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Gutenberg Poetry Autocomplete
"Type something in the box below and you'll see lines of poetry beginning with whatever you've typed. The database includes all lines of poetry from every book in Project Gutenberg that has "Poetry" in one of its subject listings (approximately 3.8 million lines)."
poetry  writing  emergence 
may 2018 by kevan
Document: The Symbolism Survey
"Confident, if not downright cocky, he thought the surveys could settle a conflict with his English teacher by proving that symbols weren’t lying beneath the texts they read like buried treasure awaiting discovery."
may 2018 by kevan
Square Kufic Design
"One of the most common square kufic design principles is to arrange the text in a square or rectangle. Most of these texts are orientated in a spiral from one corner around the edge and inwards to the middle of the square."
design  writing  history 
may 2018 by kevan
SA4QE - The Slickman A4 Quotation Event |
"Every 4th February (Russell's birthday), readers around the world write their favourite quotations from his books on sheets of yellow A4 paper (the sort he used) and leave them in public places."
writing  graffiti  via:jodi 
february 2018 by kevan
PsycNET Record Display - The effects of bedtime writing on difficulty falling asleep
"Therefore, to facilitate falling asleep, individuals may derive benefit from writing a very specific to-do list for 5 min at bedtime rather than journaling about completed activities."
sleep  science  writing 
january 2018 by kevan
The Skryf Robots Write Temporal Poetry with Sand
"Follow the words far enough backward, though, and they begins to smudge and scatter."
robots  writing  poetry  via:viv 
september 2016 by kevan - I charge thee, speak!
I played around with a different take on the same idea five years ago, but didn't do anything with it, so here it is. "Proposed Marcellus Shale Legislation Gets Mixed Reviews."
creations  writing  twitter 
june 2016 by kevan
Word By Word: Twitter writes The Compete Works of Shakespeare / Shakespeare's Globe
"From Thursday 5 May, the typewriter will begin to type out The Complete Works from start to finish, sourcing its words from Tweets sent out in real time."
writing  technology  twitter  via:viv 
june 2016 by kevan
Plotto; a new method of plot suggestion for writers of creative fiction (1928)
"A Plotto Masterplot consists of three clauses: An 'A' Clause, a 'B' Clause and a 'C' Clause."
writing  emergence  books  simulation 
january 2016 by kevan
The truth about doctors' handwriting: a prospective study | BMJ
"This study fails to support the conventional wisdom that doctors' handwriting is worse than others'. Illegible writing is, however, an important cause of waste and hazard in medical care."
writing  medicine  science 
february 2014 by kevan
SPIEGEL Interview with Umberto Eco: 'We Like Lists Because We Don't Want to Die' - SPIEGEL ONLINE
"The list is the origin of culture. It's part of the history of art and literature. What does culture want? To make infinity comprehensible."
writing  society  art 
april 2013 by kevan
Noteboard: The pocket whiteboard
"...folds up map-style from 35" x 15" to 5" x 3" made up of index card-sized rectangles in a 7 x 5 calendar grid ...has a blank side and a gridded side."
technology  writing  via:james 
april 2013 by kevan
Daily Dot | TEDxSummerisle sounds real but isn't
"Gamification incentivises ritual. And ritual binds healthy communities together."
writing  illusions  twitter 
march 2013 by kevan
The Aleph: Infinite Wonder / Infinite Pity
"I wanted to present a version of what [Borges'] The Aleph might look like now, designed as an endless stream of descriptive passages pulled from the web. For source texts, I took the complete Project Gutenberg as well as current tweets. I searched for the phrase 'I saw.'"
writing  random  borges  via:waxy 
march 2013 by kevan
Live webchat: Kim Newman on vampires | Books |
"The Count from Sesame Street, who has real folkloric roots in the notion of vampires as obsessive counters, is also way cool."
monsters  writing 
april 2012 by kevan
Descriptive Camera
"The Descriptive Camera works a lot like a regular camera—point it at subject and press the shutter button to capture the scene. However, instead of producing an image, this prototype outputs a text description of the scene." Using Mechanical Turk.
photography  writing  paper  technology  via:waxy 
april 2012 by kevan
The Millions : The Arcades Project: Martin Amis’ Guide to Classic Video Games
"He’s technically correct, too, about the fact that, when the aliens descend to the very lowest rung, “you can slide around underneath them, touching them with your nozzle, and survive!” — but I’m not sure he’ll be wanting that sentence to show up in The Quotable Amis, should such a volume ever appear."
games  writing  history  secrets  via:infovore 
february 2012 by kevan
Dirty 30s! - The Lester Dent Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot
"This is a formula, a master plot, for any 6000 word pulp story. It has worked on adventure, detective, western and war-air. It tells exactly where to put everything. It shows definitely just what must happen in each successive thousand words. No yarn of mine written to the formula has yet failed to sell."
writing  science  books  via:infovore 
january 2012 by kevan
morskoiboy: Now I can literally taste the flavor of my words!
"It also has a display like any other electronic panel board, but as opposed to using liquid crystals as in electronic displays, my machine’s display functions via multicoloured syrups."
drinks  writing 
september 2011 by kevan
How to Get Things Done - Robert Benchley, 1949
"The psychological principle is this: anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn't the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment."
psychology  delusions  writing  via:rwhe 
august 2011 by kevan
BBC News - Denmark to swap stamps for texts
"Danes sending a text bearing the word 'PORTO' to the 1900 number will get in return a code that must be written on a letter in the place they would usually stick a stamp."
technology  phones  denmark  writing 
march 2011 by kevan
Why I spoofed science journalism | Martin Robbins | Science |
"Have you ever wondered why the first few lines of any BBC website article are often particularly stilted and awkward? It's because thanks to the BBC's multi-platform publishing guidelines, the first few paragraphs of any news story need to be written in such a way that they can be cut and pasted into a Ceefax page."
news  television  writing  history  via:blech 
october 2010 by kevan
Their Questions Answered
"Their Questions Answered answers, each week, the rhetorical questions that people send in to the Guardian’s Weekend magazine [letters page]."
writing  humour  via:holly 
september 2010 by kevan
"This award winning innovation can transform any smooth surface into a high performance dry-erase surface."
paint  writing  via:nikki 
march 2010 by kevan
Anacrusis › All Names
"This is every name I’ve ever used in a story. Since I started this thing with the additional constraint that no two characters would have the same name, the unused ones in my vocabulary are getting more obscure and suspicious-sounding."
writing  names 
august 2009 by kevan
Significant Objects | …and how they got that way
"A talented, creative writer invents a story about an object. Invested with new significance by this fiction, the object should — according to our hypothesis — acquire not merely subjective but objective value. How to test our theory? Via eBay!"
writing  money  via:waxy 
july 2009 by kevan
Write or Die : Dr Wicked's Writing Lab
"Write or Die is a web application that encourages writing by punishing the tendency to avoid writing. Start typing in the box. As long as you keep typing, you're fine, but once you stop typing, you have a grace period of a certain number of seconds and then there are consequences."
writing  via:holly 
january 2009 by kevan
Minor Delays
A new, ongoing writing project of Holly's: "A short story for every station on the London Underground and DLR, in alphabetical order by station name. Updated Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays."
writing  tube  london 
january 2009 by kevan
Everything you know about ARGs is WRONG
"[No more] lazy calls to action, by which I mean: helping a teenage girl; helping an attractive teenage girl; helping an attractive amnesiac teenage girl; helping attractive amnesiac teenage girls."
args  design  games  writing 
december 2008 by kevan
Keith Stuart: Do game reviewers really understand innovation? | Technology |
"Can you imagine, for a second, critics emerging from the press screening of Apocalypse Now, or The Magnificent Ambersons, or Bladerunner and proclaiming, 'yeah, it had some good ideas, but it wasn't perfect - I'll look forward to the sequel'."
games  writing 
december 2008 by kevan
La Petite Claudine: Commonplace Book
H.P. Lovecraft's 'Commonplace Book'. "This book consists of ideas, images, & quotations hastily jotted down for possible future use in weird fiction. Very few are actually developed plots—for the most part they are merely suggestions or random impressions designed to set the memory or imagination working."
writing  dreams  monsters  ghosts 
november 2008 by kevan
Typo vigilantes answer to letter of the law
"Two self-anointed 'grammar vigilantes' who toured the nation removing typos from public signs have been banned from national parks after vandalizing a historic marker at the Grand Canyon."
writing  crime  via:quin 
october 2008 by kevan
How you can help to save some cherished words from oblivion - Times Online
"Endangered words must appear at least six times in Collins’s corpus, a database that records word usage in printed, broadcast and online media. Compilers will discount any references to words if they appear in articles about the campaign to save them."
language  books  writing 
september 2008 by kevan
Gilbert K. Chesterton - Orthodoxy
"If men loved Pimlico as mothers love children arbitrarily, because it is theirs, Pimlico in a year or two might be fairer than Florence. Some readers will say that this is a mere fantasy. I answer that this is the actual history of mankind."
cities  london  writing  future 
march 2008 by kevan
Portal: 'A Mean Storytelling Machine' | Game | Life from
"Wolpaw referred to this philosophy as achieving a 'low story delta,' meaning that the gameplay and the plot were so carefully intertwined that one simply wouldn't work without the other."
games  design  writing 
february 2008 by kevan
Narrative Structure and Creative Tension in Call of Cthulhu
"Although no published Call of Cthulhu scenario [casts] the players overtly as overreaching madmen, the rules work to slowly enforce such a fate on all Investigators in a kind of metanarrative encompassing the entire course of the character's existence."
roleplaying  games  design  writing  psychology 
january 2008 by kevan
Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources: Dymaxion Chronofile
"The Chronofile was a vast scrapbook that included copies of all [Fuller's] incoming and outgoing correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes and sketches, and even dry cleaning bills. [The] Chronofile was bound into handsome leather-backed volumes."
writing  history  paper 
december 2007 by kevan Bic Crystal ballpoint pen, medium point, black
"On the first day when I excitedly unwrapped my pen (thanks for the high quality packaging Amazon!) I just couldn't contain my excitement and went around finding things to write on." [...] "See all 48 customer reviews..."
shops  writing  humour  via:mattgreen 
december 2007 by kevan
IF Competition Discussion: Lost Pig << Emily Short's Interactive Fiction
2007 IFcomp winner. "A lot of fun can come from trying something [not because it] solves a puzzle or because it's something you would do, but because it's something that the character would do - and then finding that the author was there before you."
games  design  if  writing 
november 2007 by kevan
All About Eve (1950)
The endless natural cycle of bitter, manipulative actresses being superceded by younger replacements who can hide it better, at least for a while. Also broadcast media.
filmlog  3stars  theatre  secrets  writing 
october 2007 by kevan
Cold Comfort Farm (1995)
Rescuing the rural working classes from their own ignorance, using casually implausible urban superpowers. A good first half, but Flora's writing is forgotten and the parody thins out into a generic countryside drama, as it begins to tie up.
filmlog  3stars  society  education  writing  secrets  via:holly 
july 2007 by kevan
Proppian Fairy Tale Generator v1.0
Using Javascript to automate narratology theory from the 1930s. "Propp argued that all fairy tales were constructed of certain plot elements, which he called functions, and that these elements consistently occurred in a uniform sequence."
language  writing  random  via:mcios 
june 2007 by kevan
The Lives of Others (2006)
The counteraction of human weak points in the omniscient surveillance system of the GDR. Slow, strong character development; occasionally heavy-handed, but most of it perfectly underplayed.
filmlog  4stars  surveillance  germany  secrets  lies  writing 
may 2007 by kevan
YouTube - Daydream Believers (Mitchell & Webb pilot) 1 of 3
Mediocre parallel-storyline sitcom pilot from 2001 about a bad sci-fi writer and his bad sci-fi characters, getting a full series on Radio 2 from this weekend.
television  radio  videos  space  writing 
may 2007 by kevan
Yingzi - If English was written like Chinese
"Worse yet, the -cuit of biscuit and circuit might be written with the same character (a derivative of kit), and a meaning sought for it - perhaps 'round', since biscuits are round and circuits involve going round. Again, etymologically this is nonsense."
china  language  symbols  writing  via:rodcorp 
february 2007 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited | Comment is free | Charlie Brooker on getting married
Using Comment Is Free to complain about your sub-editors: "I wish to point out that I didn't write the words 'Well get this-- I'M NOT!' in the original headline. No. That was added later, presumably to fill some space on the page. Ugh."
writing  news  meta 
january 2007 by kevan
Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure (2004)
Odd mix of harrowing self-awareness and vague glossing, of scientific enthusiasm and knowingly theatrical non-logic, that doesn't quite ring true, and a good, surprising ending that turns predictably bad. A great sense of random online networks, though.
filmlog  3stars  web  coincidences  money  writing  secrets  random  travel 
january 2007 by kevan
Cruise of the Gods (2002)
Brydon as the washed-up star of a flimsy 80s sci-fi series, being carried around Greek islands by a fan-club high priest. The bell curve of attitudes towards worshippers, and the importance of finding meaning where none exists.
filmlog  4stars  television  nostalgia  writing 
january 2007 by kevan
The Singing Detective (2003)
Jumped a bit too quickly and unevenly between its stories, and Downey just came across as shoutily, shallowly annoyed rather than genuinely bitter. Made me want to have watched the whole of the original, but not to actually watch it.
filmlog  2stars  crime  mysteries  skin  death  love  medicine  delusions  writing  via:catriona 
january 2007 by kevan
Google Book Search is a plagiarist's nightmare. - By Paul Collins - Slate Magazine
"MacBride, a linguist employed by Google, idly ran a phrase from England Howlett's 1899 essay Sacrificial Foundations through Google Book Search. [...] To his surprise, he got more back than just Howlett."
books  writing  cheating  web  coincidences  history 
december 2006 by kevan
The Silent Penultimate Panel Watch
"Each and every day a comic strip abuses the use of the silent second-to-last panel."
comics  writing  weblogs  via:waxy 
november 2006 by kevan
Telegraph | News | Nigel Kneale
"Nigel Kneale, who died on Sunday aged 84, was responsible for one of BBC Television's earliest audience successes, the Quatermass series, and became one of the most influential television and film writers to emerge in the 1950s."
death  television  science  aliens  writing 
november 2006 by kevan
Croupier (1999)
Convincingly authentic-feeling glimpse of the mechanics of the casino, chips pitilessly raked off of tables. Spoiledby a leaden and entirely superfluous voiceover, though, and a random ending is still annoying, even if you do draw smug gambling parallels.
filmlog  3stars  money  writing  secrets  lies  coincidences 
october 2006 by kevan
Small Crimes in an Age of Abundance - Matthew Kneale
Short stories pivoting around tiny, bad decisions. Unsurprising twists and something of an air of stapled-together leftovers that Kneale had knocking around, but the writing's good, the viewpoint omnisciently unjudgemental.
booklog  crime  secrets  lies  coincidences  drugs  medicine  police  writing  pestilence  terrorism 
october 2006 by kevan
Ballardian: The World of JG Ballard » An Evening with JG Ballard
Transcript. "I see myself as a weatherman. I look at the sky, read the weather - that's all I think I'm doing actually. I can see a storm coming. I think we live in frightening times."
ballard  interviews  writing  books  future 
september 2006 by kevan » Will's blog
Will Self has a weblog. "I like the idea of every thought and observation I make being dumped in this electronic lumber room, while I, joyously unencumbered, tie my mangy collie Tim on to a length of old packing tape, and proceed to Vauxhall Park..."
weblogs  writing 
august 2006 by kevan
Interactive Fiction: First-Timer Foibles
Common mistakes of new writers. "It feels very strange to write room descriptions without starting them as ['you are in...'], but they read better in the end, even though you might not think it when you're writing it."
if  writing  via:leonard 
july 2006 by kevan
What Do Comedy Writers Know About Games?
Charlie Brooker, Graham Linehan, Simon Pegg and Peter Serafinowicz. "[The] topsoil, as I say, the first thing that the casual observer notices about games, is so adolescent, so male, so boring, so hackneyed, that it's no wonder they're misunderstood."
games  interviews  writing  comedy 
june 2006 by kevan
The Snowflake Process for Writing a Novel
Fractal buildup. A more pedantic and crystallised version of my own vague thoughts.
writing  metaphors 
may 2006 by kevan
Tricks of the Trade: Artist
"If your magic marker is running dry, tape a string to the bottom of it and spin it over your head in a big circle. A few times around will generate enough centrifugal force to push any remaining ink to the tip."
writing  art  hacking 
may 2006 by kevan
Poynter Online - Forums - Piece on plagiarism was plagiarized
"David Edelstein, our film critic, conceived of this idea and tracked down 20 articles on the subject of plagiarism pegged to various scandals. Then he did a big cut-and-paste job and wrote a denunciation of plagiarism that is roughly 99% plagiarized."
writing  cheating  meta  via:hoaxes 
may 2006 by kevan
His Girl Friday (1940)
Cary Grant trying to stop Rosalind Russell from leaving his newspaper, by being charmingly ruthless and lying appallingly at every single opportunity. Strong and snappy characters, and some fun subjectivity-of-the-press scenes.
filmlog  4stars  news  lies  crime  writing 
may 2006 by kevan
Inform 7
Astonishing revamp of Inform, wrapping it with a *natural language parser* (although it looks a lot more familiar once the examples get more complicated). IF programming becoming more of an adventure in itself. Might give this a go for IFComp this year.
if  programming  language  writing  via:waxy 
may 2006 by kevan The internet clipboard
"With you can copy and paste between computers. Just enter in any URL that starts with and post. Then from any other computer enter the same URL and copy."
web  writing 
may 2006 by kevan
The Wildman of Wivenhoe
Martin Newell's weblog. "Yesterday, a Sunday, it rained softly all day and the roads and pavements haven't quite dried out. I enjoy this type of weather immensely. It forces my fellow countrymen to dress better."
writing  poetry  weblogs 
april 2006 by kevan
CBS News Gamecore: Once Upon A Time...
Video game narrative. Warren Ellis: "You're not going to get anything on the level of 'Kane' in video games until someone somewhere pays an honest-to-God writer to sit in a room and create a story themselves that they are passionate about [telling]."
games  writing  films 
march 2006 by kevan
Capote (2005)
Increasingly chilling selfishness as Capote becomes an active part of the story he's researching, with only a few shreds of emotional self-delusion. Brilliant portrayal, and the voice stays at the precise tipping point of over-annoying whininess.
filmlog  4stars  writing  death  love  crime  lies  delusions  history 
february 2006 by kevan
The 3-Day Novel Contest
"The 3-Day Novel Contest is a writing challenge that has happened every Labour Day Weekend since 1977. Entrants pre-register and then grit their teeth, lock their doors and try to produce a literary masterwork in 72 hours."
writing  lunacy  via:leonard 
february 2006 by kevan
WRT: Writer Response Theory » Blog Archive » IF is history! Interactive Fiction in the news
"I haven't yet written an IF Article Generator, but the code is, I feel, strongly implied by copious example outputs to be found in periodicals. I personally enjoy the 2-4-7-8 articles, and the 4-7-8-10s."
if  writing 
january 2006 by kevan
AOL /discuss - Will Self on the pros and cons of the internet
"And yet... and yet... it doesn't seem to me overly apocalyptic to imagine a collapse in civilisation would be enormously catalysed by our dependence of electronic information and computerised business."
web  writing  email  via:alex 
january 2006 by kevan
Enantiodromia - The Parser at the Threshold: Lovecraftian Horror in Interactive Fiction
"This is the moment [when] everything the protagonist has learned comes to bear in the right here and right now - when the giant is revealed to have been slumbering beneath the investigator's feet this whole time, and now it is about to awaken."
if  writing  monsters  religion  psychology  mysteries 
january 2006 by kevan
A Book of Surrealist Games - Alastair Brotchie, Mel Gooding
Rules and context of some good surrealist word and picture exercises, with illustrative output from games between the greats.
booklog  art  language  writing  games  via:holly 
december 2005 by kevan
How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later
Essay from Philip K Dick, towards the end. "Parmenides taught that the only things that are real are things which never change. [...] Heraclitus taught that everything changes. If you superimpose their two views, you get this result: Nothing is real."
books  writing  coincidences  delusions  illusions  drugs  time 
december 2005 by kevan
FOUND Magazine | Find of the Day
Scanned-in scraps of discarded paper. "We collect found stuff: love letters, birthday cards, kids' homework, to-do lists, ticket stubs, poetry on napkins, doodles- anything that gives a glimpse into someone else's life."
paper  secrets  memory  writing 
october 2005 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited Books | The road not taken - Julian Barnes
"I once set the questions on 'The Life and Work of Julian Barnes' for a Mastermind contestant (she was the runner-up in the very last final, and I still partly blame myself), it would be an unwise choice of special subject for me."
books  writing 
october 2005 by kevan
One Million Blank Pages
"I have in front of me one million blank pages. I can't see them all, of course, but they're there magnetically. I intend to fill them, one by one, with whatever I happen to come up with."
writing  via:zarba 
october 2005 by kevan
Living in text files
"A while ago, I thought I'd try an experiment: could I organise all my work, all my personal stuff, all my writing, in one huge text file?"
writing  computers 
october 2005 by kevan
NPR : Authors' Lowlights, Resurrected from the Dustbin
"The former [extract] is from Amis' novel The Information; the latter is from his 1982 masterpiece on how to play and win at the arcade game Space Invaders."
books  writing  secrets  radio  games  via:holly 
october 2005 by kevan
JotSpot Live
"JotSpot Live allows you, your colleagues or clients to take notes together on the same web page at the same time. Imagine everyone simultaneously typing and editing the same Microsoft Word document and you'll get the idea."
writing  wikis 
september 2005 by kevan
Guardian Unlimited Books | Black day for the blue pencil
The death of the proper editor, in this age of ten-a-penny sales and marketing, and mass amateurisation. "I prefer TS Eliot. Asked if editors were no more than failed writers, he replied: 'Perhaps - but so are most writers.'"
books  writing  history 
august 2005 by kevan
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