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Editorial | HTML5 UP
a nice place to get a html template
design  themes  html5  development  webdev 
6 weeks ago by kexrex
10 guidelines to improve your web accessibility
Web accessibility is hard and standards and guidelines are here to help.
accessibility  webdev  web  howto  design 
july 2018 by kexrex
Tips for designers to become better copywriters, from the experts: Part 1
People aren’t there to read. They’re there to get something done and — let’s be honest — your words stand in their way.
writing  copywring  howto  webdev  design  ux 
june 2018 by kexrex
💥 30 Brand New Design Tools. – Prototypr
Welcome to the 4th edition of Toolbox 🎉. This month we bring you a massive 30* new resources to explore:
design  webdev  tools  howto  stockphoto 
may 2018 by kexrex
Amazon Polly for WordPress — WordPress Plugins
Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech
accessible web design text to voice plugin
wordpress  webdev  accessiblity  design 
march 2018 by kexrex
RIBApix - The UK's Largest Architecture Photo Library - Architectural Images & Drawings | RIBA
RIBA’s image library of over 95,000 photographs and drawings
from the RIBA Collections, available to view, buy and download.
architecture  pictures  archive  photography  design  photos  stock  stockphoto 
january 2018 by kexrex
map text content on to an image - useful for publishing perhaps.
map  design  editor  click  image  maps  content  infographic 
january 2018 by kexrex
Interface font family
"Interface is a font for highly legible text on computer screens."
typography  design  webdev  from twitter
august 2017 by kexrex
Icons Collection on Makers Cabin
Free flat icons that work well with Material design.
icon  icons  images  graphics  design  webdev  webdesign 
august 2017 by kexrex
The secret lives of IS fighters - BBC News
I'm interested in the content but the layout on makes me queasy
design  ux  ui  bbc  from twitter
june 2017 by kexrex
Hamburgers by Jonathan Suh
Using Hamburgers for your site is easy (well, that was my intention anyway).
design  mobile  animation  css  webdev  code 
march 2017 by kexrex
Papermill Collective
Specializing in Material Design for websites, web apps, browser extensions, mobile apps.
materialdesign  webdev  design  ux  ui 
march 2017 by kexrex
NoCode - A curated directory of resources, tools & hacks for non-techs
A curated directory of the best free resources & tools for non-technical entrepreneurs
tools  startup  tool  socialmedia  design  webdev  dcpo 
february 2017 by kexrex
Weekly News for Designers (N.368) - Typography Checklist, CSS Images
Flawless Typography Checklist – A complete typography master course in the form of an interactive visual checklist.
design  magazine  typography  webdesign  fonts 
january 2017 by kexrex
Papeair | Create ebooks online
Amazon KDP, Apple iBooks, Smashwords, Kobo and Barnes&Noble approval guaranteed.
design  ebook  tools  ebooks 
january 2017 by kexrex
Styleguides tools
all about style guides and how to help with them
webdev  design  style  guides  styleguides  ebay 
december 2016 by kexrex
I think this is the best looking Tweet I have seen
twitter  design  from twitter
november 2016 by kexrex
Templates, by EmailOctopus - Responsive email marketing templates. Free.
Download now and kick start your email marketing. Regularly updated and free forever.
email  design  hacking  growth  marketing  content 
november 2016 by kexrex
Grid layout is a much needed step-change for CSS | Matt Hinchliffe, Front-End Developer
grid layout is looking like a promising tool to combat news website complexity.
css  layout  grids  grid  flexbox  webdev  design 
october 2016 by kexrex
A Usable Guide to Cognitive Dimensions | UX Booth
How easily can users understand and use my product’s UI to achieve their goals?
design  ui  ux  reference  webdev 
october 2016 by kexrex
Fractal user guide | Fractal Documentation
Fractal is a tool to help you build and document web component libraries, and then integrate them into your projects
design  tools  webdev  css 
august 2016 by kexrex
7 Tips for Designing Consistency | Design Shack
all the tiny details you need to think about in terms of stickiness and usability.
code  design  work  webdev 
july 2016 by kexrex
40 CSS Libraries, Frameworks and Tools from 2016 - @speckyboy
A resource that makes creating living styleguides much easier.
css  animation  framework  style  design  webdev 
july 2016 by kexrex
Insider Trading - The Sunday Business Post
Check out my Insider Trading column in today's The Sunday Business Post via
design  art  fashion  from twitter_favs
july 2016 by kexrex
Culturelle Dash Button - Amazon Oficial Site
self service at the amazon store - more than pays for itself.
IOT  amazon  dash  buttons  interactions  ecommerce  ebay  ux  design 
july 2016 by kexrex
Pokémon Go, Amazon Dash, and the Future of User Interaction
touchpoints are the specific interactions between the service and the individual. Platform for commerce.
usability  ux  ebay  design  webdev  content  contentmangement  ecommerce 
july 2016 by kexrex
Bike Battles: Why We Debate Who Owns the Road - The Urban Edge
urban design is starting a bike led revolution because its cheap transport for poor people
cycling  bicycles  urban  design  nonprofit  bikes 
may 2016 by kexrex
Find out who you are designing for
design  drones  from twitter
april 2016 by kexrex
Cool Fonts
A list comprised of cool fonts, with multiple shapes, styles and weights for personal and commercial projects.
fonts  typeface  design  webdev  graphics 
march 2016 by kexrex
Font Recommendation Top 10 Lists for 2016 → Typewolf
These top 10 lists feature typefaces from all type foundries regardless of what company owns the rights or where it can be purchased.
typography  design  webdev  londonbridge  graphics  fonts  wordpress  dublinweb 
march 2016 by kexrex
[no title]
Mobile UI animations found in the wild
mobile  ui  ux  design  webdev  animation 
march 2016 by kexrex
Do You Know These Eight HTML5 Tags?
Simon Codrington explores eight HTML5 tags that are often overlooked by web developers or misunderstood due to changes in the HTML5 specification.
html  design  webdev 
march 2016 by kexrex
Products for Designers
A collection curated by Eyal Zuri, featuring products like Coolors, Muzli 2, Frontify, UX Timeline, and LOL Colors
webdev  webdesign  design  graphics  cowtown  londonbridge  ux  ui 
march 2016 by kexrex
Style Guide Boilerplate
A starting point for crafting web style guides.
css  design  style  styleguide  github  cowtown 
february 2016 by kexrex
Make your dream website, iOS app, Android app, or logo by connecting with our worldwide community of handpicked quality freelance developers and designers.
ios  freelance  jobs  design  webdev  coders 
february 2016 by kexrex
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