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Winchesters' Thrift Shop
Not a single missed opportunity for funny in this. Can't recommend highly enough!
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february 2013 by killabeez
vid: I Sold My Hands For Food So Please Feed me
From the first absolutely perfect Dean quote to the last frame, this vid is the vid of my heart for these guys. If you love Sam & Dean, Do. Not. Miss. Not kidding.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  vid-recs  secretlytodream  emotional  hurty  thinky 
december 2011 by killabeez
ee_p_dee: Draw the Line
Wonderful character study of Dean, and thematically cohesive in a way that's really satisfying to see.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  vid-recs  ee-p-dee 
december 2011 by killabeez
River by barkley
It's been years and years since a vid made me cry like this.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  barkley  vid-recs  gen 
september 2011 by killabeez
Stupornatural on Vimeo
Pretty hilarious, homemade parody of Supernatural -- by (I think) two RL brothers, which just makes it funnier.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  vid-recs  funny 
september 2011 by killabeez
Happy Alone by danegen
Timing, song, sweetness, hotness, ridiculousness -- all off the charts.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  vid-recs  danegen  jared/jensen  funny  romantic  sweet 
september 2011 by killabeez

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