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The Ultimate Guide to Google Sheets | Zapier
Master Google Sheets and Become a Spreadsheet Expert
sheets  google  googlesheets  howto  guides  learn 
july 2019 by kexrex
Swiss cows search
Privacy search engine if you can believe - alternative to Googy or DDG
search  google  privacy  surveillance 
march 2019 by kexrex
Docs2Web turns any Google Docs document into a modern website.
google  googledocs  webdev  howto  drive 
january 2019 by kexrex
Quite a lot of hangouts spam these days
google  from twitter
december 2018 by kexrex
IMPORTRANGE - Docs editors Help
To import data from other sheets use IMPORTRANGE= in Google docs -
sheets  googlesheets  google  howto  from twitter
june 2018 by kexrex
40 Chromebook tips for maximum productivity | Computerworld
25. While in the Files app, you can switch between different sections by hitting Ctrl and then the number keys that correspond with their position (Ctrl-1 for Google Drive, Ctrl-4 for Images and so on).
chromebook  chromeos  chrome  google 
june 2018 by kexrex
Talk to Books
Browse passages from books using experimental AI
search  books  ai  google 
april 2018 by kexrex
Panoramio is no longer available
is closed by - add it to the long list of disengagements they put the public through.
google  from twitter
february 2018 by kexrex
George Soros has a cut at and classified ads companies, is taking the mantle from…
facebook  google  bigdata  from twitter
january 2018 by kexrex
Computer says no More than just a it's gatekeeper like St Peter.
That's why I end up with…
search  google  from twitter
december 2017 by kexrex
Untitled (
A visual essay about all we ask search how to do: from fixing toilets to how to kiss. null
google  howto  from twitter
september 2017 by kexrex
A collection of hopefully helpful stuff
Google Sheets - Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables
sheets  google  howto  data 
march 2017 by kexrex
Google Sheets Functions – VLOOKUP | Learning Google Apps
Learning how to use Drive, Sheets, Forms, Docs & Slides
google  sheets  drive  howto  tutorial 
march 2017 by kexrex
15 Text Functions in Google Docs Spreadsheet
Listed below are the 15 text functions that you should be familiar in Google Docs Spreadsheet.
google  sheets  spreadsheets  howto  tips  text  html  code  database 
july 2016 by kexrex
Maps to GPX
This tool accepts a link to pre-made Google Directions and converts them to a GPX file. This file can be uploaded and used in sat-nav and GPS units.
google  maps  mapping  gps  mapmaker 
july 2016 by kexrex
Unveils New Icons For Play Family of Apps
Google  from twitter_favs
may 2016 by kexrex
Google positions itself as a growth engine in the UK economy Beats paying rated tax on profits, I guess.
google  from twitter
march 2016 by kexrex
Google's AMP: The Fun and User-Friendly Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages - Copyblogger
How does Google's AMP Project affect you? Discover what you need to know about Accelerated Mobile Pages and creating mobile-optimized content.
google  mobile  web  amp  webdev  content  developer  londonbridge  cowtown 
march 2016 by kexrex
Competitive Analysis in Under 60 Seconds Using Google Docs
Faced with a new client, and having established a list of keywords they need to target, you want to evaluate the competition to find out what sites are dominating the SERPs for these keywords. However... being an SEO you're a busy guy (or gal), and you need it done right now. I've built a Google Docs tool to automagically do exactly that and this post will walk you through it. The ...
SEO  sheets  google  docs  moz  scraper  scraping 
march 2016 by kexrex
Traffic – Google Transparency Report
transparency report shows technical disruptions and regs
google  content  from twitter
february 2016 by kexrex
Search: Google Taxes Did you Mean: Google NO taxes
google  taxation  from twitter
february 2016 by kexrex
How Esurance Engineered Its Way To Winning The Hashtag Bowl
Twitter is all about the now - inside a huge Twitter campaign in early 2016
twitter  socialmedia  advertising  ppc  google  superbowl 
february 2016 by kexrex
36 best quotes from Davos 2016 | World Economic Forum
your goggles - I can't believe the billionaires have time to waste
google  marixt  genius  davos  notacliche  from twitter
january 2016 by kexrex
your goggles - I can't believe the billionaires have time to waste
google  from twitter
january 2016 by kexrex
Google Tips – Google
Get 150 practical tips from Google aimed at getting more from their services
google  search  youtube  help  from twitter
january 2016 by kexrex
How to look professional on Google? : SEO
These are called sitelinks[1] and are fully automated by Google.
seo  sitelinks  google  search 
january 2016 by kexrex
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