killaria + stars:3/5   454

The relationship of Gibbs and Tony, told by the people that come in contact with them at various points in their timeline. // Sweet.
slash  gibbs/tony  ncis-team  rating:g  ncis  fic  stars:3/5 
june 2018 by killaria
Back from Israel
Ziva returns to the US after the events in Aliyeh, but finds the consequences for Rivkin and her actions aren't what she expected. // Saved because of the way Tony escaped his captors. Talk about panache!
gen  tony  ncis-team  rating:pg-13  ncis  fic  skilled!tony  stars:3/5 
june 2018 by killaria
Status quo
Until the night everything changes...
slash  gibbs/tony  rating:nc17  ncis  fic  pwp  stars:3/5 
june 2018 by killaria
There are Stars in Your Eyes
Sawada Nana was always a bit off. (Therein lay the dangers of open eyes) Was it ever any surprise her son was too? (When everyone else was completely blind.) Tsuna has always been able to see things no one else could. This changes things. // Weird, but in a good way.
gen  rating:pg-13  katekyo-hitman-reborn  fic  theme:psychic-powers  wip  stars:3/5 
december 2017 by killaria
Box Out
Tag to Boxed In. What if Ziva's actions are not as simple as they appear? Being left out may give Tony the insight the rest of the team needs. But will they listen? Sports were what got Tony through his exile from his biological family. Can a coach's advice and a lifetime of practice get him through his latest rejection? // Well, that was depressing.
gen  tony  rating:pg-13  ncis  fic  stars:3/5 
december 2017 by killaria
There’s a reason the nogitsune chose Stiles, and it wasn’t whim or convenience. The answer lies in the memories Talia took from Peter 17 years ago, and it might bring them together - or tear the whole world apart. Or both. There’s always both.
slash  stiles/peter  rating:nc17  teen-wolf  fic  badass!stiles  magic!stiles  stars:3/5 
december 2017 by killaria
Et in Arcadia Ego
Provence is not known for its criminals. Or: In which Will and Hannibal enjoy a peaceful life on a farm in the French countryside.
slash  rating:nc17  hannibal  fic  stars:3/5 
december 2017 by killaria
ghosts in her heart
She had no idea what compelled her to do it, but she poked his forehead with her index and middle fingers. "Do not be foolish, otouto." (Sakura is the reincarnation of a future that she cannot let happen.) // This one is kind of weird, but I like how sparse the writing is. It makes you feel how old and tired everyone is.
gen  sakura  sasuke  itachi  rating:pg-13  naruto  fic  theme:reincarnation  theme:time-travel  stars:3/5 
december 2017 by killaria
With Nothing On My Tongue
Naruto realizes the ability of the Kage Bunshin the night after being attacked by Mizuki. At first he just wants to use them to help him train; then the true usefulness of the jutsu begins to reveal itself. // Probably not going to be updated again, but I like Kakashi's characterization.
gen  kakashi  team-7  rating:pg-13  naruto  fic  wip  stars:3/5 
december 2017 by killaria
Cloud Sharing
When Cloud fails to get into SOLDIER due to poor mako tolerance, Zack does everything he can to help out. Even if that means setting Cloud up with Zack himself and three other First Class SOLDIERs. Cloud is pretty sure you can't pass mako along that way... but if it means he gets to spend the night with Sephiroth, Genesis, and Angeal, he isn't about to argue. // Nothing but porny, porn, porn.
slash  rating:nc17  ffvii  fic  moresome  pwp  stars:3/5 
december 2017 by killaria
I am the BEST Trophy Wife!
The mistake Gai made, in hindsight, was letting young Lee watch soap operas when he asked about romance. // Super-cute and hilarious.
het  sakura/lee  rating:g  naruto  fic  stars:3/5 
november 2017 by killaria
Chase needs a place to stay and goes to House.
slash  house/chase  rating:nc17  house  fic  stars:3/5 
november 2017 by killaria
Underage Harry as kept man. (round 3)
Harry's killed Justin and is hiding/running from the Wardens and ends up somehow becoming Marcone's kept... person.

Continued here part 6 last update 2011-08-08:
slash  harry/marcone  rating:nc17  dresden-files  fic  stars:3/5  abandoned 
october 2017 by killaria
Said the Fly to the Spider
Peter is being courted by Deadpool. With words. And life-saving. // Crackish (it's Deadpool), but mostly hilarious.
slash  rating:R  spider-man  fic  deadpool  stars:3/5 
august 2017 by killaria
Welcome Distractions
Stiles is having a rough few days, and getting sent to scout an area for the latest threat to Beacon Hills with Chris Argent isn't going to make it any better. Or so he thinks. // Or, Stiles has been having a really bad year. Chris's year hasn't been much better. Porn seems to help for a while.
slash  stiles/chris-argent  rating:nc17  teen-wolf  fic  pwp  stars:3/5 
august 2017 by killaria
Little Pitchers, Big Ears
Written for the comment_fic prompt: "Stargate Atlantis/NCIS (DC or LA), John Sheppard, Sheppard has to get some of his Marines back from NCIS." Well, only one Marine.
xover  gen  gibbs  ford  sheppard  rating:g  ncis  fic  stargate  sga  stars:3/5 
august 2017 by killaria
Fitting In (Tiny Spaces)
Peter's trapped beneath a collapsed building during a mission, hurt and unable to move. Luckily, his comm still works. Unluckily, the Avengers don’t realise how bad of a state Peter is in, and Peter isn’t inclined to tell them.
gen  avengers-team  rating:pg-13  spider-man  fic  avengers  stars:3/5 
august 2017 by killaria
Made Men
The stranger was staring at them now, blinking owlishly. It wasn’t an unfamiliar reaction to anyone exposed to his sister and their quarrels. “Do you guys mind?” he said finally. His voice was rusty, seldom used. // (Santino/John)
slash  rating:nc17  john-wick  fic  stars:3/5 
august 2017 by killaria
The geometry of life: a story in two parts
This is the story of two men. The one who stayed and the one who never truly left. // Surprisingly lovely at points.
slash  rating:nc17  generation-kill  fic  stars:3/5 
august 2017 by killaria
Talk crap get smacked
"Did - did someone pull a prank on you?" says Katsuki. His Russian isn't terrible, but between his soft voice and his frankly adorable accent, half-American and half-Japanese, he sounds like a little lost lamb. // Giggle-worthy.
slash  rating:pg-13  yuuri-on-ice  fic  stars:3/5 
august 2017 by killaria
From the Heart
Harvey however wouldn't be Harvey if he didn't have a different plan to get himself out of the disaster that is shopping for presents one week before Christmas Eve. He asks Mike to help him out. In hindsight maybe he should have seen that involving his associate was going to have consequences beyond a single day of shopping. Harvey opened a door and things just...happen from there, and definitely not in a way Harvey imagined his Christmas holiday to go. // Completely contravened by canon, but adorable.
slash  rating:pg-13  suits  fic  abandoned  stars:3/5 
april 2017 by killaria
Grindelwald figures Credence is too old and damaged to be useful, but his genes are clearly strong. Graves' genes are pretty awesome too with wandless magic and whatnot. So he decides to make them do it and train their offspring as perfectly loyal soldiers. // Utterly ridiculous, and yet, I actually like Graves and Credence's characterizations.
slash  credence/graves(original)  rating:nc17  fantastic-beasts  fic  theme:fuck-or-die  mpreg  dubious-consent  series  wip  stars:3/5 
april 2017 by killaria
President Picquery, hoping to grant him some relief and a reprieve from the magical and political scene, sends him on a sabbatical of sorts, shipping him off to a small No-Maj town on the upper east coast. There he finds neither relief nor a reprieve, but a young man with a dark past, a familiarity he cannot place, and a loneliness to rival his own.
slash  credence/graves(original)  rating:nc17  fantastic-beasts  fic  stars:3/5 
april 2017 by killaria
Night Visitor
Stiles is working himself over when he receives an unexpected visitor. // Nothing but porn.
slash  stiles/derek  rating:nc17  teen-wolf  fic  pwp  stars:3/5 
april 2017 by killaria
Jaime has been traded for Sansa… but nothing can be that simple. // I like the slow build between Sansa and Tywin. In many ways, he would be the best of bad options.
het  sansa/tywin  rating:pg-13  song-of-ice-and-fire  fic  game-of-thrones  theme:arranged-marriage  stars:3/5 
january 2017 by killaria
All is Aglow
Sansa nods and agrees, though inside her stomach is rolling with anticipation. They do not fear her, she thinks, but they should. // Unlikely, but interesting enough.
gen  sansa  rating:pg-13  song-of-ice-and-fire  fic  game-of-thrones  wip  stars:3/5 
january 2017 by killaria
Things They Get Up To
Ron gets a glimpse of what Harry and Draco get up to and realises he's in it for good. // Filthy, dirty, kinky porn.
slash  harry/draco  harry/ron  draco/ron  rating:nc17  hp  fic  threesome  bdsm  d/s  pwp  stars:3/5 
january 2017 by killaria
The northern girl (winterfell's daughter)
Sansa loses her wolf. Something in her breaks apart, cracks open. And through the gaping hole, strange whispers come through.
gen  sansa  rating:pg-13  song-of-ice-and-fire  fic  game-of-thrones  theme:magic-realism  theme:psychic-powers  wip  stars:3/5 
january 2017 by killaria
The Dragon and the Maiden
Viserys brings the Stark girl Joffrey's head. He's surprised by her reaction to this. He'd expected her to be upset, but she seems quite delighted by this. What a strangely charming creature she is, even if she is a Stark. // Hilarious, despite really needing a beta.
het  sansa/viserys  rating:pg-13  song-of-ice-and-fire  fic  game-of-thrones  stars:3/5 
january 2017 by killaria
Buzzcut season
After the events with the Kanima, Derek tries to be a better alpha and Stiles ends up all alone. // Aka, Stiles fails at explaining important things even more than Derek does.
slash  stiles/derek  hale-pack  rating:pg-13  teen-wolf  fic  magic!stiles  badass!stiles  stars:3/5 
january 2017 by killaria
Texting a Runaway
Stiles knows how to disappear when he wants to be alone and doesn’t want anyone following him. But creeperwolf Peter somehow got his hands on Stiles’ new number, and it all just goes downhill from there.
slash  stiles/peter  rating:pg-13  teen-wolf  fic  magic!stiles  alpha!stiles  badass!stiles  stars:3/5  abandoned 
january 2017 by killaria
Hungry (Like the Wolf)
After Peter gets hurt saving Stiles’ life, the teen’s reaction kicks off long-dead instincts that he’d really rather not be feeling. Over the next few weeks they claw and twist at Peter’s mind, Stiles’ oblivious behavior sending him into a downward spiral of wicked courtship, that of a murderous, ex-alpha, zombie-wolf, until the young man can’t ignore it anymore.
slash  stiles/peter  rating:pg-13  teen-wolf  fic  wip  stars:3/5 
january 2017 by killaria
An amnesiac Taylor with the powers of Gambit comes to Brockton Bay to help out Circus on a job and encounters a skinny older man who seems familiar.
xover  het  rating:pg-13  worm  fic  xmen  wip  stars:3/5 
october 2016 by killaria
Out of the Desert
The Academy drops 100 cadets in the desert for a little survival training; Jim decides he's got a better plan.
gen  kirk  rating:pg-13  star-trek  fic  st:reboot  stars:3/5 
august 2016 by killaria
Fallen Stars
Had Hikaru been younger, meeting Sai probably would've changed him for good.
slash  shindou/ogata  shindou/sai  rating:pg  hikago  fic  stars:3/5 
august 2016 by killaria
You Know You Have a Permanent Piece of My Medium-Sized American Heart
“Hey Hermes!” The ambient suspicion level in the Rec ratcheted up significantly. Kapoor was disturbingly cheerful. “We’ve sent you some mission updates in the data dump, but Mitch and I wanted to personally let you know—” Mitch visibly rolled his eyes in the background. “—That thanks to some…strong suggestions from the White House, and on Annie and Director Sanders’ recommendation, we’ve started releasing Watney’s Mars logs to the public.”
gen  rating:pg-13  the-martian  fic  stars:3/5 
august 2016 by killaria
Atlantis thinks about Rodney McKay and watches as the inhabitants of the city finally learn to stop taking everything he does for granted.
gen  mckay  rating:pg-13  stargate  fic  sga  stars:3/5 
august 2016 by killaria
These Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep
His real father was a hero who’d died in the line of fire, pun and all intended there. Chris was a hunter who had trouble sticking to a Code that could fit on the back of a matchbook.
slash  stiles/chris-argent  derek-hale  rating:nc17  teen-wolf  fic  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
A Friend for A Week
This is how Loki ends up in Tony Stark's living room, minutes after his disastrous birthday party, and in the shape of a cat. What will our favorite genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist make of the mysteriously appearing feline, and how will it all affect their lives, and those of the people around them?
slash  loki/tony-stark  rating:nc17  avengers  fic  thor(movies)  theme:animal-transformation  wip  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
let them talk
The Æsir mutter behind their backs about Loki after Sleipnir is born. Loki ignores them, spending time with his son. A silent rift between Thor and Loki grows.
slash  loki/thor  sleipnir  rating:pg  thor(movies)  fic  theme:kid-fic  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Sharpen Your Teeth
A betrayed Tony Stark leaves the Avengers. He's angry and bitter but he's not about to stop being a hero. The problem is that not everyone is happy with this decision.
slash  loki/tony-stark  rating:pg-13  avengers  fic  thor(movies)  wip  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Flip of A Coin Away
After Afghanistan and all the shit that followed, Tony has no choice but to never trust people again. When Loki shows up and they start into a tumultuous relationship, Tony pegs it as a need for an outlet for frustrations, and Loki seems of the same mind. Things become less clear cut after Tony realizes that this affair is one of the few things that he can trust when his life is in danger and his killer remains faceless.
slash  loki/tony-stark  avengers-team  rating:nc17  avengers  fic  thor(movies)  wip  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Fate's Guardian
A being shows up on Earth looking for Loki, the Avengers get pulled in to see what's going on, and they all learn what Loki has *really* been up to all this time. // Eye-rolling and ridiculous plot set up, but I like Loki's characterization.
gen  loki  avengers-team  rating:pg-13  thor(movies)  fic  avengers  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Mornings After
It starts when Tony's sick with the flu. The rest of the Avengers are indisposed after battle, so it falls to their resident God of Mischief to check in on him. The visit sparks something and a series of mornings after.
slash  loki/tony-stark  avengers-team  rating:nc17  avengers  fic  thor(movies)  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Maybe You (and your sad blue eyes)
Loki had already come to accept being born without a bonded soul to cleave to, one more way in which he would always be the lesser brother. So of course it made sense that it would settle upon him when he least expected it.
slash  loki/steve-rogers  rating:nc17  avengers  fic  thor(movies)  theme:soulbonds  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Sign Here (Give Your Heart Away)
It didn't take Loki very long to figure out that Anthony would be trouble, but that didn't make it any easier to resist temptation...especially not when temptation is trying to serve itself up on a silver platter.
slash  loki/tony-stark  rating:nc17  avengers  fic  thor(movies)  d/s  bdsm  theme:non-canon-universe-au  wip  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Pretend a Little
“I know this is a lot to take in,” Renard said, spreading his hands and leaning forward over the desk. “But unfortunately, recent circumstances are forcing our hand.” “Which means we have to date.” // Fairly ridiculous at times, but cute at others. Nick/Renard
slash  rating:nc17  grimm  fic  theme:fake-dating  theme:arranged-marriage  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Lost Boys
When Loki is captured by Shield, they discover a dark secret between Loki and Odin. A different take on Loki's 'monster' kids.
gen  loki  avengers-team  rating:pg-13  avengers  fic  thor(movies)  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Strong Swimmer
How had he managed to swim to shore with all that weight and Sherlock, too? Greg had had no idea John was such a strong swimmer. But he had learned something today about the man who followed Sherlock Holmes around, and all in all, felt better for it.
gen  john-watson  lestrade  rating:g  sherlock-holmes  sh:bbc  fic  badass!john-watson  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
An Innocent Man
"And what about John Watson?" Sherlock had asked. He had expected a rather dull answer...after all, he had been away. He had not expected to hear that John had spent the past two years in prison.
gen  sherlock  john-watson  rating:pg-13  sherlock-holmes  sh:bbc  fic  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Unexpected Side-Effects
With one action, an overwhelmed Cloud Strife changes the course of history in Nibelheim. It doesn't really get better for him.
slash  sephiroth/cloud  cloud/zack  rating:R  ffvii  fic  threesome  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Salt Water Mixed With Air
Derek’s eyes are red, Peter’s are blue, his are gold, and Isaac is gone.
slash  stiles/derek  rating:pg-13  teen-wolf  fic  werecreature!stiles  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Exercises In Mutual Pleasure
Q leans forward, hands folded on the table in front of him, which appears to be a tell that he's about to be serious. "I think if you only live in the field, you're less likely to remember there's a reason to live when you're out of it." // Kind of corny at times, but still fun.
slash  rating:nc17  james-bond  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Mr. Darcy and Mr. Collins's Widow
When Elizabeth was fifteen her father died and she married Mr. Collins to protect her sister Jane. Now years after he died, will the memories of his mistreatment keep her from finding happiness with the friend of Netherfield's new tenant?
het  rating:pg  pride-and-prejudice  fic  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Always In The Wake
After Steve Rogers wakes up after seventy years in the ice, he's lost in the New York of 2012. The only place he feels at home is a run-down gym in Hell's Kitchen. He's not expecting to meet a blind girl with suspiciously good fighting skills there.
het  matt-murdock/steve-rogers  rating:nc17  avengers  fic  daredevil  theme:genderswitch  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
The Dreaming of a Wild Rover
Loki’s mind wanders, in self-defense, as far as possible from the body and mind-scape he lives in, while Asgard burns away the remaining influence of the tesseract and its reality-distorting visions. He wanders near and far, and runs out of places that can distract him from the pain. Until he tried, on a whim, visiting familiar persons in Midgard.
slash  loki/tony-stark  rating:nc17  avengers  fic  thor(movies)  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Fortune Favours the Vindictive
Tsuna and Xanxus get married. Tsuna and Xanxus get even. // Aka Tsuna and Xanxus decide to fuck with everyone's heads and have a real good time doing it.
slash  rating:nc17  katekyo-hitman-reborn  fic  theme:arranged-marriage  pwp  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Tony thought sex with Nick Fury would be like the rest of their interactions and be a tense, angry, sexy hatefuck. So he's really surprised when Fury's a really loving, generous partner in bed. Surprised but happy.
slash  tony-stark/nick-fury  rating:nc17  avengers  fic  pwp  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
Killing Strangers
Ichigo was never really alone. The golden-eyed monster has always been there for him. // Dark and twisted. Technically gen, but with slashy overtones.
gen  ichigo  urahara  rating:pg-13  bleach  fic  theme:serial-killer  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
From The Top
Loki has always yearned for control; but he never did get to control anything. Barton was made to be ruled; but he was never expected to realize it. // This is not an easy read at times, and the BDSM practiced is not safe or sane (though it is consensual). It was interesting to see how their relationship developed, and how Loki turned into a surprisingly good dom for a true masochistic.
slash  loki/clint-barton  rating:nc17  avengers  fic  thor(movies)  bdsm  d/s  gore  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
A Bright and Bitter Flame
Loki doesn't survive his fall from the Bifrost and winds up reincarnated on Midgard as a mortal magician named Lucy with no memory of her previous life. Her decision-making skills have not been much improved by the transformation. // OMG, the crack! I laughed and laughed through this one...
gen  loki  thor  avengers-team  rating:pg-13  thor(movies)  fic  avengers  theme:magic-realism  theme:genderswitch  theme:reincarnation  wip  stars:3/5 
july 2016 by killaria
On the Reproductive Habits of Gods and Monsters
Loki and the Hulk have an arrangement, and it suddenly gets complicated. // This is surprisingly good, especially given the ridiculousness of the pairing.
slash  loki/hulk  loki/bruce-banner  rating:nc17  avengers  fic  theme:kid-fic  series  abandoned  stars:3/5 
june 2016 by killaria
Chaos War
It was never easy to find Loki when he wanted to hide, but he wasn't doing a particularly good job of it at the moment. Probably he didn't think anyone from Asgard would be wasting their time hunting for him while the shining ones churned their way steadily through all the realm.
slash  loki/thor  rating:nc17  thor(movies)  fic  stars:3/5 
june 2016 by killaria
Inviting Arrays of Masks
A guest at one of Tony Stark’s parties catches Natasha’s eye: a lady dressed in black, so secretive even S.H.I.E.L.D.’s facial-recognition software and myriad archives are unable to identify her. The Black Widow is suspicious and curious; the feeling seems quite mutual.
slash  het  femslash  loki/tony-stark  loki/natasha  tony-stark/natasha  rating:nc17  avengers  fic  theme:genderswitch  threesome  pwp  stars:3/5 
june 2016 by killaria
Pulvis et Umbra Sumus
Tony Stark and Loki started out bored and fascinated with one another intellectually and selfishly. It might have amounted to nothing if not for an impulsive spell the trickster applied to Tony’s throat pre-defenestration, which gave him easier access, even while incarcerated, to Tony’s dreams. Loki hadn’t imagined quite how willing, perverse, and challenging the mere mortal would prove to be, in time. // Needs a beta, but it's surprisingly good. And hot.
slash  loki/tony-stark  rating:nc17  avengers  fic  bdsm  d/s  pwp  stars:3/5 
june 2016 by killaria
Bullet With Butterfly Wings
For the record, this is not how his grand defection from Konoha was supposed to go. (Or, Orochimaru attempts to save the world. Hatake Sakumo may have been part of the plan, but he’s also very much an unexpected complication.) // I like blackcat's characterization of Orochimaru, so I'm curious to see where this goes.
gen  orochimaru  rating:pg-13  naruto  fic  theme:time-travel  wip  stars:3/5 
june 2016 by killaria
It Gets Worse
This is a Taylor Hebert centric story, starting just after the locker. Details after that are sketchy... // Oh how I laughed through this one...
gen  rating:pg-13  worm  fic  wip  stars:3/5 
june 2016 by killaria
Rain of Blood
I had spent many a night with a queasy feeling in my stomach thinking about the implications: that maybe I was destined to join the ABB right from the start. Where else would I be likely to get a sword heralding back to a country that had long since died at the hands of Leviathan.
fusion  gen  rating:pg-13  worm  fic  kenshin  wip  stars:3/5 
june 2016 by killaria
Vibranium Hearts
Once again, he's failed, and now he is alone. Except... He isn't. And the young king of Wakanda might just be exactly what Tony needs. // Surprisingly good.
slash  tony-stark/t'challa  avengers-team  rating:pg-13  avengers  fic  captain-america  wip  stars:3/5 
june 2016 by killaria
An Eye for an Eye
After the events of Avengers, Clint Barton just wants to get back to his old life. But he finds he can't get Loki out of his mind -- or his dreams. // Barton is OOC, but I like anyways.
slash  loki/clint-barton  rating:pg-13  avengers  fic  stars:3/5 
june 2016 by killaria
Time makes a deal and when Time makes a deal, it plays out till it is fulfilled. Steve Rogers is learning this the hard way and he’s quite sure it’ll end in madness. // Steve is occasionally quite cute in this one.
slash  loki/steve-rogers  rating:pg-13  avengers  fic  thor(movies)  theme:time-travel  theme:groundhog-day  stars:3/5 
june 2016 by killaria
there's a hell of a good universe next door
The one where an alien runs into Steve Rogers during the war. Most things stay the same. Some things change.
slash  loki/steve-rogers  rating:pg-13  captain-america  fic  thor(movies)  stars:3/5 
june 2016 by killaria
This Looks Like a Job for Spider-Man (Literally)
It's not easy for young college graduate Peter Parker to find employment, especially when he keeps disappearing as Spider-man. What happens when Tony Stark offers him a job he just can't refuse? // Ends abruptly, but it was pretty good until that point.
slash  tony-stark/peter-parker  rating:nc17  spider-man  fic  avengers  iron-man  stars:3/5 
may 2016 by killaria
Hope you make it alright
Matt is bleeding out in a dumpster. This is going to be the most pathetic obituary ever. Blind man tries to fight crime, stabbed seventeen times, discovered two days later with a banana peel in his hair.
slash  tony-stark/matt-murdock  rating:nc17  daredevil  fic  avengers  iron-man  stars:3/5 
may 2016 by killaria
Battle Plans
They say never piss off the nurses because they're the ones who actually run the hospital. They can make your life a misery if you do. Shirley Benson has never had to instruct her nurses to use this power en-mass before but to protect the identity of Daredevil, protector of the innocent and destroyer of the wicked? She'll happily make the police regret ever setting foot in her hospital.
gen  matt-murdock  rating:pg-13  daredevil  fic  stars:3/5 
may 2016 by killaria
Odin's Son, Tyr's Son
Someone starts to notice that Odin treats Loki in ways that are neglectfull and borderline abusive and starts to feel very uncomfortable about it.
gen  loki  rating:pg-13  thor(movies)  fic  outside-pov  series  stars:3/5 
may 2016 by killaria
Stark Raving Mad
Tony didn’t make it out of Afghanistan in one piece. (In fact, he left a couple important pieces behind.)
gen  tony-stark  avengers-team  fic  avengers  iron-man  stars:3/5 
may 2016 by killaria
A turn of the earth
Dean’s your typical half-orphaned, monster-killing 22-year-old until a trenchcoated stranger crashes into his back windshield one September night, claiming he’s an angel that knows him from the future and that he’s on the run. // AKA SPN meets the Time Traveller's Wife.
slash  dean/castiel  rating:nc17  spn  fic  theme:time-travel  stars:3/5 
may 2016 by killaria
Hopeless Wanderer
Instead of fighting at the Valley of the End, Sasuke convinces Naruto to join him. Together and on the run, they develop a co-dependent relationship that blurs the lines between love and make-belief. // Pretty twisted.
slash  naruto/sasuke  rating:R  naruto  fic  dubious-consent  series  stars:3/5 
may 2016 by killaria
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