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A Sympathetic Beetle (Sam/Matt; PG-13; 108 coda)
I have always, always wanted to read a story about these two, and this was PERFECTION. Talk about a gift I never expected.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  season-1  valiant  PG-13  sam/matt  sweet  emotional  thinky 
may 2012 by killabeez
Safe by hopeintheashes
I don't read S1 fic very often (mostly because it makes me sad and nostalgic!) but this, I really, really love. So beautiful!
supernatural  supernatural-recs  gen  hurt-comfort  season-1  PG  sweet  hurt-sam  hopeintheashes 
march 2012 by killabeez
The Landscape After Cruelty (Mini-Bang 2011) by zempasuchil
This was a terrific read! It feels very fresh, and very true to season 1. You really feel the weight of those intervening Stanford years on both of them, and on their relationship, and the story evokes the Dean and Sam from that time period beautifully. The pacing and style were also really strong, and I loved the case! Really, two cases, and I thought they both were interesting and creative. Even the original characters stuck with me. And then the emotional ending, which could have felt jarring after the subtle, understated emotional tension of the rest of the story, instead felt natural and honest, and like it flowed out of all that wonderful tension. I especially love the perfect balance of self-awareness and believable repression/denial the author struck with Dean.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  slash  sam/dean  sexy  emotional  plotty  thinky  season-1  PG-13  zempasuchil  sam-dean-minibang  first-time  wincest 
september 2011 by killabeez

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