Innovate UK (Part of UK Research and Innovation) Vacancies - Workday
Relationship Manager - Audience of the Future
UK - Field Based
Applications must be submitted by;

Title: Relationship Manger – Audience of the Future

Band: UKRI Band E

Salary: £38,318 - £42,576 gross per annum

Reports To: Head of Audience of the Future – Delivery Team

Location: Field based

Contract: Fixed Term until March 2021
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5 weeks ago
MHCLG Open Data
This is the official source for statistics and data from the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, published under open licences for you to use.

200+ datasets cover MHCLG’s priorities including: deprivation, housing, local government finance, planning and other themes.
MHCLG  housing  data  open-data  open-source 
10 weeks ago
Journalism 360 Unconference + Demo Night - Online News Association
Keynote: The state of immersive storytelling in journalism; Jeremy Gilbert (Washington Post) and Zillah Watson (BBC)
VR  Zillah_Watson  keynote  360Journalism 
july 2018
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