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Bucky Fan Art
The MOST adorable and squishy Bucky Tsum Tsum!!
author-favorites  lilly-the-kid  mcu  art-recs 
may 2019 by killabeez
Flying Home - Fanlore
A classic dueSouth vid, guaranteed to lift your spirits.
author-favorites  due-south  morgan-dawn  laura-shapiro  vid-recs 
may 2019 by killabeez
Three Little Birds 17 - Zen, nancy - Highlander: The Series [Archive of Our Own]
This story was so formative to my fannish personality and experience. A lifetime favorite!
author-favorites  highlander  sentinel  zen-and-nancy  crossover-recs 
may 2019 by killabeez
Horror fandom dolls
Super cool trio of horror-fandom, glow-in-the-dark dolls.
author-favorites  art-recs  MrsKaderbeck  scary 
may 2019 by killabeez
Wayfinding - CherryIce - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Season 8 is so hard for me. I never finished watching it, and I tend to avoid all things about it, but this is a gorgeous story.
author-favorites  supernatural  supernatural-recs  dean/benny  charlie-bradbury  season-8  cherry-ice 
may 2019 by killabeez
Can't Stop Feeling || Kingsman Action Vid - YouTube
The perfect vid to watch if you want to get up and kick the ass out of your whole day.
author-favorites  kingsman  vid-recs 
may 2019 by killabeez

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