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The Scheherazade Experiment, or How to Test a Plot « GIGANTICIDE
There's a lot to disagree with here but I like what he's saying
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november 2011 by kfan
How I Write | A ton of useful information about screenwriting from screenwriter John August
Ideally, of course, you work a set number of hours every day and deliver your best material. I’m at my happiest as a writer when I feel myself doing that — excited to sit down and write that next scene. But that doesn’t always happen. It doesn’t often happen. A lot of times, writing is just a slog.

I’ve fully accepted that it won’t get easier or more fun. But it can stay interesting, and there’s a lot to be said for interesting.
writing  advice  johnaugust 
october 2011 by kfan
How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down: Memphis
Make Angel turn into Angelus and then force Buffy to kill him the second he’s turned back to Angel. Fucking do it.
meghandeans  writing  advice  broadway  musicaltheatre 
july 2010 by kfan
Jane Espenson
If you want to be funnier than McDonald's, write actual jokes, and if you really want to be classy, throw them away.

Lunch: beef shabu-shabu with an extra side of clear noodles
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may 2010 by kfan
On Golden Handcuffs
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs + new rules for the What If? game
johnaugust  advice  careers  thisisgood 
april 2010 by kfan
Jane Espenson
you should be able to produce a non-funny answer to the question, "what is your script about?" Answers like, "My main character is afraid his kids don't respect him" or "My main character is scared that he's more feared than loved at work," or "My main character thinks her lover is growing bored with her." Very non-funny. But the way that character takes action to address the problem -- now you've got a whole vista of comic possibilities that the viewers are going to actually empathize with. And that's golden.
janeespenson  writing  advice 
april 2010 by kfan
Probably just a story: Get out of that slushpile, what are you crazy?!?!?
15. Last line=punch line. Seal that sucker off. Lock that story down.
writing  advice 
february 2010 by kfan
kung fu grippe : MultiMarkdown In case that last thing seemed too...
"Seriously. If you’re not at least *trying* MultiMarkdown for writing stuff? Damn. Dude. Try it."
merlinmann  lifehacks  productivity  advice  43folders 
january 2010 by kfan
Twitter / Kevin Fanning / kfan: 1. Figure out what you wan ...
selflinking so I can find this again later, thank you twitter for terrible history management
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november 2009 by kfan
johnaugust.com » Groundhog Day and Unexplained Magic
But when developing a story with a supernatural premise, fight the temptation to embody it in a thing.
johnaugust  writing  advice 
august 2009 by kfan
i just did something that made me feel better than i've felt in a long time: i watched a slideshow of everything i've favorited on flickr.
flickr  advice 
september 2007 by kfan
KylieKlub >> How to become the girl that boys just can't say no to
Be yourself. The reason the public adored Chantelle and despised Jodie Marsh in Celebrity Big Brother is that one always remained her natural, bubbly self while the other just tried too damn hard.
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may 2007 by kfan
jambox » Blog Archive » Advice For Moving Off Campus
I am now emailing mutual friends to figure out exactly who eliza is talking about
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january 2007 by kfan
Maud Newton: Interview with George Saunders
lot of good stuff here, but whew wordy. i'm about 1/3 through.
toread  writing  georgesaunders  advice  via:jga 
september 2005 by kfan

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