weeks, but what comes next?
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23 hours ago
Professors on food stamps: The shocking true story of academia in 2014 -
RT : Adjunct professors fighting to make minimum wage. Some making as little as 50 cents an hour
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23 hours ago
AhotsaInfo | Bambuser
RT : In Basque C. Civil Disobedience to protect 5 young activists from political detention
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FloodWallStreet on Livestream
RT : Cops barricade south end, about to arrest ppl hanging off bldgs. watch live!
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