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Hacker Target link tool
SEO usage and other ethical hacker tool kits. Worked to get my links so I'm happy.
seo  links  hack  hackers  webdev  marketing  contentmarketing 
january 2019 by kexrex
YouTube Marketing Metrics to Improve ROI
ROI is the common target for all the marketers online. The Video content marketers have the high ROI rates comparing with the other content marketers online.
video  youtube  contentmarketing  metrics  analytics  socialmedia  social 
january 2016 by kexrex
The Evolution Of Search Engine Optimization - #infographic
This infographic shows how businesses have been forced to adapt to the rapid changes of the Internet and SEO over the last 10 years and provide a glimpse of where it is headed.
seo  content  marketing  contentmarketing  webdev  cowtown 
january 2016 by kexrex
The First Million — Medium
how to set up a youtube channel - cowtown web marketing channel here we come
youtube  socialmedia  contentmarketing  cowtown 
january 2016 by kexrex
Make Ink Effect Video. Online Video Software. Free Trial
template videos for a really easy way (not) to make a vid for a company - awful stuff
video  creation  template  web  marketing  contentmarketing 
december 2015 by kexrex
The Content Marketing Handbook
content marketing turning content into data and spreading it
content  contentmarketing  marketing  data  blog 
december 2015 by kexrex
Flutter - Recurring tweets for dynamic content
Tweet regular updates with - for dynamic on a schedule EG share prices, weather
data  contentmarketing  from twitter
july 2015 by kexrex
The Martin Jetpack
video his highly scripted but hard to beat
flight  jetpack  technology  cool  contentmarketing  cgv 
june 2015 by kexrex
Courses and Seminars - Mediabistro
could make an alternative way to learn new things
courses  tutorials  howto  contentmarketing 
june 2015 by kexrex
SEO in 2015 - new methods in optimizing content
Creating quality content is hard
- see quicksprout resource instead
contentstrategy  contentmarketing  content  cgv 
may 2015 by kexrex
The Reach, Engagement, and ROI of Content Marketing vs. Native Advertising (New Research)
Content marketing and native advertising can accomplish similar goals, so which tactic provides the greater ROI, and which is right for your business? This post shows the results of new research from Fractl and Moz, and has the answers you need.
content  contentmarketing 
may 2015 by kexrex
Notey - Noteworthy
find ironman and triathlon blogs with this
blogs  content  contentmarketing  social  media  wheelworx 
february 2015 by kexrex
SEO in 2015: How Search Has Changed & How Marketers' Tactics Must Shi…
anticipate consilidating content production to target the keyword intent
seo  moz  contentmarketing  content  recipe 
december 2014 by kexrex
Can we trust Google Keyword Planner? - State of Digital
There's a combination of things needed to get a good keyword analysis
keyword  keywords  strategy  contentmarketing 
september 2014 by kexrex
Content Recipe - Content RCP
this is the view google has of my website on google cache
seo  cache  contentmarketing  keywords  google 
july 2014 by kexrex
Virality Check
some url and keyword tools here facebook and other analysis
website  contentmarketing  viral  virality  socialmedia  keyword  research  seo 
july 2014 by kexrex
Viral Quiz Builder - Easily Build Traffic-Getting Quizzes!
content marketing ideas for now factory - interactive quiz
content  contentmarketing  quiz 
april 2014 by kexrex
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