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The Truth Lies Beneath by mangacat201
This is a tight, well-written crossover between Supernatural and Lie to Me. It takes place after Swan Song, so Sam is in Hell, and Dean is in prison on suspicion of serial murder. Gripping story, good crossover, and tight pacing.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  crossover-recs  lie-to-me  misc-fandom-recs  mangacat201  gen  R 
june 2012 by killabeez
Come on the Rising Wind by chemm80
Lovely sequel to her previous Sam/Jax. Sam gets a vision of Jax dying. (protector!Sam!)
crossover-recs  supernatural  supernatural-recs  sons-of-anarchy  misc-fandom-recs  sam/jax  chemm80  nc-17  big-bang  sexy  emotional  plotty 
september 2011 by killabeez
To Love and Be Loved In Return by locknkey
This is, of all things, an SPN/Moulin Rouge fusion, written for spn_cinema. It's not even crack. And it's gorgeous. I can't believe how effectively the author fused these two could-not-be-more-different sources -- without even actual music to help. This is an amazing piece of fan writing.
slash  supernatural  supernatural-recs  sexy  sweet  emotional  romantic  misc-fandom-recs  crossover-recs  moulin-rouge  sam/dean  nc-17  locknkey  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
Recharging by khaleesian
Gorgeous, funny, sexy, amazing crossover between Fast & the Furious and SPN. It's slashy without being slash, wincesty without being Wincest. Plus, awesome Bobby on the side.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  khaleesian  crossover-recs  misc-fandom-recs  bobby  funny  sexy 
september 2011 by killabeez

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