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Karma Decay - Reverse image search of
search for reposted images on reddit with this karmadecay tool.
reddit  images  search  image  journalist  howto 
march 2018 by kexrex
map text content on to an image - useful for publishing perhaps.
map  design  editor  click  image  maps  content  infographic 
january 2018 by kexrex
Gif / animation as a hero on mobile! : Wordpress
how to reduce gifs use gifsicle and
gif  howto  image  images 
january 2016 by kexrex
make a css out of an image
css  image  svg  convert 
november 2015 by kexrex
Bulk Resize Photos
resizer like tinypng for size
image  images  photos  pic  pics  resize 
june 2015 by kexrex
Gratisography - Free high-resolution pictures for personal and commercial projects. All pictures were captured by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design.
stock  photos  free  photography  image  stockphoto  design  images  photo  webdev 
february 2015 by kexrex
This is a way to test the quality of images
photography  image  tool  security  photoshop  photo  photos  exif  quality 
november 2014 by kexrex
Homer Backing Into Things Generator
get homer to back into any image
homer  backs  in  to  things  image  gif  fun  awesome  simpson 
june 2014 by kexrex
Commonsense Image Sizing in WordPress |
The first and most important step in creating manageable image file sizes is to use appropriate image dimensions.
wordpress  image  size 
april 2014 by kexrex
neatShow.js : A plugin to fade in images beautifully on your website
for a nice fade up to the image - see how it looks when you hook it in via bootstrap dev
image  javascript  jquery  plugin  bootstrap 
november 2013 by kexrex

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