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leestone: FIC: Super Natural
Sam's high. He's so fuckin' high, man, it's not even. It's like...summaries are weird, have you ever noticed?
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september 2011 by killabeez
Call It the Blues utsusemia
Gah, she kills me. So much better than the way Show dealt with the Apocalypse, the difference sort of makes me want to cry. In this one, Sam and Dean are dealing with the everyday blues of the End of the World, completely with a rain of frogs, and trying to deal with each other at the same time. Sam's got an agenda, and Dean's not having any of it. This made me ache for the Sam and Dean of seasons past.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  gen  utsusemia  suicide  hurty  emotional  hurt-comfort  drug-use  not-maygra-safe 
september 2011 by killabeez
A Good Man is Hard to Find by kimonkey7
One of those epic stories that makes you feel you never need to attempt to write fanfic again. The Sam and Dean in this story are so much more compelling, nuanced, and real than anything the show has managed in a long time, and they broke my heart over and over in this story of Dean being pushed beyond his limits and Sam slowly but surely bringing him back. Incredible read -- settle in for a while and revel in the singular pleasure of a truly great fanfic story.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  kimonkey7  gen  hurty  thinky  emotional  plotty  drug-use  hurt-comfort 
september 2011 by killabeez

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