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EVO SQ TUWH 4 Downlight - EVO LED - Dynamic 4" Square Tunable White
EVO SQ TUWH 4 Downlight
EVO LED - Dynamic 4" Square Tunable White
gotham  square  EVO  SQ  TUWH  4  Downlight  LED  -  Dynamic  4"  Tunable  White 
4 days ago by kilroy2
The CLX Series from Lithonia Lighting®
The  CLX  Series  from  Lithonia  Lighting®  tuneable  white  led  strip  nlight 
5 days ago by kilroy2
Tunable White StudioPro LED Dimmer
Tunable White StudioPro LED DimmerProduct No.: pro-dim-tw-8A

SHIPS IN: 1 day, typically


Power (Watts) 96 or 192
Input Voltage 12 or 24 DC
Output Voltage 12 or 24 DC
Length (English) 4.92 in
Length (Metric) 125 mm
Price Per Dimmer : $172.80

Commercial Project?
Account-based pricing available. Call us at 888-880-1880 to discuss commercial pricing options.

The Tunable White StudioPro LED Dimmer is a simple yet powerful high-capacity LED dimmer for use with our tunable white lighting products. This two-channel inline dimming controller features two rotary knobs on the top of the unit. The first knob controls the CCT of your tunable white lighting and the second knob controls the overall brightness. The color temperature mixing knob controls CCTs at constant brightness, so the light output remains constant as you set your desired CCT. Each knob is paired with a digital display that allows you to match lighting across multiple devices easily. Control up to eight amps per channel, or five amps per channel if you are using the convenient barrel plug. The dimmer also includes a switch that gives you the freedom to toggle between linear and logarithmic dimming curves. The design utilizes a 23 kHz PWM frequency to ensure no visible flicker on camera.

Tunable white dimmer
Two channels
8 amps per channel (5 amps if using barrel plug)
Rotary knobs with digital displays
Linear and logarithmic dimming curve options
23 kHz PWM output
Tunable  White  StudioPro  LED  Dimmer  $172.80  4th 
5 days ago by kilroy2
Gotham Architectural 6 in. Downlight Housing, LED, Solid-State | eBay
rchitectural 6 in. Downlight Housing, LED, Solid-State
EVO 35/22 6 MVOLT
Gotham  Architectural  6  in.  Downlight  Housing  LED  Solid-State  EVO  35/22  MVOLT  $50.00 
6 days ago by kilroy2
ICO 6 Downlight - Incito LED 6" Round
ICO 6 Downlight
Incito LED 6" Roun
ICO  6  Downlight  Incito  LED  6"  Round  dmx  tuneable  4th 
6 days ago by kilroy2
Tunable White Lighting - Minimize Risk During Commissioning and Satisfy Your Client - YouTube
unable White Lighting - Minimize Risk During Commissioning and Satisfy Your Clien
unable  White  Lighting  -  Minimize  Risk  During  Commissioning  led  dmx  4th 
7 days ago by kilroy2
(197) How to Install Tunable White Strip and Control it With Wall Panel or an APP - YouTube
ow to Install Tunable White Strip and Control it With Wall Panel or an APP
How  to  Install  Tunable  White  Led  Strip  +  Wall  Panel  or  an  APP  4th 
10 days ago by kilroy2
RGB LED Panel Light - 2x2 - 36W Dimmable Even-Glow® Light Fixture - 24 VDC - Drop Ceiling | Super Bright LEDs
RGB LED Panel Light - 2x2 - 36W Dimmable Even-Glow® Light Fixture - 24 VDC - Drop Ceiling
RGB  LED  Panel  Light  -  2x2  36W  Dimmable  Even-Glow  24  VDC  Drop  Ceiling  4th 
10 days ago by kilroy2
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