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Keep You from the Gallows Pole - Fallynleaf - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Season 10, if it were the love story of Sam and Cas. I really enjoyed this. Good Sam headspace, and a very sweet relationship between Sam and Cas that doesn't ignore Dean as the fulcrum between them.
sam/castiel  season-10  thinky  emotional  PG-13  slash  supernatural  supernatural-recs  suicide  mark-of-cain  fallynleaf 
march 2016 by killabeez
Dry Salvages - kalliel - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
The very aptly titled story that takes the train wreck of season 9 and makes something infinitely more interesting out of it. Or, Dean is a whale, Sam is a shark, and Cas is in Van Nuys.
kalliel  supernatural  supernatural-recs  gen  R  crowley  castiel  season-9  mark-of-cain  thinky  plotty  hurty 
august 2014 by killabeez

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