cortesi - Google, destroyer of ecosystems
Google's subsidized RSS reader destroyed the reader ecosystem, stifled competitors, killed innovation. from @alexkorn
google  reader  rss 
march 2013
The New Experience Economy: Activity as Currency | Blog | design mind
Everything comes down to incentives, and little is being done today to incentivize. via @frogdesign
phatic_technology  internet_of_things  quantification  currency  motivation 
march 2013
Can Machine Intelligence Reach Human Brain Level? - Businessweek
Grok - learns from a data onslaught, learning from the patterns it recognizes. Immediately, on current data, not on old data.
brain_function  machine_intelligence 
march 2013
DataWind’s Aakash 2 and Ubislate Are Cheap Tablets for the Developing World | MIT Technology Review
DataWind’s Aakash 2 and Ubislate Are Cheap Tablets for the Developing World >@TechReview #disruptive #innovation
disruptive_innovation  innovation  tablet  disruptive 
march 2013
Company values ideas, input from every employee – USATODAY.com
"We challenge all our employees to be their own CEOs" DreamWorks #management
humanity  creativity  DreamWorks  management 
march 2013
Twitter Cheat Sheet: How to Increase Your Engagement
How to Increase Your Twitter Engagement via Please Retweet!
Twitter  from twitter
march 2013
Five Take-Aways From Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's Surprising New Book - Forbes
"...and we can’t fulfill this mission unless we are highly profitable" Mackey @DShaywitz
economies  purpose  Mackey 
march 2013
The Surprising Truth: Technology Is Aging in Reverse | Wired Opinion | Wired.com
Time is scientifically equivalent to disorder, and things that gain from disorder Taleb calls “antifragile.”
march 2013
1 | The 10 Happiest States In The U.S. | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation
The happiest US person is tall, Asian-American, Jewish, 65+, has kids, in Hawaii, business owner, $120k+ income.
march 2013
A Convincing Argument For The Hands-Off Boss | Fast Company
Nothing tells you more about an organization than the way it makes decisions. #management
organizations  decisionmaking  management 
march 2013
How Serious Play Leads To Breakthrough Innovation | Co.Design: business + innovation + design
play- tossing aside the rules of “regular life” in order to follow new rules or try new possibilities
innovation  serious_play  play 
march 2013
Why Singapore is destined to be an 'experience hub' | Singapore Business Review
RT @joepine: My latest writing on why #Singapore is destined to be an "experience hub" @SGNews
article  Singapore  Joe_Pine 
february 2013
Why doesn’t anybody copy Apple? | asymco
the “chief-sorcerer” theory of success- one magician in charge of casting all the right spells
Apple  shareholders  vitality  innovation 
february 2013
Why Apple should ignore its shareholders | Felix Salmon
Apple share [prices] don’t help shape the fortunes of Apple itself #management
Apple  shareholders  management 
february 2013
Miguel Nicolelis Says the Brain is Not Computable, Bashes Kurzweil’s Singularity | MIT Technology Review
“You could have all the computer chips ever in the world and you won’t create a consciousness.”
brain  computing  soul  singularity  insight 
february 2013
Your Innovation Problem Is Really a Leadership Problem - Scott Anthony - Harvard Business Review
Your Innovation Problem Is Really a Leadership Problem - @HarvardBiz #leadership #management
innovation  leadership  management 
february 2013
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