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(116) Linux Tip | Sharing Files With Samba The Easy Way - YouTube
Linux Tip | Sharing Files With Samba The Easy Way
Linux  Tip  |  Sharing  Files  With  Samba  The  Easy  Way  joe  collins  1st  2nd  3rd 
2 days ago by kilroy2
(55) 🔥 Top 5 Aluminum Welding Mistakes and How to Fix Them: Part 2 | TIG Time - YouTube
Top 5 Aluminum Welding Mistakes and How to Fix Them: Part 2 | TIG Time
Top  5  Aluminum  Welding  Mistakes  and  How  to  Fix  Them:  Part  2  |  TIG  Time 
3 days ago by kilroy2
(53) Linux Talk | Full System Backups and Moving Linux from Machine to Machine - YouTube
Linux Talk | Full System Backups and Moving Linux from Machine to Machine
Linux  Talk  |  Full  System  Backups  and  Moving  grsync  1st  2nd  clonezilla 
4 days ago by kilroy2
Sliding Windows | Soft-Lite Windows
Sliding windows from Soft-Lite are like double- hung windows turned 90 degrees horizontally. Sliders are ideal for homes with relatively low ceilings, but with plenty of horizontal space along the wall. In addition, a sliding window has a more contemporary appearance than the colonial-style double hung, so this is ideal if you happen to prefer the modern look.

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The ultimate combination of art, engineering and performance. Explore »

The next generation in vinyl replacement windows. Explore »

Increase energy efficiency and cut down on air infiltration. Explore »

Elegant Beauty. Thermal Efficiency. Advanced Technology. Explore »

Packed with features and loaded with value! Explore »

A great look and a great way to add value to almost any home. Explore »

Structural integrity, beauty and thermal efficiency at the very affordable price. Explore »

Sliding  Windows  |  Soft-Lite 
16 days ago by kilroy2
Sliding Window | Windows by Ply Gem
1500 Sliding Window
1500 VINYL SERIES sliding windows boast a sturdy, energy-efficient frame available in three distinct profiles and colors to complement the style of your home.
Sliding  Window  |  Windows  by  Ply  Gem 
16 days ago by kilroy2
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