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seo and writer - all writing can benefit.
writing  howto  tips  writers  writ 
august 2018 by kexrex
Go With the Flow
22 Tips Every Amazon Addict Should Know
amazon  howto  tips 
february 2017 by kexrex
15 Text Functions in Google Docs Spreadsheet
Listed below are the 15 text functions that you should be familiar in Google Docs Spreadsheet.
google  sheets  spreadsheets  howto  tips  text  html  code  database 
july 2016 by kexrex
5 Tips for Designers New to WordPress
here is some advice to help designers new to WordPress.
wordpress  tips  howto  themes  css 
february 2016 by kexrex
Twitter Guide - The Best Twitter Apps and Tools
This guide curates the best tools that will help you get the most out of Twitter.
twitter  tools  howto  tips 
january 2016 by kexrex
The Shyahi Blog — Putting everything together - Free tools for startups
some of these are appropriate to any small business starting out
iphone  startup  tips  cowboy  tools 
october 2013 by kexrex
What SEO analytics service or software do you use? : SEO
a list of many tools to investigate and trial for SEO
seo  tools  tips  howto  serps  content 
august 2013 by kexrex
How to Add JavaScript to WordPress Posts and Pages
involves a jiggery poo and you're in and at it js webdev wordpress
javascript  tips  wordpress  kexrex  webdev 
august 2013 by kexrex

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