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Halo 312W Recessed Lighting Trim, 6" Line Voltage Coilex Baffle Trim - White Trim with White Baffle
Halo 312W Recessed Lighting Trim, 6" Line Voltage Coilex Baffle Trim - White Trim with White Baffle
Halo  312W  Recessed  Lighting  Trim  6"  Coilex  Baffle  -  White  with  par30 
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5-6 in. Retrofit Downlight LED Smart Lighting - RGB and Color Adjustable - SYLVANIA 74281 |
SYLVANIA 74281 - 5-6 in. Retrofit Downlight LED Smart Lighting
RGB and Color Adjustable Whit
SYLVANIA  74281  -  5-6  in.  Retrofit  Downlight  LED  Smart  Lighting  RGB  and  Color  Adjustable  Whit 
28 days ago by kilroy2
Tunable White Lighting - Minimize Risk During Commissioning and Satisfy Your Client - YouTube
unable White Lighting - Minimize Risk During Commissioning and Satisfy Your Clien
unable  White  Lighting  -  Minimize  Risk  During  Commissioning  led  dmx  4th 
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Recessed Linear Lighting, T-grid LED Linear Light by OKT Lighting - YouTube
Recessed Linear Lighting, T-grid LED Linear Light by OKT Lighting
Recessed  Linear  Lighting  T-grid  LED  Light  by  OKT 
6 weeks ago by kilroy2
Fresco master lighting control – Acuity Support
Acuity Support Fresco General
Fresco master lighting control
A Fresco system typically is configured for room based control, however it can be programmed such that a single Fresco unit can be used as a master lighting control, global control station, centralized controller, etc.

The idea is to have a single Fresco Touchscreen unit setup to control the lights in all other areas where Fresco units are configured, this would allow individual room control of all rooms from a single Fresco unit. This would also allow turning on and off of the lights from a single centralized location for instance.

The operation can be accomplished by assigning a Fresco unit (the master unit) to have channels assigned to the zones or groups of each individual (standalone) room. The zones are unique across the Fresco network and therefore changes in one room, would update the zone levels in another room with the same zone id. The master controller in this case would have a channel assigned to control each zone or group of all the standalone rooms.

Note: based on size of space, number of zones or groups, it may not be possible to setup a single channel for every room and every zone.

Use the following as an example:

Room A

- Channel 1 = Zone 10

Room B

- Channel 1 = Zone 20

Room C

- Channel 1 = Zone 30

Master Controller, Room D

- Channel 1 = Zone 10

- Channel 2 = Zone 20

- Channel 3 = Zone 30

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Fresco  master  lighting  control  nlight  dmx  4th 
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