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Supernatural: Metamorphosis: infatuated_ink
This feels so true and real. Sam is transitioning at Stanford and Dean finds out.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/dean  genderswap  het  nc-17  sexy  emotional  cherie-morte 
march 2016 by killabeez
Bliss In Emptiness - monicawoe, quickreaver - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Consider this an unqualified, wholehearted rec. If you think you aren't into reading about soulless!Sam, or Ruby maybe isn't your very favoritest character, so you're not sure if it will be your cup of tea... give it a try anyway. I am blown away. Bye bye, S6 canon. I am replacing you with this story in my head.
big-bang  monicawoe  quickreaver  supernatural-recs  supernatural  plotty  meg  castiel  ruby  scary  nc-17  het  sam/ruby  au  season-6  death  eve 
july 2013 by killabeez
The Most Tender Place in my Heart by 13chapters
I love this pairing. Like, I really, really love this pairing. So hot, and so painful and sad.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  nc-17  13chapters  sexy  hurty  season-4  het  sam/jo 
september 2012 by killabeez
Walking the Straight Line by transfixeddream
Jody is love, and so is this story! I adored this. And oh, Sammy. His near-heartbreak is so painful.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  spnspringfling  transfixeddream  het  PG  jody-mills  sam/jody  season-7  emotional  thinky  hurty 
june 2012 by killabeez
three o'clock dandelion time by oxoniensis
Sam's first time with a girl. So beautifully done. Sam + women = awesome.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  oxoniensis  R  het  sam/ofc  pre-series  first-time  sweet  sexy  hurty  poignant 
september 2011 by killabeez
Process Stories by musesfool
Sam meets Buffy Summers when their paths cross at Bobby's place. Sweet, funny, and a prelude to more.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  buffyverse-recs  buffyverse  crossover-recs  sam/buffy  het  PG  funny 
september 2011 by killabeez
Over Yonder in a Minor Key by annalazarus
I absolutely adore this story, so much that she kind of saved me from ever having to write it. This fandom is good for that.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/dean/ofc  sam/ofc  sam/dean  slash  het  polyamorous  sexy  hurty  poignant  NC-17  first-time  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
Always Out of Reach by poisontaster
So much story told in so small a space. Sam is in love with Dean, and he knows it, but he'll never do anything about it. Jess finds out. This killed me, and I could so easily imagine it as true.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  het  slash  sam/dean  sam/jess  poisontaster  pre-series  unrequited  hurty  not-rated  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
Periphery by hiyacynth
Sam's version of the Wish-verse. Beautifully done, which is no surprise -- this author gets Sam in a way that's impossible to resist.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  hiyacinth  sam/jess  het  hurty  R  gen  au  what-is-and-what-should-never-be  episode-tag  john-winchester 
september 2011 by killabeez
Five Ways Ruby Told the Truth by utsusemia
Really interesting and believable take on Ruby's point of view during seasons 3 and 4. Kind of the definitive Ruby, for me.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/ruby  het  thinky  ruby  utsusemia 
september 2011 by killabeez
The Road to Awe and Wonder by twasadark
I don't even know what to make of my emotional response to this story. RPF almost never holds my interest, and AU RPF even less so. But this whole story is just so beautifully crafted. There were a few points that made me curious about historical accuracy, but none of them enough to distract me from the amazing narrative. The ending made me cry actual tears.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  rps  rpf  jensen/alona  jdm/alona  au  R  het  historical  slash  twasadark  big-bang  jared/jensen 
september 2011 by killabeez
Insufficient Data by ninhursag
Scary and heart-clenchy. I never get tired of stories where Jess comes back.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  ninhursag  NC-17  sam/jess  sam/dean  slash  het  hurty  scary  plotty  emotional  hurt-comfort  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
Smokin' by Robin Serrano
I sort of hate one-of-them-born-a-girl Sam/Dean, and yet I secretly have a major kink for one of them getting whammied into a girl's body, especially if it's Dean. In my travels I found an older story I'd missed, and, hot. :D Also kind of adorable and funny.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  robin-serrano  slash  het  NC-17  sam/dean  genderswap  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
Double Blind by the nyxie
Delicious threesome story, in which the hottest part is that Sam and Dean have plainly done this 500 times before.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  thenyxie  slash  polyamorous  sexy  sam/dean/pam  NC-17  het  episode-tag  lazarus-rising 
september 2011 by killabeez
rainylemons: The Ghost in Bed With Them
This story hurts so good. It's so sexy, and loving, and painful, and perfect. Exactly everything I want from a post-S5 story.
supernatural-recs  supernatural  rainylemons  het  R  sexy  hurty  emotional  season-5  dean/lisa 
september 2011 by killabeez
Fall on Your Yesterday's Heart by dreamlittleyo
I rec this with the caveat that the Sam/Dean is a very small part of the story -- which was a plus for me, since it was the Jo/John story I really got into -- but don't go into it looking for lots of Sam/Dean. However, the Jo part is amazing. And Jo + Weechesters is awesome, man. This story broke my heart a lot, but in the best way. ETA: It does have lots of Sam and Dean, though! And wonderful Sam-and-Dean. Just that the slash is not the main point of the story.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  john/jo  jo-harvelle  john-winchester  het  slash  sam/dean  NC-17  plotty  emotional  hurty  dreamlittleyo  big-bang  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
But Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work by black_regalia
Just absolutely brilliant. All Jess wants is to get back to her Sam and Dean, but she has some important work to do, first. The nuances of characterization are amazing.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  black-regalia  sam/dean/jess  polyamorous  plotty  thinky  hurty  emotional  sexy  R  het  slash 
september 2011 by killabeez
T'inquiète Mon Silence - NC-17 - Sam/Jess, Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Jess by redpine
Okay, I completely love this. As tough as it is to imagine Sam voluntarily telling anyone about Dean, I love the idea that he had that kind of trust with Jess, and I also love the idea that it just slipped out in his sleep, and he couldn't hide it from her. And her Jess is AWESOME and ridiculously hot.
sam/dean  sam/jess  sam/dean/jess  redpine  supernatural  supernatural-recs  slash  het  proxy  sexy  schmoop  silverbullets  sweet  emotional  pre-series  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez
The Ties That Bind by elise_509
I absolutely adore this story. Hard to know what to say beyond that -- it's a pairing that doesn't always work for me, but she gets it exactly right in every way. If this had been the end of the series, I would have cried and cheered and thrown a party.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/jo  dean/jo  het  R  all-hell-breaks-loose  plotty  hurty  emotional  sexy  hurt-comfort  elise-509  au  first-time 
september 2011 by killabeez
Weathered by whereupon
This is why I love this pairing. It's the shared loneliness and the unspoken affinity that gets me.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  whereupon  sam/ellen  het  emotional  poignant 
september 2011 by killabeez
When The World Is Burning (Master Post) by briarwood
Fantastic gen-ish het story (or het-ish gen story?) that handles all the characters with beautiful care and subtlety.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  big-bang  gen  het  sam/lenore  dean/jo  R  plotty  thinky  emotional  hurty  briarwood  season-5  au 
september 2011 by killabeez
Periphery by hiyacinth
It's so bittersweet to read stories set during S3 where Sam saves Dean, or where it's implied he will -- but this is one of my favorites. It's Sam in the wish-verse, and rejecting that to save his brother, as it should be.
hiyacinth  suicide  what-is-and-what-should-never-be  supernatural  supernatural-recs  plotty  emotional  hurty  sam/jess  het  gen  john-winchester  not-maygra-safe 
september 2011 by killabeez
Threshold and Tolerance by valiant
Exactly the Sam/Ruby I see when I look at them. Gorgeous and brutal and bitter.
sam/ruby  lazarus-rising  hurty  NC-17  valiant  het  supernatural  supernatural-recs  ruby 
september 2011 by killabeez
Sore Loser (Mockingbird, Christmas 2007) by hiyacinth
Gorgeous timestamp for the magnificent "Mockingbird." To make it even better, it's Sam/Jo. 'Nuff said.
hiyacinth  supernatural  supernatural-recs  het  sam/jo  sweet  emotional  sexy  nc-17 
september 2011 by killabeez

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