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The Open Syllabus Project
Open Syllabus Explorer beta 0.4
Mapping the college curriculum across 1M+ syllabi.
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february 2018 by kexrex
A Usable Guide to Cognitive Dimensions | UX Booth
How easily can users understand and use my product’s UI to achieve their goals?
design  ui  ux  reference  webdev 
october 2016 by kexrex
If It Were My Home
The lottery of birth is responsible for much of who we are. If you were not born in the country you were, what would your life be like? Would you be the same person?
culture  geography  reference  statistics  maps  mapping 
august 2015 by kexrex
ML: Macaulay Library
world's largest collection of animal sounds now online and ready to search
wildlife  sounds  animal  recordings  audio  library  nature  reference  sound 
august 2015 by kexrex
Basscss | Docs
load in your css file and deploy
css  design  web  reference  code  codedev 
april 2015 by kexrex
+300 Awesome Free Things for Entrepreneurs and Startups — Entrepreneurship, Startups & Life Hacking — Medium
a large number of these are repetitive and some of them I already use but it gives some information so it's good to go.
tools  free  resources  reference  design  fonts  webdev  html5  css  business  contentrcp  wheelworx 
february 2015 by kexrex
Dublin, Ireland: Exact time now, + more.
tools  time  reference 
november 2014 by kexrex
it's all there in a big list from email to bootstrap and wordpress and beyond
design  javascript  html  reference  css  wordpress  bootstrap  email  howto  bento 
september 2014 by kexrex
How to do Everything with Wikipedia - The Best Wikipedia Tools
wikipedia power ups - it's the best resources, so use it well
online  wikipedia  tools  marketing  reference 
july 2014 by kexrex

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