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Between The Lines of What We Need and What We'll Take - Fallynleaf - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
A beautiful coda to "What Is and What Should Never Be." Sam and Dean acknowledge that things between them aren't normal, but there's comfort to be found.
sweet  emotional  hurt-comfort  hurty  PG  sam/dean  fallynleaf  season-2  what-is-and-what-should-never-be  supernatural  supernatural-recs  bed-sharing 
november 2014 by killabeez
The Oak and the Dragon, for Lia
Oh my god, that is amazingly beautiful. I teared up. It's been... a long time since a story made me do that.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  gen  spn-summergen  PG  season-8  sweet  emotional 
september 2013 by killabeez
bertee: Sunset on the Highway
This is absolutely delightful in every way. The banter! The teasing! The zombies! The Misha! Made of win.
jared/jensen  supernatural  supernatural-recs  rps  bertee  R  funny  plotty  sweet 
june 2013 by killabeez
balder12 - Fic: I Know It When I See It
So hot, so funny, so sweet and in character. Sam needs Cas's help translating angel porn.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/castiel  nc-17  sexy  sweet  funny  season-8  balder12 
june 2013 by killabeez
Fic: Buried in Water
This is absolutely gorgeous. (I was going to say, "oh my god, this is absolutely gorgeous," but I was afraid of what Cas might do to me.) It really is extraordinarily lovely, though, and satisfying—particularly set as it is after 8.21, when I had such a powerful awareness of the parallels between Castiel and Sam. I didn't even know how much I wanted to read exactly this. ♥
supernatural  supernatural-recs  balder12  gen  hurt-comfort  hurt-sam  castiel  season-8  emotional  sweet 
may 2013 by killabeez
All these things are not without their meanings. - new fandom horizons??
I have been thinking a lot lately about how I would totally read Dean/Castiel if it were written by a Samgirl. And then I thought, "but it would probably go horribly awry, and end up as either Sassy or Sam/Dean, or both." And then I thought, "which, admit it, is totally why you want to read it!" Turns out I was right.
supernatural  sam/dean  supernatural-recs  zempasuchil  funny  sweet  season-8  castiel  yentafic 
april 2013 by killabeez
Rome Was Also Built on Ruins (Sam/Dean, NC-17)
All I want from SPN these days is to read about Sam taking care of Dean, but to get that along with such a beautifully written, insightful Dean POV that manages to make perfect logical and emotional sense of 8 years of characterization AND develops into convincing first-time Sam/Dean—basically, this story is Christmas and ice cream and the Fourth of July.
zempasuchil  supernatural  supernatural-recs  season-8  sam/dean  nc-17  hurty  emotional  sexy  sweet  hurt-comfort  hurt-dean 
march 2013 by killabeez
crossed wires (Gen, G)
Aw, Dean. I miss Best Big Brother in the World Dean. I know he had a lot on his, uh, grapefruit in season 7, but I still miss him.
de-nugis  supernatural  supernatural-recs  gen  G  hurt-comfort  hurt-sam  funny  sweet  season-7 
march 2013 by killabeez
It's just the past you're leaving by lazy_daze
This really made my day. It's almost like I wished for it and the author granted my wish! Scorching hot.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  lazy-daze  femslash  jody-mills  jody/charlie  charlie-bradbury  season-7  sexy  funny  sweet  nc-17 
september 2012 by killabeez
Silence is Knowledge and Knowledge is Power by ordinarily
I love this. The author captures young Sam's headspace so well, and I love the combination of older-than-his-years and still-a-kid. It strikes me as tragic that both Dean and Sam still think Dean can protect him.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  gen  pre-series  G  thinky  scary  sweet  hurty  poignant  ordinarily  spnspringfling 
june 2012 by killabeez
An unhealthy attachment by rivkat
This made me intensely happy. I've been thinking a lot about Sam ending up in Purgatory, too, and how interesting an allegorical story with the two of them there could be. This was a wonderful taste of that, and I love how it touches on the nature of Purgatory in Catholic belief.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  spnspringfling  sam/dean  wincest  R  rivkat  funny  sweet  sexy  poignant  plotty 
june 2012 by killabeez
Big Damn Hero by glovered for lemanya
I could say eloquent things about the lovely subtleties of characterization, here, because I really enjoyed that aspect of it. Loved the details of Dean's reactions (the sunglasses!) and the fact that the author managed to work a casefic into this. But mostly, I just want to say, HOT. Like burning.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  spnspringfling  glovered  PG-13  sexy  sweet  season-7  sam/dean  slash 
june 2012 by killabeez
Secure the grounds for the later parade - glovered
How the hell did I miss this? Sam keeps hallucinating that Dean dies in gruesome ways. This plainly calls for a lot of hugging.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  glovered  sam/dean  PG-13  schmoop  emotional  sweet  season-7 
may 2012 by killabeez
A Sympathetic Beetle (Sam/Matt; PG-13; 108 coda)
I have always, always wanted to read a story about these two, and this was PERFECTION. Talk about a gift I never expected.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  season-1  valiant  PG-13  sam/matt  sweet  emotional  thinky 
may 2012 by killabeez
This Time Next Year - t_fic (topaz)
I love the idea that the only way they would find sanctuary would be if it were weird and a little creepy and tinged by the supernatural. The last scene broke my heart in the best way.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  topaz119  gen  PG-13  silverbullets  curtainfic  sweet 
april 2012 by killabeez
Free Willy by oddishly
This story perfectly illustrates why it is absolutely essential to the universe that silverbullets exists. Well played, author, well played.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/dean  pg-13  silverbullets  schmoop  curtainfic  post-series  sweet  funny 
april 2012 by killabeez
Safe by hopeintheashes
I don't read S1 fic very often (mostly because it makes me sad and nostalgic!) but this, I really, really love. So beautiful!
supernatural  supernatural-recs  gen  hurt-comfort  season-1  PG  sweet  hurt-sam  hopeintheashes 
march 2012 by killabeez
meet me on the corner when the lights are coming on (Sam/Dean, PG-13)
I'm gonna keep this and treasure it and read it over and over, until believing in it makes it real.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  silverbullets  sam/dean  PG-13  death  sweet  emotional  hurty  hurt-comfort  post-series  slash  obstinatrix 
march 2012 by killabeez
Do Over by roque_classique
I am so craving hurt!Dean with Sam taking care of him right now, and the combination of the teasing and Dean's achy desire and Sam taking care of him is just nirvana.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sweet  funny  poignant  sexy  hurty  hurt-comfort  roque-clasique  PG-13  sam/dean  silverbullets 
march 2012 by killabeez
the friend of the fourth decade -- Sam/Dean -- light R
This author has such a beautiful (and laugh-out-loud fond and funny) way of showing how very much they love each other. Cranky Dean and indulgent Sam are very nearly my favorite things in the whole world.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  schmoop  sweet  funny  post-series  R  sam/dean  slash  de-nugis 
march 2012 by killabeez
And my ship is so small - Tesserae - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
This is wonderful, and magnificent, and has possibly become my new favoritest thing in the entire world. I love this Sam, so, so much. This feels exactly like him, so true to his character and the way he thinks and feels about everything. And, Dean! I could absolutely see him doing something like this, even when he's at the end of his rope. Taking care of Sammy is the best medicine for him, and I loved every minute of it.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/dean  sweet  hurty  emotional  schmoop  tesserae_ 
february 2012 by killabeez
There'll be peace when you are done by quickreaver
Stunningly gorgeous, happy-making HEA of the hetero life partners, Christmas variety.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  gen  sweet  funny  quickreaver  PG  post-series  curtainfic 
december 2011 by killabeez
fannishliss: spn fic: "Dean's Present" (G)
Oh, dear god, I am The Most Ridiculous Sap in the World for wee!Sam giving Dean (or his dad) presents!
supernatural  supernatural-recs  gen  pre-series  G  sweet  schmoop  fannishliss 
december 2011 by killabeez
Some Are Silver by roque_clasique
Absolutely beautiful Christmassy h/c. The best. Sam's memory doesn't exactly work, and Dean's body doesn't, but together, they still do.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  roque-clasique  hurt-comfort  hurt-dean  sweet  emotional  curtainfic  PG  schmoop 
december 2011 by killabeez
Important Angel Business - entanglednow - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
This story pretty much satisfies any need for Sam/Gabriel fic I will ever have. So perfect.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/gabriel  funny  sweet  season-5  entanglednow  slash 
december 2011 by killabeez
de_nugis: Groundwork (7.7 coda) -- very light R -- Sam/Dean
Absolutely perfect post 7.07 reunion fic. *FLAIL*

Excuse me, I have to go, like, remove my brain before it hurts itself in there.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/dean  de-nugis  season-7  R  sweet  sexy  emotional 
november 2011 by killabeez
teashopmuses: One-shot: No Way Out
Ohhh, this is everything I adore in a Sam/Dean first-time. Emotional, hot, and spot-on characterization.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  first-time  sam/dean  slash  selecasharp  nc-17  wincest  romantic  sweet  sexy  emotional 
november 2011 by killabeez
vail_kagami: SPN Fic: Awesome
I am the hugest sucker in the world for Dean singing to Sam, under any circumstances, and drugged!Dean is beyond adorable.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  vail-kagami  gen  sweet  funny  schmoop  season-7  hurt-comfort  hurt-sam  hurt-dean  bobby 
october 2011 by killabeez
road_rhythm: This Is All Very Meta (Sam/Dean, NC-17)
Dean didn't get there first. That's okay; hell, that's the way he wanted it. He never even cared—until he stumbled over some stupid freaking fanfic about him taking Sam's virginity. Now he can't get it out of his head.
supernatural-recs  supernatural  sam/dean  road-rhythm  nc-17  kinky  sexy  emotional  sweet  slash  wincest 
october 2011 by killabeez
obstinatrix: Fic: Names of Collision In The Dark (Sam and Dean, PG)
Delicious, breathtaking intimacy. Dean helps Sam recover from the psychological damage he suffers from Lucifer's noncon spooning.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  obstinatrix  hurt-comfort  hurt-sam  sweet  sam/dean  slash  emotional  season-7  PG  schmoop  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
passing time by t_fic
Pre-series. Dean breaks his arm and John takes care of his boys.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  gen  pre-series  t-fic  G  john-winchester  weechesters  sweet  hurt-comfort 
september 2011 by killabeez
Supernatural, Stitches and Scars (The Sewn Up Tight Remix) by luzdeestrellas
Sam's hurt after a hunt, and Dean's really not okay with the whole concept. Sam's got a unique way of addressing the issue.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/dean  PG  slash  laurificus  sweet  hurt-comfort  first-time  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
Gift by kellifer_fic
Ridiculously sweet and awesome short piece about how sometimes Sam and Dean really, genuinely like each other, aside from all that I'd-die-for-you devotion.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  kellifer-fic  gen  G  sweet 
september 2011 by killabeez
Plan for Nothing But Sunlight by luzdeestrellas
One of the most perfect and satisfying Sam-comforts-Dean stories in the fandom. So, so perfect.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/dean  malleus-maleficarum  episode-tag  sexy  emotional  funny  hurty  sweet  hurt-comfort  slash  PG  first-time  laurificus  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
I Got Some Beer and the Highway's Free by musesfool
This is one of those times when fandom is so much better than the best we can hope for on the TV. Beautifully sweet, gentle, and perfect.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/dean  slash  PG  episode-tag  no-rest-for-the-wicked  hurt-comfort  sweet  sexy  first-time  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
There Is No Such Place by ygrawn
Amazing, subtle piece about what it's really like to have lived the way Sam and Dean have all their lives. The vignettes are so true, and add so much texture to the fabric of who they are.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  gen  not-rated  weechesters  sweet  hurty  poignant  ygrawn 
september 2011 by killabeez
I Wanna Hold You 'Til I Die by lazy_daze
I love fandom. Seriously. Dean touches a cursed stone that removes his inhibitions... with regard to cuddling. Why can this not happen on the show?
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/dean  NC-17  slash  sweet  sexy  lazy-daze  first-time  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
three o'clock dandelion time by oxoniensis
Sam's first time with a girl. So beautifully done. Sam + women = awesome.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  oxoniensis  R  het  sam/ofc  pre-series  first-time  sweet  sexy  hurty  poignant 
september 2011 by killabeez
it's still far too soon to say you'll be okay by lyra wing
I wish it had been like this. Sam having the uncontrollable urge to hug Dean (and giving into it) is EXACTLY how it should be.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  lyra-wing  episode-tag  lazarus-rising  gen  PG  hurt-comfort  sweet 
september 2011 by killabeez
Into His Hand by drvsilla
Stunning. I have no words for how magnificent and satisfying I thought this story was. I honestly don't think I've ever even considered reading an RPS AU story before, but the title and the word "bullriding" were enough to get me to click. I've never been so glad for an impulse decision.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  drvsilla  rps  au  jared/jensen  slash  NC-17  plotty  emotional  sweet  poignant  sexy  first-time 
september 2011 by killabeez
untitled ficlets by dreamlittleyo
A gorgeous triptych of sexy, ludicrous, and sweet. (The last two are gen; the first one is Sam/Dean.)
supernatural  supernatural-recs  dreamlittleyo  sam/dean  gen  slash  R  G  sexy  funny  sweet  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
But you're so busy changing the world by johnny_vrm
In the months before Dean's deal comes due, Sam finally pushes the issue. This is a wonderfully paced emotional journey, with fantastic brotherly banter and delicious tension.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  johnny-vrm  slash  sam/dean  R  sexy  poignant  sweet  first-time  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
Counting up the Promises by luzdeestrellas
As if writing us one perfect "Mystery Spot" coda wasn't enough, she wrote us this one, too, and thank God it's short because I swear I can't breathe at all while reading it.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/dean  mystery-spot  episode-tag  slash  PG  laurificus  emotional  sweet  hurt-comfort  first-time  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
You Take It With You by lazy daze
So, I think this might be my new favorite Supernatural story of all time. It pretty much hits every kink I have when it comes to them (and I'm not talking sexual, though that, too :D) and reading it is the most amazing guilty pleasure, because it's like I have to own all of my issues when it comes to them, but there's no down side -- it's like, all awesome, all gorgeous, all the time, and the ending is so perfect.
big-bang  sexy  sweet  funny  romantic  emotional  plotty  sam/dean  slash  lazy-daze  nc-17  au  supernatural  supernatural-recs  first-time  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
Motivational by antiship
Such an amazing, wonderful story. My love for Andy Gallagher, fully realized. Also, Sam injured and Dean taking care of him while they're on a hunt. Made of win!
supernatural  supernatural-recs  R  sam/dean  slash  plotty  hurty  hurt-comfort  sexy  andy-gallagher  antiship  funny  sweet  first-time  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
The Night Is Somehow Smaller by luzdeestrellas
Sam can't get enough of listening to Dean, and Dean is a truly awesome big brother. A "Mystery Spot" tag, so over-brimming with brotherly love it makes my heart glad.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  gen  PG  mystery-spot  episode-tag  hurty  emotional  funny  sweet  hurt-comfort 
september 2011 by killabeez
Fill it up with something by glovered
BAMF Sammy kills the abominable snowman, then spoons Dean to keep him from dying of hypothermia. *loves*
supernatural  supernatural-recs  glovered  hurt-comfort  sweet  funny  sexy  sam/dean  slash  first-time  PG-13  silverbullets  schmoop  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
i only sleep with my guns when you're gone by kellifer_fic
This story made me laugh like a loon -- and that was just in the first couple of paragraphs. Then, of course, she makes it count. (Sam is cursed into his fifteen-year-old self)
supernatural  supernatural-recs  kellifer-fic  gen  PG  sweet  funny  poignant 
september 2011 by killabeez
Conversational Winchester, by laurificus
Written for the silverbullets lightning challenge, for the prompt affectionate threats/insults.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  laurificus  PG  sam/dean  slash  sweet  funny  emotional  schmoop  season-6  silverbullets  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
leestone: FIC: Super Natural
Sam's high. He's so fuckin' high, man, it's not even. It's like...summaries are weird, have you ever noticed?
supernatural  supernatural-recs  gen  drug-use  leestone  season-6  funny  sweet  schmoop  castiel 
september 2011 by killabeez
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep by Lacey McBain
Dean can't sleep. Castiel helps. I loved this for the dead-on voices for both characters. Sweet, funny, comforting.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  gen  G  lacey-mcbain  sweet  funny  episode-tag  its-the-great-pumpkin  castiel 
september 2011 by killabeez
Which Bar the Way Out by ratherastory
After being caged with Lucifer, Sam really, really doesn't deal well with being shut in confined spaces. Dean keeps having to pull over when they are driving to let Sam take a break from the car. He wakes up in the night to the sound of Sam slipping out of the motel room so he can breathe. Even when it is sleeting. Even when Sam's already getting sick. Even when he has bronchitis and the doctor had some things to say about "run down" and "bed rest."
supernatural  supernatural-recs  gen  hurt-comfort  R  schmoop  sweet  ratherastory 
september 2011 by killabeez
Off the Map by debbiel66
This story is wonderfully comforting -- reading it is the next best thing to giving Sam and Dean cookies and hugs.
pg  gen  post-series  sweet  emotional  debbiel66  supernatural  supernatural-recs 
september 2011 by killabeez
Pulling Heaven Down by callistosh65
Warm, gentle, comforting, and deliciously Dean and Sam. Set during season 2, Sam just kind of keeps showing up in Dean's bed. Dean's... more okay with this than he expects.
slash  sweet  supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/dean  first-time  callistosh65  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
So Kiss Me by arlad
Some really funny dialogue in this, and a completely sweet Jensen who's made of win.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  arlad  jared/jensen  slash  sweet  funny  romantic  first-time 
september 2011 by killabeez
Birthday Pie by emmademarais
Dean + Pie = Love! An oh-so-sweet slice of comfortfic of the best kind.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  gen  sweet  PG  emmademarais 
september 2011 by killabeez
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