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(78) Android Auto Hack Of The Year : Watch Youtube In Your Car - YouTube
Android Auto Hack Of The Year : Watch Youtube In Your Car
Android  Auto  Hack  Of  The  Year  :  Watch  Youtube  In  Your  Car  kia  uvo 
8 weeks ago by kilroy2
An Easy Hack For Saving Money On Car Rentals
An Easy Hack For Saving Money On Car Rentals
An  Easy  Hack  For  Saving  Money  On  Car  Rentals 
june 2018 by kilroy2
GitHub - zapta/linbus: An Arduino based LINBUS stack and signal interceptor/injector.
Arduino based LINBUS stack that allow to explore and hack linbus based system
An  Arduino  based  LINBUS  stack  that  allow  to  explore  and  hack 
march 2018 by kilroy2
HackIoT: Learn and hack on LoRa enabled IoT projects. - Devpost

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Learn and hack on LoRa enabled IoT
Learn  and  hack  on  LoRa  enabled  IoT  -  drexel  univ 
february 2018 by kilroy2
(9) Introduction to Interfaces - YouTube
How to add CAN-Bus wires to a Rev. II harness without them. Copyright: Dustin Bramell
interfces  -  rs232  spi  i2c  ben  hack 
may 2017 by kilroy2
(9) Hopping on the CAN Bus - YouTube
How to add CAN-Bus wires to a Rev. II harness without them. Copyright: Dustin Bramell
auto  canbus  hack  black  hat  2015  evenchick 
may 2017 by kilroy2

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