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Build OpenStack with conjure-up | Download | Ubuntu
Want to deploy OpenStack on a single machine? Use Conjure-up. It’s the easy and free.
ubuntu  openstack  conjure-up  single  machine 
july 2017 by kilroy2
Deployments so easy it's almost magical.
ubuntu  openstack  conjure-up  spell 
july 2017 by kilroy2
(14) A Day in the Life of an Openstack & Cloud Architect - YouTube
With the ever increasing adoption of Openstack in Enterprises and transforming from Sandbox research projects into viable Product Grade deployments the ask f...
Openstack  Cloud  architecture 
july 2017 by kilroy2
GitHub - wbentley15/os-summit-wkshop-tokyo
Contribute to os-summit-wkshop-tokyo development by creating an account on GitHub.
Deploying  and  Operating  Your  OpenStack  Cloud  workshop 
july 2017 by kilroy2
(14) Deploying OpenStack-Ansible - The Quick and Dirty Guide - YouTube
Deploying OpenStack is hard, deploying OpenStack with the openstack-ansible project is less hard... We would like to show you how you can make it even easier...
openstack  ansible  deploy  quick 
july 2017 by kilroy2
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