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Bliss In Emptiness - monicawoe, quickreaver - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Consider this an unqualified, wholehearted rec. If you think you aren't into reading about soulless!Sam, or Ruby maybe isn't your very favoritest character, so you're not sure if it will be your cup of tea... give it a try anyway. I am blown away. Bye bye, S6 canon. I am replacing you with this story in my head.
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july 2013 by killabeez
Five Ways Ruby Told the Truth by utsusemia
Really interesting and believable take on Ruby's point of view during seasons 3 and 4. Kind of the definitive Ruby, for me.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/ruby  het  thinky  ruby  utsusemia 
september 2011 by killabeez
Threshold and Tolerance by valiant
Exactly the Sam/Ruby I see when I look at them. Gorgeous and brutal and bitter.
sam/ruby  lazarus-rising  hurty  NC-17  valiant  het  supernatural  supernatural-recs  ruby 
september 2011 by killabeez
Go Fish by Tahirire
I'm not sure I really believed there was a way to put me emotionally at ease with 4.09 and 4.10, but this story did it. It's still painful and sharp-edged and there are no easy answers, but it's a solution to the pain Sam, Dean, and Ruby are all in that makes such elegant sense. Gorgeous characterization, too, for all three of them.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  tahirire  gen  episode-tag  hurty  thinky  ruby  heaven-and-hell  PG-13 
september 2011 by killabeez

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