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The Family Business for duckondebut: spnspringfling
This was perfection. I could see it happening, just like this! And man, it's nice to think that everything Sam and Dean have been through might be useful to someone, and save them a bit of grief.
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march 2016 by killabeez
God Save the Human Cannon Ball Master Post
It was my very great privilege to help beta this story. It's beautiful—I love the way the author wrote Sam's relationship with Jody, and how she made use of Claire, and Castiel, and most of all, that this story is about Sam proving to Dean (and the universe) how much he loves him in such a simple, but undeniable and concrete way. It's so satisfying.
sam/dean  R  downjune  sam-dean-minibang  season-7  supernatural  supernatural-recs  hurty  emotional  plotty  claire-novak  jody-mills  castiel 
october 2012 by killabeez

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