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How to Fix 99% of Asus WiFi Router Problems
How to Fix 99% of Asus WiFi Router Problems
How  to  Fix  99%  of  Asus  WiFi  Router  Problems  openwrt  asuswrt  merlin 
14 days ago by kilroy2
ESP8266 Artnet to DMX: 11 Steps (with Pictures)
Artnet is a protocol that allows DMX to be sent over a standard IP
Artnet  DMX  wifi  midi  IP  daw  ethernet 
may 2019 by kilroy2
(96) How To Beat Comcast Fees: My Current TV Cord Cutting / Cord Shaving Setup (2017 / 2018) - YouTube
How To Beat Comcast Fees: My Current TV Cord Cutting / Cord Shaving Setup (2017 / 2018)
How  To  Beat  Comcast  Fees:  My  Current  TV  Cord  Cutting  hdhomerun  wifi  ac  moca 
september 2018 by kilroy2
LED Strip
make your very own wifi openhab mqtt controlled LED Strip
make  your  very  own  wifi  openhab  mqtt  rgb  controlled  LED  Strip  light  1st 
july 2018 by kilroy2
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