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The 9 Laws of Advanced A/B Testing
Whilst A/B testing focuses predominantly on the user’s experience, testing anything large and small to try and squeeze that extra point to conversion figures, it is important to always have SEO at the forefront of your mind. Below we share nine issues you must consider when running an A/B test in order to stay clear …
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february 2016 by kexrex
WordPress › Simple Content Experiments « WordPress Plugins
i'm not about to use this but it could be useful at some point
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september 2014 by kexrex
HTML5 device mockups
test your device something I wish people would provide instructions
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august 2013 by kexrex
html - How to test a website for Retina on Windows without an actual Retina display? - Stack Overflow
Sort of spamming this answer everywhere, but I just discovered it and it's exciting!

You actually can using Firefox:

Go to "about:config"
Find "layout.css.devPixelsPerPx
Change it to your desired ratio (1 for normal, 2 for retina, etc.)
Refresh your page - boom, your media query has now kicked in! Hats off to Firefox for being awesome for web developing!

This was done on Windows 7 with Firefox 21.0.

If you're not using media queries and other more advanced logic (i.e. you're feeding everyone the HiDPI images), you can just zoom in with Chrome etc.
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august 2013 by kexrex

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