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My Dad, the Pornographer - NYTimes.com
Dad was like Henry Ford applying principles of assembly-line production with pre-made parts. The methodical technique proved highly efficient. Surrounded by his tabulated notebooks, he could quickly find the appropriate section and transcribe lines directly into his manuscript. Afterward, he blacked them out to prevent plagiarizing himself. Ford hired a team of workers to manufacture a Model-T in hours. Working alone, Dad could write a book in three days.
writing  nyt 
february 2015 by kfan
Semper Idem
Here’s a quick questionnaire for filmmakers who’ve created a female character who isn’t a dishrag, a harpy, a McGuffin to be passed around, or a sex toy. Congratulations, you have a Strong Female Character. That’s a great start! But now what? Screenwriters, producers, directors, consider this:
june 2014 by kfan
I'm into survival.: Fixing my own mistakes: Bible Camp Bloodbath (2010)
But I think I made a mistake, and so I am going to go back and fix it.
writing  publishing  joeycomeau 
september 2013 by kfan
Bobcat Goldthwait On How to Write a Screenplay--Right Now | Co.Create: Creativity Culture Commerce
The kernel of the idea is in my head before I go, and the theme, what I’m trying to say at the end is there, and also the world it takes place in. Those are the things I have to know before I pull the trigger. And then I figure the story out from there.
writing  process  hotels  driving  bobcat 
may 2013 by kfan
Writing Kit 3.x · Unitasking at its finest
I don't care about this I'm just remembering it for later
writing  apps  ios  ipad 
april 2013 by kfan
eject : My story about the film ‘Monster House’
Because Gil Kenan is a hack and Steven Spielberg is a moron. But hey, I shouldn’t be dumping this stuff on you.
writing  movies  danharmon 
april 2013 by kfan
Lauren Grodstein's Tumblr - On the Power of Negative Reinforcement - On the Power of Negative Reinforcement
This new and fortunate understanding has affected the way I think about other things too: my teaching, the writing of my new novel.  I’m less outside my head now.  I’ve stopped, for the most part, second-guessing myself or my plans.  And this confidence is, in part, because of all those bad reviews.  Isn’t that strange?   But it turns out that even when I do the best I can do, I can’t make everyone happy.  So I guess I might as well start, as they say, by pleasing myself.
writing  reviews 
march 2013 by kfan
HAWKGUY #5: a (spoiler-y) walkthrough | .mattfraction
ugh out of pages just dump your surviving cast in a room and have them explain everything to each other jesus you hack
writing  mattfraction  hawkeye  hawkguy 
march 2013 by kfan
Q&A with 'Silver Linings Playbook' author Matthew Quick | Inside Movies | EW.com
People always say to me, ‘It’s so brave that you quit your teaching position. You risked everything for art.’ And I say, ‘It wasn’t brave. It was a last-ditch effort to save myself.’ I would not be in a good place right now if I hadn’t given myself over to art and writing.
matthewquick  mentalhealth  writing 
february 2013 by kfan
The Big Idea: Jo Walton – Whatever
Kinda spoilery/reveal-y if you haven't read Among Others, but interesting stuff here after having read it
jowalton  books  writing 
december 2012 by kfan
Louis C.K. on eating pressure and providing an alternative to The Man   | Comedy | Interview | The A.V. Club
When you really become a professional at this stuff, what’s important is how well you can do when you’re not inspired.
louisck  comedy  writing  creativity  thework  inspiration 
july 2012 by kfan
The Mountain Goats | News Archive | Just Under 1,000 Words About Our New Album
keep dragging the songs by their hair back to the central point of the record, which has to do with whether anybody has the right to tell people whether their visions are sick or not. Spoiler alert, absolutely nobody has that right, what makes me broken also makes me whole, that is how it works and it's like striking gold when you find that out so keep digging, don't even get me started.
writing  parenting  mountaingoats  music  themes 
july 2012 by kfan
Editor’s Picks - Salon.com
I cued up several episodes of “Storage Wars,” my go-to emotional coping mechanism.
storagewars  writing  reviews  salon  nyt 
july 2012 by kfan
E. Lockhart's Blog: Write Faster Project
I had a school visit in the morning and was zonked at 1pm when I got home. No writing.
writing  elockhart  productivity 
june 2012 by kfan
Jennifer Egan’s Black Box « Snarkmarket
"it’s always a bit galling when an established writer invents media better (and more beautifully) than the media inventors."
quotes  jenniferegan  twitter  writing  mediainventing  inventingmedia 
may 2012 by kfan
Castle: Will They or Won’t They? - Film.com
TERENCE PAUL WINTER: Come on! You guys are all just as bad as me, sticking in cute moments all over the place — you just don’t want to deal with the consequences. Remember that one time Terri and Andrew wrote an entire episode where Castle and Beckett were handcuffed together the whole time!? With a tiger!? And cuddling!? [pause] That was so good.
castle  tv  writing  fanfic  ashleywarren  narfna  shippers 
may 2012 by kfan
Mule Design Studio’s Blog: I’ll do it if you do it.
you don’t get over the fear. You get over the fear of being afraid.
writing  creativity  mikemonteiro 
april 2012 by kfan
‘Community’: Alison Brie, Yvette Nicole Brown, Gillian Jacobs & Megan Ganz Roundtable - The Daily Beast
Brie: This is so cliché for the women-of-Community interview. “Then they all cried.”
community  writing 
march 2012 by kfan
paperpools: Rashomon
Miller is like most people in discounting what he doesn't see. Assigning disproportionate value to what he can see. Which is actually the single worst problem for writers dealing with Rest of World. Because you better believe we believe in what we can't see.  We believe in what does not yet exist. We believe in it the way a parent believes in the miracle of birth. How can we possibly not? Time t, a room contains the following: man, table, paper, pen, ink. The man is Coleridge. Time t+n, the room contains the following: man, table, paper, pen, ink, Kubla Khan.
helendewitt  writing  editing  publishing  gtd  whoa 
december 2011 by kfan
Novels From the Edge: For Helen DeWitt, the Publishing World Is a High-Stakes Game | The New York Observer
There were hundreds of changes. “O.K.” was spelled out “okay,” “15” was “fifteen” and so on. “I am Helen DeWitt,” she said. “I wrote this book. You want to write OK as o-k-a-y go write your own novel.”
writing  publishing  editing  sanity  helendewitt 
december 2011 by kfan
Nervous Acid: The Death of a Music Writer: A 20-Year Exit Strategy
If you can listen to the word “faggot” hundreds of times and enjoy it via dissociation, then have at it, Impenetrable Music Critic. Someday, I’ll let you know how it feels to be a closeted sixteen-year-old kid who just found out that some friends of a friend killed a gay man while shouting that word.
nervousacid  music  writing  criticism 
december 2011 by kfan
The Scheherazade Experiment, or How to Test a Plot « GIGANTICIDE
There's a lot to disagree with here but I like what he's saying
writing  advice  dennismahoney 
november 2011 by kfan
How I Write | A ton of useful information about screenwriting from screenwriter John August
Ideally, of course, you work a set number of hours every day and deliver your best material. I’m at my happiest as a writer when I feel myself doing that — excited to sit down and write that next scene. But that doesn’t always happen. It doesn’t often happen. A lot of times, writing is just a slog.

I’ve fully accepted that it won’t get easier or more fun. But it can stay interesting, and there’s a lot to be said for interesting.
writing  advice  johnaugust 
october 2011 by kfan
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