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spnspringfling: We Found Love in a Hopeless Place for silverraven
This is awesome. Sweet, trying-to-make-an-honest-go-of-it boys, with Dean compromising for Sam, and also badass, righteous Winchesters righting wrongs, with Sam letting Dean remind him that he's dangerous! Beautiful combo. Plus, hot and emotional (and funny!) at the same time. Perfect story is perfect.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  season-8  sam/dean  funny  sexy  spnspringfling  sonofabiscuit77  R 
june 2013 by killabeez
It's Just a Bootie Call (Sam/Dean - NC-17) by sonofabiscuit77
This is fantastic. I love how the author captures Dean's emotional confusion, and how even though the story so clearly depicts RoboSam, it's still a really emotional story because Dean doesn't know what we know.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sonofabiscuit77  sam/dean  robosam  season-6  sexy  thinky  emotional  hurty  infidelity  dean 
may 2012 by killabeez

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