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RT : Loading turf at Kinvara, Galway, 1979, from my old negatives...
kodak  35mm  Galway  nikon  film  filmphotography  from twitter
july 2018 by kexrex
‘Point Blank’: John Boorman’s Hardboiled Classic Elevated by Stylish European Touch
Point Blank, widely regarded as one of the seminal American films of the 1960s, is an original and inspired project whose conception started when actor
film  critcism  filmnoir  art  artists  history 
february 2016 by kexrex
John Schlesinger’s ‘Marathon Man’ is a remarkable film on all levels
John Schlesinger's Marathon Man is a remarkable film on all levels
movie  marathon  film  scripts  writing 
january 2015 by kexrex

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